Working!! Series Review

Well slap my ass and call me a Susan! At the beginning of the season, I ignored Working, calling labeling it as a piece of crap shit-show that wasn’t worth my time. 13 episodes later, Working succesfully punches me in the throat with rainbows of awesomeness.

Rainbows? Really?



Premise: A bunch of people working at a diner. I happen to also work at a diner, and it’s not quite as awesome as it is in Working, but there are a lot of personalities, and I’ve been drawing comparisons ever since I started work there. You’ll get to hear some of them. Maybe. If I remember.

So what’s the deal here? at first, I dismissed Working to be a boring, slice of life meets moe type of shows, based on nothing but the title picture (which featured Taneshima front and center), and the fact that the main character has a fetish for cute things. Then I heard about Yachiyo, an apparent lesbian who carried a katana around with her, and I immediately began watching the show. At episode one, I was determined to not like it, but resistance proved futile, as Working became one of the best shows of the season for me, maybe even THE best. I have learned to listen to Klux more often, as my review of Kaichou wa Maid-sama will also prove.


  • The characters. They were all awesome as Awesome-o. No, even more awesome. They each had not one, but in some cases two or three odd, unique, or crazy character traits that made me cum in my pants (emotionally) until I collapsed and seizured. I should give this a 5^^ just for the cast, I mean really. Takanashi’s sisters alone are uniquely awesome, and they aren’t even main characters. A depressed novelist who always has a dirty room and is never once seen standing? PURE GENIUS! This could be one of the best casts I’ve ever seen. I LOVE characters with odd traits.
  • Good Humor like a Toasted Almond Bar, aka, the ice cream I would buy every single day in elementary school, because they kick so much ass. Seriously, I want a Toasted Almond bar now. Send me some in the mail people get on that. I’ve run that joke into the ground, but if you don’t like it, you can gladly apply for a dick sucking position via email at, or at any other email I’ve listed in my About page. The humor probably won’t make your sides split from a furious fit of laughter, but it does strike at the perfect times, and usually, is set to just the right amount of funniness for the moment. Very well done.
  • General plot. Well, it kind of was a slice of life genre, I mean, it’s not like they were fighting giant aliens or trying to solve a mystery or anything, although the episodes did tend to focus on Inami and her bout with her phobia of men. Some people don’t like Inami. At some points, I did indeed get tired of the whole: “Oh no a man! Time to punch him through a wall!” routine, but overall, I still managed to enjoy it from beginning to end, and I was happy that this anime didn’t just turn into Takanashi X Taneshima, which would have been dumb. I’m also glad that, at the end of the season, no one fell in love, there was no sappy romance, and everything pretty much stayed the same. Anything else would have killed this.
  • Character depth. It was a lot better than Angel Beats. Honestly, they went into detail about every character. They might not have went entirely in depth with each character’s background, but unlike the case of Angel Beats, the characters in Working felt much more real to me.


  • As I said, the whole Inami punching every guy she saw kind of got old. Not really old enough to be a huge con, but I just feel like the show was overly centered around Inami punching guys in the face. Still, it was fun to watch for the most part.
  • I want to know about Yamada’s past. Did she run away? Do her parents even give a shit? No one’s tried to look for her. Yamada kicks ass.

I really can’t see much wrong with this show. Maybe I don’t want to see much wrong with it.  I enjoyed it a lot. Favorite character?

Kyoko? No, Yachiyo… No wait…..uhhhh….. Yamada? This is the hardest button to button decision ever. I guess if I had to choose I’d go with…

Yachiyo Todoroki

She’s not only a very enthusiastic lesbian, but she carries a fucking sword around with her all day. Isn’t that illegal in Japan? She kicks ass. Not only that, but she’s generally clueless, which makes for a funny character who I can’t help but like.

Now, I said before that I, indeed, work at a family owned diner. So needless to say, I can kind of relate to Working!! Of course, I just bus tables once a week, and it’s just for a little extra money, but just like in Working, we have quite the characters in our establishment. We’ve got a girl who’s a model (although she’s only hot if you really like horses), a girl with huge tits and a nice ass, a bunch of Mexicans for cooks (obviously), a head waitress who’s a real bitch and tips me only half as much as all the other waitresses, another waitress who’s pretty hot and normal, a waitress named Loita who doesn’t take shit, and always ends up leaving early with some type of crazy painful illness (she rocks), and an owner who has a severely awesome mustache. Pretty much, it’s nothing like Working!! In fact, it sucks. It’s hot, you’re on your feet all day, there’s not much downtime to do stuff like get punched in the face or have a conversation…. Working!! is a joke. Nothing like real life. And that’s why anime is awesome.


Even Bill doesn't want to fuck with Yachiyo's crazy lesbian katana skills.

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16 thoughts on “Working!! Series Review

  1. You know, once they started to treat Inami’s punches as being serious business instead of a cheap gag, I actually started to like the show. Around episode 4 or so, I realized that I actually liked the characters, and was sincerely enjoying their interactions.

    I wasn’t watching kittens rolling around like K-On, and the weirdness of the characters was actually far more down-to-earth and explained than I ever figured. These were characters who seemed to be products of their environment, and not vice-versa.

  2. So you ended up picking Yachiyo, just like I have guessed. There’s no way you are going to pick Satou like I suggested and I’m fine with it. It is hard to deviate from first impression which is why first impression is important. I learned that the hard way. Now everyone thinks I’m a pervert.

    I’m deviating.

    Let’s talk about Working!! This show rocks my boat just like Baka to Test did last season although I think Baka to Test didn’t rock as much as Working!! because the ending of Baka to Test was weaksauce.

    It definitely deserved the * in your rating. It pays (emotionally) to listen to me.

  3. Satou might be my favorite character this year so far.
    He held the series together for me.. didn’t take Souta’s crap, took his frustration out on the moeblob, never got hit by Inami, stood up to the boss, and even managed to get Yachiyo to start realizing she wants him. Loved his sense of humor, too. He generally seemed to say and do exactly what I felt needed to be said or done.

  4. I think Working!! is almost the universal surprise hit of the season. I have to agree, it was the best thing I watched. I could base my comparison on pacing alone, which Working did perfectly. I never felt rushed, nor drowsy, and it never relied on an avalanche of jokes.

    I dunno, I think it could almost beat Azumanga for me. Almost.

    • I actually hated Azumanga Daioh until I got to episode 5 or so, then it got awesome. I wish they’d make some more episodes or another season…that show was awesome.

  5. Completely agree that Working!! was a suprise hit. I completely panned it and dropped it after the 1st episode, but picked it back up due to positive buzz in the blogosphere. Best decision ever!

    Loved the characters and the comedy actually made me laugh! Souma and Yamada were my favourites, Inami just irritated me.

    • I liked Yamada a lot, but I’m having a hard time putting my reasonings into words. She wasn’t really clueless, but maybe it was that she seemed almost like a bad actor, except that was her personality….idk.

  6. Well yeah, one’s is a very gifted life if they could have as much fun at work as the cast of Working…
    But mm, I liked this one. Haven’t quite finished it yet, but its casual enough for you to sit back and roll with the punches. And yes, for some reason Inami never pissed me off as much as she seemed to do for everyone else. I wonder why.

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