Running Around in Circles… Forrrr No Apparent Reason (Where’s the reasoning!?)

Disclaimer: I have no idea how this post is going to turn out. It’s almost 4 AM as I write this, and I just watched this nightmare-inducing video (I’m honestly terrified to go to sleep…shit like that is not fucking right…. Dumbo? Scared the shit out of me, and still does.) after getting addicted to The Internet is Terrible, which could be the funniest site I’ve ever experienced. Seriously, nothing really scares me except THAT SHIT. And my stupid ass decided to every fucking related video that YouTube had. WHY AM I SO DUMB!?

Because you touch yourself at ni-

HA HA HA SO FUNNY. (< insert sarcasm there)

So anyway, what the fuck was I eve-

Running. I hate it. Or I should say, I used to hate it a lot. However, lately, I have been having uncontrollable urges to just run. And I don’t mean run like 1 or 2 miles. No, that shit is shit man. I’m talking long distance shit, like 8 or 12 miles. As of now, it doesn’t take much to make me run more than 5 miles. Yumeka celebrated 8 years of blogging, and so I ran 8 miles. That’s all it took. Someone drops the number 8 in front of my face and I immediately think miles. Tomorrow, I’m seriously debating running 15 miles, which I’ve done only once, and regretted it terribly. But lately, I’ve been wanting to push my body to it’s limits and test just how far it can go. Personally, I think I can run a marathon, if the ground is flat enough. I’m in pretty good running shape for me as of now. I’m not going to gloat, but yesterday, I ran a one minute mile. No kidding (but completely lying). Wow this post sucked, so basically, it ruled. Ruling suck. Perfect ace. But I’m not such a prissy pissy pussy as to not put it up. No, no, no. I will post this garbage, and you lot will eat it up like savages. I am Legend!



9 thoughts on “Running Around in Circles… Forrrr No Apparent Reason (Where’s the reasoning!?)

  1. They say once you can run 6 miles, you can run any distance…now, whether it would be entirely wise to just go out and run a marathon is different. xD

    • I heard once you run 14 miles you can run a marathon, but no, it’s not wise to run a marathon. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to walk the next week and a half. Murder on joints…..then again, some people run a marathon every week….they’re called freaks of nature.

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    • 8 miles isn’t that hard really. You can run any amount of distance as long as you pace yourself. Like, I could easily run a marathon, the only problem would be that by the 14th mile or so, my joints would completely shit the bed and I’d start to experience a lot of pain. The joints are the only thing stopping me from running really far. But I can do 8 like nothing now. Basically, I kick ass.

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