Angel Beats: Series Review

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Time to crack back the knuckles and do my first actual series review that I’ve actually done in an actual good long while. I’ve finished a bunch of series over the said long while, but I’ve not felt the need to talk about them unless they were good enough to talk about. And even those that were good enough to talk about, like Toppa Tengen Gurren Lagann, I didn’t talk about anyway because I was simply too busy not giving a shit to review them with words. I put my review deep into a twat instead. However, I am re-creating Eye Sedso, and, as klux told me to do, “fucking the twat.” (only time I’ve heard a girl actually tell me to fuck the twat). Angel Beats, as fate may have it, has just ended after I’ve decided on an Eye Sedso renaissance, and is indeed, also good enough to review. I’m gonna kick it old school with this review. There will obviously be spoilers.

Angel Beats!

Premise: Everyone is apparently dead, and has thusly been sent to this world. Not happy with the way they died, they are determined to fight God so that they don’t disappear from their current world. There is fighting and all sorts of shit, but then all sorts of other shit collide with the first shit and create a Perfect Shit Storm (in a good way). Basically, the initial plot (dead people trying to fight against God) takes many turns and twists and changes over and over (very smoothly I might add), so I’m not going to try and explain. Let’s do pros and cons! Bullets!


  • The humor was always well spread out, well done, and added right at the right times of the show. It never over-saturated the content or masked anything else that was going on in the show, nor was it added too sparsely. This was a show that always had a laugh, right down to Kanade’s school song in the final episode. I will add that all of the humor was funny, and I don’t think that they failed at any time in this aspect.
  • The drama too, was pretty well done. I mean, at times it might have had some overdramaticness, and maybe some of the characters’ pasts might be a bit unbelievably, but I can usually accept anything, so I had no problem with it. I mean, I never got choked up at any time (nor did I feel any resemblance of sadness, like I did with Clannad, admittedly), but everything was pretty good.
  • The animation? Stellar.
  • The characters? Awesome. Iwasawa was my favorite, but by the end of the show, I had changed chose the obvious choice for best character.
  • Did I mention? Awesome OP????


  • Iwasawa FUCKING DIED RIGHT AWAY. I would have liked it if the series was a bit longer, so that the characters could be explained and developed a bit farther. I mean, You would see characters for a few episodes, but you never really got to know any of them, except maybe Kanade or Otonashi. I would’ve liked it if the characters had more depth to them, but that’s hard for a 13 episode series. The lack of character depth is gonna hurt this anime.
  • Not enough blood. I like blood. Not enough. Although that doesn’t always make a show better….look at Tokko, that has lots of blood, but it’s a piece of shit. If I ever finish it, I’ll write a review bashing it into the ground. God Tokko sucks…..this whole con was pretty much just to bash on Tokko. What shitty animation. I’ve never seen such-

Uhhh…hello? Is this a review on Angel Beat’s or fucking shitty Tokko, which, by the way, is so shitty, that I would rather die than watch that piece of shit. As a manga, it might not be bad, but the animat-

Chill out bro I got it. Next con:

  • The story, while awesome, was still lacking something. I think this could be the depth of characters, but I feel like it was just a tad cheap. Something was missing. It was like ordering the best pizza ever, but when you got it, you saw that a piece of missing. The pizza was still really fucking good, but you really end up missing that piece, and then, because of the missing piece, you are unable to feed your whole family and they starve to death out in the cold. The bears come and ravish themselves with the carcass of your dead fam-

Just move on to something else.

Otonashi Gets The Shaft

Remember the last episode, when Otonashi is repeatadly telling Kanade that he loves her in a loving way lovingly? He’s pretty much crying to her, telling her that he loves her. But does she ever once tell him that she loves him too?

Nope! She never even mentions the word “love” ! BAM! Sorry Otonashi, you’re never gonna get any from Kanade. The only response Otonashi got from his confessions was a simple “thanks.” At one point, she even said, “Thanks for loving me.” But she never once said that she loved him. Too bad, now Otonashi is left with nothing but a dramatic camera pan toward the sky.

The camera pan moves up, as it does in all scenes like this.

Best Character – Kanade Tachibana

Not only is Kanade awesome because she satisfies me with her emotionless veil, but she also provides plenty of humor from her extremely literal ways of thinking. Kanade Tachibana is my favorite character from Angel Beats, but another Tachibana is a favorite character elsewhere….coincidence?

My other favorite Tachibana:

That settles it. I’m going to buy one of those new xboxes and get this fucking game. It looks awesome as FUCK:

If you look at the Shu story, you can effectively find pretty much all of my favorite characters ever from both Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors. Liu Bei? Zhao Yun? Musashi Miyamoto? Ginchiyo? That’s my dream team right there! Fuck I need to get this. I’ll get it for PS2 it’ll be cheaper. I can’t continue with this review after discovering this game. Here’s the Final Grade and Bill:


Bill has finally disappeared.................he'll be back for the next review though.

If the manga is ongoing or different I may check it out.

I was gonna proof read this, but then I didn’t.


17 thoughts on “Angel Beats: Series Review

  1. “If the manga is ongoing or different I may check it out.

    I was gonna proof read this, but then I didn’t.”

    I can see you didn’t proof read this, because there is is no manga for Angel Beats!. It’s an anime original project or something.

    Anyway, the show was pretty good, but it was too short. In the last episode they just gave up and said “let’s just say the rest of the cast disappeared.” It would most definitely have been a better series had it had 26 episodes. Also, those people who bitch about the show saying the transitions between comedy and drama are pussies and deserve to die.

    • I meant to say, If there is a manga that is ongoing. I kind of liked how the series ended. It kind of capped everything off and brought a close to it all. I liked it, even if some people see it as a cop out.

  2. Kanade is my second least favorite character. It’s not her fault. I just don’t like emotionally aloof female character (like Yuki).

    As for the show, it was good up to episode 12. The last episode made me facepalming. It is so Maeda. I have always hate the way he ends his work and Angel Beats! is no exception.

    • I liked it the whole way through, and I love emotionally aloof characters, but that’s just me. As for Maeda, I’m indiffent to him. Clannad was pretty good I guess, but honestly, that’s the only thing that I know he’s been associated with.

      I’m changing this layout, I can’t take it I need better mobility.

      • It’s not just the quiet thingy that made me dislike her. It’s the fact that her character has no reason to be that aloof in the beginning. The changes she went through has no turning point.

  3. This is a fucking piece of crap, and I can definitely say this shit is among the worst anime I’ve ever watched since 1998.

    The whole story is inconsistent for the most part, and it appears to be lazily written, as if every episode was written and directed by entirely different people who didn’t really give shit about what happened the episode before.

    The twists are pitiful, not because they’re intelligently unpredictable, but they’re unrelatedly unpredictable. Which is plain dumb.

    I was tricked into watching it because it’s from Maeda Jun, plus the fanboys keep praising it out of proportions. This isn’t the Maeda Jun I know!

    Rating: 1/100

  4. Oh hey, a new theme! Looks sleeker, but have to agree with klux since a lot of the menus are gone.

    On to the topic, i thought Angel Beats! was an alright show. Didn’t make a whole lot of sense and it wasn’t all that coherent, but certainly watchable.

    • This could have been the most awesome theme ever if they didn’t fuck it up with the whole “not adding any menues” bullshit. It’s like every good theme that wordpress has is always missing one important part, making it into a shitty theme.

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  6. Lol, you shouldn’t show maxed out solo runs to these chaste eyes. They might not know what’s going on…
    Zhao Yun and Musashi become gods of crowd control, that i get – Liu Bei, though? Why? not to antagonize your tastes, but I always thought the guy was a bit flaky D: If it’s Orochi I’m all for Yukimura’s blender and Nu Wa. Nobunaga on a horse and Nene’s free clone thing was pretty OP too.

    Anyways, the post was getting a bit too serious for a bit, but then evened out. You wonder if Iwasawa’s early disappearance had anything to do with the budget, and how much her concerts costed… My friend claims he noticed that in the later scenes where Yui was performing, her actions and even height were the same as Iwasawa’s.

    You sure gave AB a lot of wriggle room. I thought Kanade did reciprocate his feelings? Hm.

    • I can’t find this game anywhere. I guess I could go online and find it really cheap for PS2, but for now I’ll stick with my SW1,2, and Empires versions, which all kick ass.

      The more I think about it, the worse this anime keeps getting. Based on story and plot, it wasn’t very good, but based on simple enjoyment, I’d have to give it a high grade, because I really enjoyed watching this anime more than almost anything else this season.

  7. Wait… do you usually proofread? If so… uh… I’m kind of surprised. Which isn’t really a bad thing, I kind of like the fact that your posts have a bit of a raw edge to them. One thing I can definitely count on is that you’re not going to pander in your posts to anyone, which is more than I can say for a lot of bloggers.

    • I have proof read I think 1 or 2 posts I’ve written ever. I almost never proof read, because I simply don’t care enough. I could actually make legit posts if I wanted to, but who wants to read that shit.

      Podcast? Let’s do this! Anytime I’m on AIM just IM me.

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