Manga: Psyren Rips off Gantz, I Still Don’t Know What the Word, “Saurus” Means, and Hot Milk Isn’t Really THAT Hot

Talk about a long ass title…

Psyren Rips Off Gantz

Wow, I’ve never seen such a blatant rip off in my days. The closest thing I can think of is To-LOVE ru’s rip off of Urusei Yatsura. They’re pretty much exactly the same (so far).

I have read  300+ chapters of Gantz, and only 10 or so chapters of Psyren, so keep that in mind.

So, Gantz is about a group of strangers who die and are revived in a mysterious room with a ball, aka Gantz. Apparently, they are in a game. The object apparently being to collect 100 points, after which, they will no longer have to participate in the game. During said game, they have to kill aliens. After the round ends, they are able to leave the Gantz room and return to their normal lives. However, there are rules. You can’t tell anyone in the real world about Gantz, or your head will explode. There’s a few other rules, but they’re not relevant to the topic, nor are they that important.

Psyren, I discovered, is exactly the same, with a few minor differences.

Both Gantz and Psyren have the same basic premise. The characters have to travel to another plane (the characters of Gantz are still in present day Earth, but no on can see them so it’s pretty much like they’re somewhere else). While there, they try not to die while fighting some other force. They try to gather points, and even aquire different “power ups” as they go. It’s almost like looking at yourself in a colored mirror. The color might be different, but the image is still the same.

Does this mean it’s bad? Fuck no. Psyren kicks ass. Not as much ass as Gantz, but still, a lot of ass is being kicked.

Girls Sauren

I’ve never seen girls so eager to reveal their naked bodies to a guy. Apparently, the author thinks that girls confess their feelings to guys by taking they’re clothes off. That’s just how it’s done. In fact, I bet you didn’t know this, but girls LOVE it when you peep on them, especially when they’re changing or partially nude.

Meet Shingo, but he’s in the picture right above this sentence. He was, at one time, asked to meet someplace by a girl. This girl turned out to be a whale of a girl. Not only was she fat, but she was an ugly sonovabitch too. Now, the first thing she did when she saw Shingo was take off all of her clothes. Naturally, Shingo got freaked out, and started to get the fuck out of their. This was a bad idea, because said fat girl became upset with such a rejection, and promptly beat the fucking shit out of him. After months of rehab, Shingo returns to school, and now has a tremendous fear of women.

Naturally, in a comedic type of anime or manga (or anything for that matter), if a person has some type of problem, the story is going to exploit that problem to the fullest extend. In this case, our main character is afraid of girls. Therefore:

I almost wish that women in real life were like those found in this manga. If they were, we’d have probably already built up an immunity to all STD’s by now. But these girls are seriously delusional, stalker type, crazy sexual-minded girls. They’re honestly hilarious to read about. Now then, after reading this short manga, I can move on and read Girls Saurus DX, which has 55 chapters and is ongoing. Something I didn’t realize when I picked this manga up. I don’t really like to pick up manga that aren’t completed. So far I’m not sticking to this plan at all, seeing as the two manga I’ve talked about so far are ongoing.

Final Grade = 5

Hot Milk

Not much to say on this one. I mean, it’s a short, 17 or so chapters, so it’s not hard to read. As far as plot goes, it’s about a poor bodygaurds duty to protect a girl who always seems to get into trouble, mainly because she is always trying to help people. It was solid, but I really don’t have much to say.

Final Grade = 4

Side Note

So, I haven’t really been posting much of anything. Sorry about that. I was barelling through anime, but Tokko’s shittiness kinda put me in a rut lately. Seriously, that show sucks. I’ll definitely be wrting something on that when I finish the show. It baffles me because the show has so many good traits to offer, but fails incredibly at accomplishing any of them.


11 thoughts on “Manga: Psyren Rips off Gantz, I Still Don’t Know What the Word, “Saurus” Means, and Hot Milk Isn’t Really THAT Hot

  1. For some reason I thought hot milk had something to do with alcohol, and not to do with manga. I don’t know why.

    P.S. Podcast? WTF, d00d? I’m gonna be seriously pissed if I don’t get to make the shittiest podcast ever prior to my training dates in July.

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  3. Psyren deviates fairly quickly, and GS(DX) is fucking hilarious.
    Probably because it’s by a woman it has a different brand of humor.

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