New Layout

Now that I’ve figured it out, and added things to the sidebar, Eye Sedso looks flashy and better than ever! I claim this as my permanant layout. Any other anime blogger or ISSSer who uses it will just be copying me. What do you think?


37 thoughts on “New Layout

  1. The layout looks cool, but the banner doesn’t really work with it. I also think there’s too much unused space in the sides but that’s just me. Also, the links to your top anime list and shit are gone.

    • no they’re there. Pages.

      You don’t think the Mugen Banner works? I think it works better almost. Of course, the good thing about this theme is that I can change the background to whatever I want. I could even make it all black if I wanted to.

  2. Well it looks great at the moment…but we need a picture of Bill the Ass Kicker. If the background doesn’t work with his picture then you might as well scrap it instantly

    • That’s not a bad idea actually. I should somehow incorporate Bill into my header or background…but it’s so hard to let go of my Mugen header, it looks too awesome. I’m going to test this theme out more in my side blog, because that’s one of the things I use it for.

    • You have no idea. I’ve been looking for a layout like this for ages. It has my tagline, a customizable header, a dark background, and even a customizable background that remains still. It’s perfect.

  3. I wasn’t sure at first, but now that there’s a sidebar I really like the new layout. Much more stylish 😀 I didn’t know that had such flashy layouts…

    • Looks like it doesn’t like the smileys very much. Adds a top and bottom margin of 18px. You should probably disable that.

      Or maybe it’s just my browser?

    • @ Mr. Black: Yea, I don’t know what’s going on with that. I’m trying to figure out how to disable it, but I have no idea how to. I don’t really care much, because I never use smiley faces anyway.

    • @ Mint: Yea, if I couldn’t add a sidebar I would’ve scrapped this right away. It is a pretty flashy layout, even for wordpress standards. With this layout, could it be that I am now liking wordpress?

      EDIT: Nope, still hate wordpress, because it won’t let me leave the same reply to comments more than once. I wanted to leave the reply “fuck yea it is” for three or four people and it wouldn’t let me. Bullocks!

  4. Side bar rather too wide and the grey sidebars look ugly, but that’s just me and my 17″ monitor.

    Since this IS an ISSS and not a blog, a more darker theme is fine too…

  5. Awesome. Well, I’m not sure if grunge suits Eye Sedso exactly, but grunge does look nice, and sooner or later Pavlovian conditioning will take over and it’ll become the Eye Sedso theme. Like how everything’s so… Transparent.

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