Worlds Collide: Anime vs Life

Before I begin, I was on You-Tube the other day listening to Ok Go, which is among one of my new favorite bands, and then somehow made my way to…well…:

Holy shit. What the fuck is this girl…?

Now, this should be common sense, but if you don’t get the reference that I’ve made in the title, then you should read this. Maybe. Continuing…

Some people love anime. I consider myself to love anime, and I enjoy taking time out of my not so busy schedule to watch some anime and envelope myself within the friendly confines of a particularly good manga. I find the stimulus both enjoyable and cooperative my contrasting real world life. In fact, I may even say that anime and manga is my sanctuary from real life, and undoubtably, this is the same for many of you.

However, unlike many other people, I do not wish to share this hobby of mine with any of my friends, at least not with any friends who I actually meet up with. Obviously I like to talk about it with all of you assholes, who religiously jerk off to my musings and outpourings of bullshit. However, in real life (for the most part) whenever someone I know brings up the subject of anime, I usually try to change it to something else. Why is this? Embarrassment? No sir! Why should I ever be embarrassed about watching anime or reading manga? Running down a hallway naked should be much more embarrassing, but I’ve done that before, without a second thought. No, no, no. It’s actually quite simple, and I didn’t think of it until reading one of Yumeka’s posts.

The worst thing that could happen to me would be if suddenly, 8 of my friends came to me and admitted that they had suddenly amassed a heavy interest in anime and manga. Suddenly, they can’t get enough of it, and now, they want to chat me up about what shows to watch. I mean, sure, at first I’d probably think that it was awesome, but eventually, I’d start to get a bit aggravated. I have my real life, and then I have my anime/manga life. And Glo is not balanced unless these two worlds are kept at a distance.



So, what the hell am I talking about? Well, I have my normal life, and I have my life of anime. Both lives involve different things, different people, and different……..well things is pretty broad, so things and people I guess are the only things of stuff that’s different. Things and stuff are two horrible, horrible words, but I still use stuff like that in my things I write. The internet, to me, serves no other purpose than anime and manga (besides stuff and things like facebook). Real life includes work, school, and being social, which I don’t really do anyway, because I tend to only notice things I don’t like about people. In fact, I’m going to go on my facebook, click on a random friend, and say some negative stuff about them.


Brittany Glowa…..Here’s a girl with the same last name as mine. I bet she found it funny that two unrelated people had the same last name. HAHAHALOLOMGLUTZYOUREAFUCKINGMORON. And her one quotation is a Ghandi quote? Ghandi sucks. If I could fight one person, it’d be Ghandi (Fight Club). You people should do this exercise once a day to keep your mind in proper condition. Sometimes I’ll go on facebook and just laugh at people for random stuff (names withheld permanently, not that any of you would know any of the people in question, and usually, I don’t even know the people in question). I think I’ll delete my facebook, I really don-


Anyway, that’s just me. I’ll let this clip finish what I’m trying to say.

So what about you? Do you involve anime in your life? Is it your life? Do you let everyone and their mothers into you’re anime obsession? Or do you pine for a life like mine, which is more like two lives?


16 thoughts on “Worlds Collide: Anime vs Life

  1. I used to have seperated lifes for anime/school/work et cetera, and then realize it just doesn’t work, i mean, are you crazy fella ? Why would you hide your tastes from people that are not in the right “universe” ? or worst, starting to lie to different people in different universes and ultimately ends in a nuclear blast when those worlds colide (because you’re supossed to be different types of persons in different places). I’ve done it before when i had 19~21 yo, and i can assure to you that it doesn’t work.

    Today i mix everything and everyone and try to be as “transparent” as i can, what if i suck and got dumped by a girl i was trying to date for over an year? you don’t have to suffer in silence anymore, everyone will know about your weird tastes and desires 😉

    As for animes, talking i like them just out of the bat to new people i met in work, allowed me to build strong relationships/aliances/friendships… one thing i learned in life is that people unite for their common desire/tastes/interests and you can’t live all by yourself, specially in business/work environments where you’re just a small fraction of the whole and you do need to increase your production and need others to accomplish it. Sometimes your co-workers saves your skin from a flamming furious boss not because they’re nice religious guys who follow the bible, but because they wouldn’t have anyone to talk about the things they like if you got stress up to the point of dropping the job or being fired.

    One thing is for sure, if you’re hiding things, people will not trust you or get suspicious all the time, but when you open your feelings to everyone, great friendships arises…

    It is more fun to have friends you could bitch about the new shitty/filler episode of naruto/bleach/one piece that you just wasted your time watching then to complain alone about it with your own dog. *bark* *bark*

    Take Kluxorious for example, she do managed to get their co-workes to watch anime with her in work, isn’t it klux ? would she even have the chance if she had shut the fuck up about it ? Now let me take a time to drink some good homemade coffee just because i can =P

    • My life outside of anime is enjoyable enough without anime. I really don’t want to be saturated with anime 24/7, it would lead me to hate anime, without a doubt. I have people I talk about anime with, and people I don’t. Also, it’s not like I hide the fact that I watch anime. I actually said that in the post. Sometimes I will randomly bring up anime for no reason.

      @ klux: I too forced one of my friends to watch DMC. He watched like….3 episodes, then told me it wasn’t funny. I got angry and killed him. 2 worlds must remain separate.

      • I phailed with my friend as well. He’s supposed to be this really hardcore Christian guy and Krauser fucking the Tokyo Tower obviously is not very Christian. Funny thing is, he sent me a picture of his weener and almost sent a vid of him masturbating. Thank goodness my other friends stop him from foaming at the mouth.

        I guess you are right. In some cases, it is best to separate these two worlds.

  2. I don’t think my love for anime related things is worth flaunting…I don’t want the stigma that is bound to come attached to it. I don’t want people thinking less of me because I’m reading a “comic book”, as some of my family members tend to.

    But I wouldn’t lie about it or anything either…I have friends that are into it a little bit, but we don’t talk about it much because we’re so different. I like having my internet life to myself and my life life to myself. If the two collide though, it’s okay.

    It’s more of a “why bother mentioning it?” sort of thing for me. Maybe there would be good benefits to doing so, like meeting people who share your tastes, but hey, I have other things to share as well.

    It’s not like I’m on the computer, taking part in the anisphere 24/7 or anything, nope, no way. Totally not significant in my life!

  3. the worlds theory. Seinfeld is god. But your pretty much the only person that knows i watch anime…. and will NEVER tell a girl that i do. however, right now it doesnt even matter because its the summer, so fuck anime. i’ll start watching again once the summer ends.

  4. My life includes a lot of things and anime is a big part of that. I don’t need two different lives. I am who I am. Don’t like it? Fuck off.

    You said you don’t want to be revered. I can understand that. It is a tad annoying when people with zero knowledge about anime comes to me and start talking shit about the american cartoons. I don’t push them away though. They need to be educated.

    Since I am no longer doing free lance, I have an office to myself and half of the display cabinet is filled with figurines instead of files. I only brought 2 pieces to the office. When people saw them, they started to bring figures/toys for me. Now I have half of a cupboard full of (mostly vintage) figures/toys.

    See? I love it.

    There’s no question about balancing the two lives because this IS my LIFE atm =3

    • Well said Klux, it is beneficial to you open your heart about your feelings/tastes/desires to anyone, if they don’t like it, it is ok, but how would you met someone that likes them if you don’t talk about it in the first place ?

      For me (and aparently for you too), we spend at least 8 hours of our days at work, which means a lot of our time already, so why not make this daily place more enjoyable ? If you haven’t brought the figurines in the first place, how the hell would others have know about your taste ? And look at the prons ! They even liked it and started to be your partner in this idea, bringing you toys to make the place prettier.

      The whole point about this is that it is better to let others know what you do then let them be on the doubt. 😉

      • Yeah and because of my openness I’m well known for being the most perverted person in the room.

        Yeah right… as if I don’t know that they have real life porn in their hard disks. And it was cheap porns too, with ugly bitches.

  5. I’m like you. I keep my rl friends out of my anime life. It’s a matter of the stigma that surrounds anime and anime fans.

    • I’m not worried about the stigma of it. My friends honestly make fun of me all the time for my anime obsession, but at the end of the day, they’re all just fuckheads and I’m the best. I keep my world’s separate just because there are some things I’d rather do alone.

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