Search Post Episode…..uhh….like 10?

I don’t know how many Search Posts I’ve done, but considering the fact that I’ve been averaging about 900 hits for the past couple days, I figured I better check out what the heck it is that’s leading people here. Here’s what I found:

Last time I had this many hits per day (coincidentally, last July), I was getting a shit-load of hits for “boobs”, which I am sad to say is no longer the case. I mean, at least with “boobs” I could see how people might be lead to Eye Sedso. But now, Sailor Moon seems to be getting a lot of people here.

Really? Sailor Moon? When have I written anything about Sailor Moon? Like….ever? The answer is maybe once or twice, briefly. However this is now the upteenth time I have heard mention of the anime, and I must say, I am dangerously close to almost watching the show, only because I heard there are lesbians in one of the seasons, which is always awesome. We’ll see, I still have to:

  • Finish Tokko, a shitty, shitty anime.
  • Finish Aria, an okay albeit slightly boring anime  (after 5.3 episodes).
  • Finish Tengou Tenge, which I am about to finally start.
  • Finish Durarara, which is becoming hard to find a good quality episode streaming anywhere.
  • Finish Futakoi Alternative, which I started and then forgot about. I have it all downloaded to my computer from before the torrent fiasco, so this should be easy and great.

That seems like a lot of shit to do, but not really. It’s really like a week of anime or two, providing I have nothing to do (but I do). time to talk about the Search Post.

eye sedso – 4:

Finally, I’m getting people looking for me specifically on google. Awesome. I feel awesome.

penis pokey:

Okay, I might actually start using this term. It’s hilarious.

funny boobs:

totally going to search this right now.

boy penis:

How do people get here from searching boy penis? I’m baffled.


32 thoughts on “Search Post Episode…..uhh….like 10?

  1. Sailor Moon – 151 hits – OMG – that is still crazy popular. I guess I will have to do a blog about them to get some crazy hits like that myself – ummm – NO!

    • Sailor Moon Yayyyyy!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!! Fiiiiighting evil byyy moon-light! Something something something sommmmeething! Blahhh blah blah blah blah straight fight! She is the one named Sailor Moon! (da-da-da-da!)

      Yea I don’t plan on watching, I need more to convince me.

    • Let me now critique you (warning: I’m a bit shitfaced):

      Totoro: Completely awesome.

      Paprika: A good movie, the movie Inception with Leonardo DiCaprio reminds me of it strongly. I was going to write a post about it, but it’s pretty much common sense.

      Samurai 7: The original 7 Samurai was a LOTTTTTT better than this shitty, boring, piece of crap anime adaptation. What a heaping piece of dirty cunt.

      Mai HiME: AWESOME.

      I wish I knew what exactly I’ve ever said about Sailor Moon that would attract so many people here…must have been a rouge link or something.

    • I’ve never seen any twilight movies, nor read any books, but I can still tell that it’s the gayest representation of Vampires ever. Vampires used to be bad-ass, now they’re just emo faggots. I was gonna write a post on it, but then I got lazy.

  2. For some reason I’ve been getting a lot of Sailor moon hits too (around 700 this month), even though I’ve only wrote about it once, like, 2 years ago. Hmm…I wonder why…

      • How did that song continue? For some reason I remember ‘making love by daylight’… Srsly >.>?

        Anyhow, boobs AREN’T all the rage anymore? Lord, I’ll proceed to add this to my ‘proof of anomie’ and ‘things that will cause the downfall of modern civilization’ lists, godspeed.

      • I honestly don’t know. I used to know, but that’s the only part I remember. I would have had this song stuck in my head, but luckily Bad Romance is stuck in my head, and that song is awesome.

        I don’t know what’s wrong with people not liking boobs.

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