The State Of Eye Sedso Summer – 2010

Well, anyone who has been following me forever knows that my usual post output is about 294748 posts per week. This has changed a lot in the past month or so. Why?

Well, to tell the truth, I just have stopped:

A) Giving a shit about writing posts.

B) Getting ideas of things to write about.

C) Watching anime/reading manga pretty much altogether. Well, anime at least, I’ve been dabbling in some manga.

There has to be a reason for this! And then, last night, it came to me, just like an idea in a Windows 7 ad, except that I’m better looking than any actor they can use for my dramatic reenactment. As it turns out, I have been trying way to hard to please people.

Why did I make this site in the first place? I made it to fuck around with and do whatever the fuck I wanted. I didn’t make it so that I could make intelligent posts related to anime. All of my last posts have sucked because I’ve tried to do things like “make points” and “use data to back up my thoughts and opinions.” In hindsight, Eye Sedso has become a huge fucking pussy. Not JUST a pussy, mind you, but a pussy that has been fucked and fucked and fucked until it’s become dry as a clam in the sun.

What kind of gay analogy wa-

Who the fuck wants that? I sure don’t. It’s time for me to go back to how I used to make posts: Without Giving A Shit.

A wise man (me) once thought of writing a post entitled, “Giving a Shit and Why You Shouldn’t.” Which foretold of why giving a shit was a silly thing to do. Or maybe I did put that in a post somewhere, but giving a shit can have some serious side effects:

  • Hands stained in shit.
  • Hands that smell like shit.
  • A widened asshole/anal leakage from said widened asshole, because of all the shit you had to create and expel in order to give.
  • Cancer.

Yes, giving a shit is a bad thing. We should all stop doing it. Some people try to Indian Give shit, which is kind of what I’m doing right now. I gave a shit, and now I’m trying to take my shit back so that it will be like I never gave it in the first place. Alas, you can’t take back shit.

I didn't know what kind of image to add....soo.

Another thing that has pretty much maliciously smashed my ISSS, which I only just realized and then promptly twatted about on my Twitter, is Twitter (how’s that for ironic?).  Twitter has killed all inspiration that I have. In the past, when I was strictly against twatting on this twat-site (I like twat as opposed to tweet, because I’m an asshole), I could be inspired by anything from a piece of shit bit of animation to a character getting punched in the face. But now, if I see something that interests, me, I just throw it into twat. I would insert thing after thing into twats all over. In fact, I’ve put my stuff into over 700 twats!!!! You here that? I’ve been in 700 twats!!! UNREAL. Now, there are some things that you can fit easily into a twat, but other things are so big, that it doesn’t matter how much you shift parts around, the stuff you got just ain’t gonna fit in that twat. So for these times, I just put it in the asshole make a post. That explains how my post rate, which used to be high as a fuck, has now lowered by .74 per day, in only about 2 months. I used to have a post rate of about 1.8 per day (which is a bit much, I’ll admit…in fact, way too much), to about 1, per day. This can be misleading, however, as I went on a spree of like….3 posts a day for about 2 months a while back.

Personally, I like posting less, I get more comments, and somehow, more hits, but at the same time, I care a lot less about actually doing it, or watching anime at all. And it’s all the Twitter’s fault. This all started happening at the exact time I started putting my shit into all these twats, so I decided to do this:

And so, you may be seeing better, or worse Eye Sedso coming up in the next few weeks. Or maybe nothing will change. But one thing’s for sure, I’m not going a way. I’m like a bad penny, I always turn up.


21 thoughts on “The State Of Eye Sedso Summer – 2010

  1. Twitter is the second major sign of the downfall of Western civilization. The other was when America’s congress voted to allow pharmeceutical companies to advertise commercially.

  2. IMO, you should get rid of your twitter. I rarely use or check mine, I only use it to update my followers of new posts. I am glad to hear that you are sticking around in the blogging game. Keep up the great work Glo!!!!! You are an awesome blogger.

    • I know I’m the best….spare the praise, it totally doesn’t work on me (what anime character am I thinking of who says that, but really loves the praise????? GRAH I forget…insert him or her here).

      Twitter is the devil. Except when it’s used on Tosh.0.

  3. Isn’t that Aya image inspired by my Kill Bill post? 😛
    I think you should use Twitter less. From what you said, Twitter shattered your ideas and even absorbed them…bad!

    • Kill Bill was the only inspiration for that picture. I found it stored in my computer. O-Ren Ishii is my favorite character from that movie though. I drew her for my figure drawing class (anime version).

  4. Well, if you need to revitalise your enthusiasm for anime then you need to watch more ‘omfg that series was fucking amazing’ shows.

    Seen Hajime no Ippo yet? Hikaru no Go? Great Teacher Onizuka, Guin Saga, Kino no Tabi, One Outs, Beck, Cross Game, Last Exile, Freedom, Mushishi, Yakitate!! Japan, The 08th MS Team or Planetes?

    All shows that are really awesome and you’d be retarded to miss.

    The final episode of Durarara comes out tomorrow, too.

    • Out of all of those, I have seen only one: GTO, and it kicked ass. This makes me very happy, because I now have a shit load of awesome anime to watch.

      FINALLY I can start Durarara!!!!!!

  5. I think that’s a perfectly awesome attitude. Some people put too much emphasis on pumping out quality writing that they either forget to enjoy blogging or they start writing about stuff they don’t actually think about.

    Not giving a shit is great.

    Anyways, voted for option 3 in the poll. I never catch your tweets…

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