The ISSS Anime Tournament

There’s been so much hooplah about the Aniblog Tournament, but since I have finally been ousted, I have suddenly decided that the whole thing was a sham, and so I got to thinking: What about the other sites out there that AREN’T blogs? I’m of course talking about ISSSes. So without farther adu, I pronounce to you The AniISSS Tournament!

Uh….okay, so actually, Refuse to Come Wack isn’t anime related, so he’s technically out, which of course means that….


When’s the parade?

Real Thoughts

For the record, I’d like to congratulate Yumeka. I actually have her in my top five for a reason, and predicted that I would actually be crushed by her, so I’m pretty happy with how well I actually did (4 votes guys. FOUR VOTES. YOU GUYS REALLY COULDN’T FIND FOUR COMPUTERS SOMEWHERE AND VOTE FOR ME!? I blame God). I’ll be voting for her against Kurogane (even though Kurogane’s Anime Blog is actually not bad), and if ou by any chance voted for me, then I implore you to now vote for MAY every time she’s up, as she has stolen my luck. For the record, if we all filled out brackets and put money on this tournament, I’d have a pretty much perfect bracket so far. I think all of my picks have won, including Listless Ink the other day (woot woot). That tournament was fun for me, and I got a lot of new blogs to follow. Maybe another one in a year? I hope so.

For everyone who voted for me, I’d like to thank you. I got a lot of support from people like my wife, who even used her facebook to garner support for me, even selling her body in the process. I don’t have many readers, but what I lack in quantity of audience I feel like I make up for in quality of audience in spades. If you read Eye Sedso, then congratulation, you kick ass.


33 thoughts on “The ISSS Anime Tournament

  1. Yes, it happens… In my match, I lost by 6 votes, but it was still pretty close. Look on the bright side, at least it’s not like you losing by a huge margin. In the end, it’s just a popularity contest, nothing else. :p

    • Oh it’s definitely a popularity contest. What isn’t? My ISSS is still fairly new (at least it feels fairly new to me….a year and a half), so I’m kind of still building a fan base probably. I think.

    • what glo really meant was that he sold his own body in exchange for votes. klux is still a lonely virgin >:)

      Btw, i voted for you only once Jeff (only baka-raptor has the honour for the double-vote) 😉

      although it wouldn’t have made you win, and would further increase your frustration if i would have done that (in the case, i didn’t) 😛

    • I think you heard me. In order to promote yours truly on Facebook, she made promises of selling her body.

      I think the artery in her arm fetched me 24 votes, but alas, it was all in vein.


      @ Thiago Pagogna

      If Baka Raptor doesn’t win this tournament, then people everyone needs to take a step back and stab themselves in the genitals.

      And yea, thanks for only voting once. If I only lost by 3 votes I probably would’ve jumped off a cliff. I’d almost have rather been blown out.

  2. *whispering*I voted for you twice; once from my home and another from my work but alas, even though my work has hundreds of desktops(it’s a hospital), they all used the same proxy. So, that’s it. *end of whispering*

  3. This tourney has officially lost its appeal to me. The only other blogger that I care about is Baka Raptor who will win by default and Yi. Just poke me when you need my vote Yi.

    • Everyone from my top 5 anime blogs are still alive in the tourney, besides you of course (bullshit), and GAR GAR is still around, who is almost a top 5. Everyone else can kind of suck my dick I don’t care about them. I guess Fuzakenna! is still around too, but I can never seem to actually finish reading his posts. I just kind of skim……well I’ll probably vote for him in the next round anyway.

    • I actually almost voted for you, but then my personal ego punched my teeth in and I voted for myself. Good luck, I hope that you make it through Kurogane’s behemoth to the next round.

  4. Sure you didn’t win the tourney, but you did manage to gain a new reader who stumbled across your blog thanks entirely to the aniblog tournament. I’ll vote for you next time bumping you up to a whole 5 votes! Seriously though, I like your “I don’t give a shit” attitude and it’s really different and fresh from what’s out there in the blogosphere, let alone the otaku saturated, anime blogging realm. Keep raging and I’ll keep lurking.

    • Oh what? Did you leave a comment? Too bad I don’t give a SHIT.

      In a completely unrelated topic: Do you sub anime? That’s bad ass. There was some show that I wanted to watch a while back that never got subbed all the way. Too bad I can’t remember what it was. PHUCK! (<see what I did there?).

  5. Maybe you lost because you say shit like “woot woot”

    Faggot. (Yea, I did just go above and beyond “fag”. I threw the extra syllable in there to be extra insulting because I have zero tolerance for your loser internet speak bullshit)

  6. i voted for you once… then when i saw you only needed like 10 i voted for you from my work and from my phone. and thats all you can expect from me.

    now that you are out, i will no longer be checking that retarded tournament. i have a few blogs that i check on a pretty much daily basis and thats that, i’m not one for popularity contests.

    also… that vein comment…. GREAT pun.

  7. I would win this hypothetical tournament…my post on Queen’s Blade (aptly titled “Queens Blade: What the Fuckin Shit?”) was straight gold.

  8. I feel so bad that you lost in round three!!!! I went for you all the way, your site is very interesting and I really enjoy your posts. But look on the bright side, there is always next year.

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