Fullmetal Alchemist: A Look Back and a Glimpse Forward

Okay, here’s the real deal post.

Fullmetal Alchemist: The Past

Fullmetal Alchemist was among the first (well, first 20 anyway) anime series I ever watched, way back when YouTube was first established, and they actually had full anime episodes up there. I watched the entire series in three days. The first day, I watched 34 episodes, a record that I guarantee I will never break. That’s about 12 hours of straight anime. Ridiculous, yet awesome. Needless to say, I loved the series, and had it in my top ten for a good long while. The ending left something to be desired, however, and even the movie, which gave a slightly better ending to the series than the actual series itself, still left a yearning in my heart for something different. To be honest, the ending to the first series was a bit depressing.

Then I decided, “Why not pick up the manga?” FMA became one of the first manga I picked up, along with Claymore, which is also awesome, but that’s for another time. As I made my way through the manga, I gradually began to reminisce about what made FMA great, and I also began to realize that I enjoyed the manga even more than the animated series. Then, as I reached chapter 44 in the manga, I saw something that made me remove FMA (the series) from my top ten. It was announced that another series would be created, and what’s more, it would follow the manga. I was ecstatic.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

After a few episodes, I realized that I would probably enjoy this series a little bit more than I enjoyed the first series. After about 30 episodes, I realized that I was enjoying this series a LOT more than the first series. Kudos to BONES for making this series exceed all of my expectations, as I was blown away more and more as I got closer to the ending. By the time the last 10 episodes came along, I was fist bumping and shouting in an orgasmic jubilation every second. By the time the series had reached it’s intesely awesome conclusion, I realized that it wasn’t simply better than the first season, it was better than 169 other anime that I’ve seen ever. And the reasons as to why are such:

1. The Characters

I love pretty much every single character in this show. And I don’t mean like…..I pleasure myself to them, or want to actually marry them or some crazy shit. I just thing that they all kick ass. We have the bad ass characters, like the Wrath and Scar, who kick ass without care or shame. We have the side characters who add depth to other characters, like what Winry does for Ed. And we have characters who are just awesome, like Lt. Hawkeye or Lt. Ross, both of whom kick ass. There is not one single poorly developed character in this show. They are all perfect in every way.

2. The perfect blend of humor, bad-assness, and drama

As I type this with one hand, I will say that for me, the whole short joke that continued to annoy Ed throughout this story never got old for me. In fact, when the first pea comparison was mentioned in Brotherhood, I actually celebrated with a well timed fist smash into the air. At the same time, the fight scenes in FMAB were spectaclar, particularly the fight between Wrath and Scar at the end of the series. If I were to make a list of the top ten best fight scenes in anime (hmmm) then I’d have to put this one up there with probably some Black Lagoon fights and other bad ass shit. Seriously. There was blood, there were quick, intricate moves…..it was awesome. The drama was great, but drama is always great when you have awesome fight scenes, good humor, and a great plot.

3. The story

Alchemy. I want it. So do you.

Fullmetal Alchemist: The future

I thought that with the ending of the current series, the Fullmetal Alchemist franchise would be over, but I was happily mistaken. To be honest, I have no idea if the movie is just going to focus on something from the series, a subplot of some kind, or an unrelated subject, but I hope it just continues where the anime series left off, because the way that FMAB ended seemed to open up a lot of new material ripe for the picking. Ed and Al finally have their bodies and lives back, and decide to go there separate ways, Ed without the ability to use alchemy and Al with the ability to use alchemy along with a really gay haircut:

Ed is still the cooler brother, even if he can't use alchemy anymore.

Al looked awesome when he had the long ass hair. Why did he cut it!? He looks like a penis with that haircut. Anyway, I hope that the movies centers around what Ed and Al do after the series, because that is something that I’m really interested in.

Favorite Character

King Bradley aka Wrath

Did you think that I’d choose the awesome Lt. Hawkeye? Perhaps you thought that I’d choose Al because of Rie Kugimiya? Well, you suck. The only person I really ever considered was The Fuhrer: King Bradley also known as the homunculus, Wrath. He kicks everyone’s  ass. I mean, he’s an older dude, but still, it takes an army, a kamikaze attack, a homonculous, and an Ishbalin who is a badass himself to finally take him down, and even all of that almost didn’t work. One of the most badass characters I’ve ever seen. Also, the fact that the first animated series created an entirely different Wrath and named King Bradley Pride really confused the shit out of me for a while.

Other Thoughts:

  • If I were Ed, I would have kept the automail. It’s just too awesome to get rid of. Then again, maybe it’s annoying. At least he kept the leg, that should help his sexual relationship with Winry, who has an obvious fetish for metal parts. I mean, Winry’s the kind of girl who probably lost her virginity to a wrench.
  • Mustang was completely bad ass in that one episode. I shit bricks. In the final episode, he was shown working to repair relationships with Ishbalins, and doing such good work. Then, he used a philosopher’s stone to fix his eyes, which I felt went against pretty much everything he was doing. But no, it’s okay, the souls in the stone would want him to use them. Probably. Maybe. Maybe not. Whatever, just use it.
  • Why didn’t they show Mustang finally hooking up with Hawkeye!? Or Ran Fan finally hooking up with Lin!? Oh that’s right, they’re both married to me. Suck it.
  • What the fuck was that target thing on Selim’s head in the last episode? And how did he grow up so fast?
  • I don’t get it….did Winry quit her job at Rush Valley? Or did she just stop going to work? Maybe she forgot about it?
  • How did the BONES manage to fit so many BAM moments into every episode on a seemingly exponential scale? I’m not complaining!

Off Topic

So I’m going to be watching anime a lot less often, reading manga a lot less oftern, and therefore, if you haven’t caught on to the trend, posting a lot less, do to several factors including work, my other work, work related binge drinking, awesome weather, and simply lack of time/interest/I’m always way too tired from work to actually care about watching shit. I didn’t even work today and I’m fucking tired. I’m going to bed right after I post this. It is now 11:38 as I type this. That is EARLY for me a LOT.


21 thoughts on “Fullmetal Alchemist: A Look Back and a Glimpse Forward

  1. It was a nipple in Selim’s head. lol >:)

    If i haven’t read this post i wouldn’t have know the real reason behind ed’s decision to not regain his lost leg, the “social” reason (which he tells everyone else) is that he must have something to remember of his wrong doing in the past.

    King Bradley is very awesome and even Mustang alone wouldn’t have much chances against him, i mean, Mustang’s flames are devastating if catch in a direct hit, but Bradley is that awesome.

    I think the series really ended, if they would continue it with a filler, there is the stories of the sons of Ed with Winry,the romance of Al with May…and we musn’t forget that there is still one homunculus remaining…

    • Selim isn’t REALLY a homonculous I thought? wasn’t that tiny fetus his human part or something? He has a nipple on his head so who knows. He’s gonna get made fun of in school for that shit.

  2. I watched like 12 episodes and then have to put this one on hold. I haven’t picked it up again and it is one of my regret atm because I know it would take a while for me to pick this up again.

    I like FMA but life gets in the way 😦

    I’m gonna miss you, husband

  3. He looks like a penis with that haircut.

    Krauser approves.

    Bradley was relentless. It just struck me as too convenient that his last life came during the climax of the show. We only saw him “die” like twice. Nobody got consecutive kills on him. Nobody really solved him.

    One guy I didn’t like was that loser who hung around Scar and May.

    Sometimes the show got too comedic for my liking, especially early on. Other times it got too sappy for my liking, especially toward the end. Still one of the best anime I ever watched.

    • They did try to oversappify it toward the end. At some parts I remember thinking, “really? that’s dumb, but at this point I don’t care because this is otherwise to awesome.”

      In other words, this show was awesome enough for me to not only overlook any bad parts, but as of now, forget that any of them actually happened.

      • You’re still ahead. The combination of slow Hetalia subs and your Sailor Moon fanbase had led to me being further behind than I envisioned. I should still be able to catch up though if the Hetalia subs kick up again

  4. Wrath was really badass. He was probably one of my favorite villains ever. I mean, the series did a good job in presenting him as “invincible” and left people wondering “Wow, how is he gonna be hurt?” I liked him and Pride.

    Another thing to point out: Pride being alive at the end of the series really highlights a big theme overall: “pride” keeps us going.

    A majority of the characters showed a lot of pride in themselves throughout the series.

    I actually wrote about how the series shows that pride is beneficial for survival. You can read it at: http://www.mangatherapy.com/post/806561122/pridesymbolism-fma

    • Even Wrath’s name was bad ass. Wrath? Damn. I can’t think of a more bad ass name.

      I consider Pride to be almost synonymous with confidence, and the more confidence a person has, the better off they tend to be, you could even lose weight by simply being confident (not lying there, I read about that…in a book).

      Therefore, Pride should have technically been invincible.

  5. No doubt that Wrath was the most bad-ass character in the show. People like Mustang, Scar etc. were bad-ass, but they fall in front of Wrath.

    I thought Winry was just apprenticing at Rush Valley. Her boss will have to excuse her for wanting to be with the guys who saved the country lol.

    I wonder when we’ll see such an epic long series again. Maybe when Claymore finally finishes and is re-made into an anime. That’ll be what… a decade from now haha.

  6. Right, yeah, the Fuhrer was pretty hardcore. Somewhere along the line I really came to root for Lin, since he’s Chinese and thrifty and became the ultimate incarnation of greed and all, and thus really came to get annoyed at Bradley’s superhuman hax.

    FMA ran a great course, with its balance of shounen action with historical and psycho/sociological references. Like psychopathic red flags, with that guy who transmuted his daughter into a chimera. If any cookies are to be given here I believe they should be directed to Arakawa Hiromu-sensei.

  7. While I would love to watch Brotherhood, having already seen FMA is enough for me. I don’t have the energy to sit through another huge series like this. It’s a shame really, because Brotherhood sounds much better.

    • Brotherhood is better than the first series times seventy-two. I’m actually spelling that out instead of giving a real number, so you know I’m actually being serious. Not watching this series is a HUGE mistake.

  8. Hello! I’m new to WordPress, but I recently read your posts on Death Note, Avatar, and of course, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, which I personally believe is the most epic anime/manga ever (The word “epic” deservedly applied here, wouldn’t you agree?). Anyway, love all those shows, and I really enjoyed reading your blog. I got a good laugh and totally agree with your perspective. I’ll continue to read your posts. Thanks for publishing such good material!

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