The Magical List of Shows That Need Sequels

You know what? We need some sequels and maybe some remakes. I’ll throw these posts out here whenever I feel like it. They’re short, nice, and easy, meaning that they’re perfect filler posts. Here is the almighty list of what shows I think should get more airtime:

Sasameki Koto

Personal Priority: Medium

I’m pretty sure that they are indeed making another season…if they’re not, then they’re stupid. And by “they” I mean them (I can’t remember the studio, and I’m not looking it up God damn it).

Zero no Tsukaima

Personal Priority: High

Yeah that’s right. I said it. Zero no Tsukaima. The end of the last season was left too wide open. I mean, the bad guy was still around!!! Unacceptable. I feel like a sheet…..LEFT OUT TO DRY. I feel like a man whose hanging failed…..LEFT OUT OF THE LOOP. I feel like a guy who suffers from Pinocchio Burn….PISSED OFF. Come on! I want Rie to give me more bitch! Sadly, this will most likely never happen ever, because I want it to happen too much.

Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan!

Personal Priority: Low

Dear God please. I beg of you. Make more of these. Funniest show ever made ever besides maybe DMC? YES. God Zeus Buddha Muhammad Haruhi! Hear my plea and make another OVA series!!!

Ergo Proxy

Personal Priority: EXPLOSION!!!!

Never have I ever been more pumped at the end of a show. The end of this series, in my opinion, sets up for the most bad ass, awesome, kick ass, super powerful outstanding anime series ever. But they never continued it. I want to get a manga or something that continues the story, unfortunately I can not find anything of the sort.

Full Metal Panic!

Personal Priority: Medium

I don’t think I’m alone here.


Personal Priority: High

I love this show. It’s still one of the coolest shows that I’ve ever seen. It’s not exactly exciting. On the contrary, it’s a bit laid back, but it grasps your mind and doesn’t let go. It reminds me strongly of rain on a hot summer day. A calm, cool rain that feels good. I literally get the same feeling. I love it. I’ve been meaning to read the manga, and I wonder, should I watch Tsubasa Chronicles? I started it a while ago but shut it off after about a minute.


Personal Priority: EXPLOSION

Some people would chop off their own arms for a second season. Hey, I’ll get in on that. I’ve said this a thousand times over, but we need more Claymore. In fact, NOT remaking Claymore or adding another season when the manga approaches finality would just be stupid. This would be a top 10 anime in my list of lists (the latter of which really needs to be updated). It’s NEEDED.



Holy cock-shit. We need more Gantz. I will never stop saying this until we get another series that doesn’t have a bullshit ending like the first one did. The manga kicks serious ass, and so it should have an anime that does the same. God damn I want to see the live action so badly. It should be halfway decent considering that WB (Hollywood) wasn’t at the helm, throwing out botch-jobs left and right.

EDIT: I’m starting to think that maybe the manga is better left alone, because it’s done so well, it would be a shame to ruin it with a crappy anime. I mean, the artwork would never compare to the manga.

And that’s that. Those are the shows that I believe more than others need some form of continuation.


I’m watching Durarararara finally, and guess what? It kicks ASSSSS. It’s AWESOME. THE END.

If you’re wondering why Detroit Metal City isn’t up there, it’s because I simply got sick of writing this post and decided to instead write this entire paragraph explaining why I didn’t put it up, which actually probably took more time to do, but whatever. We should see more DMC if you ask me….it was funnier or as funny as Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan.

You know you’re shoulder is fucked up when it dislocates when you type.


32 thoughts on “The Magical List of Shows That Need Sequels

  1. Continued Ergo Proxy would be nice to see how the emissary of death would exact his revenge on the returning humans whilst at the same time have to avoid light. In a way, turns into another vampire like action sequel so it might be difficult to develop a good plot for it but it would be something I would definitely look forward to.

    I can never get enough xxxHOLiC, I don’t read manga though so all I have are the actual season episodes, the movie, and the OVAs. Apparently a new short OVA will be available for people who sign up for some random card (

    Claymore TOTALLY left off on a major cliff hanger. So much left to cover and no closure at all. It’s depressing to know that shows like this usually don’t continue due to poor ratings in Japan… despite their popularity elsewhere.

    Amatsuki is another series that needs some closure. The episodes that aired managed to build the plot up perfectly yet left off on another cliff hanger like Claymore. Seriously, pisses me off whenever I watch an anime like that.

    • I feel you brotha. Amatsuki is another anime that either needs a sequel or should be left alone in the first place.

      I’m more pissed off with the fact that the manga took forever to update >=(

    • Claymore should be remade IMO to follow the manga, which was 934858 times better in every way. Although that being said, I wouldn’t mind an alternate story in another anime season, that takes the manga in a completely different direction.

      Still haven’t seen Amatsuki…plan to read it.

  2. Sasameki Koto was done by AIC, but which branch I can hardly remember. It does need a sequel.

    Claymore, sequel? After how they changed it from the manga? w

  3. Some of the manga are better left alone, and let it remained a manga. Claymore is a good example for that. I watched the anime before I read the manga and I think the anime sucks dick. The same goes for Gantz.

    I’m surprised you did not mention Gintama. This show needs a continuation. I watch it for eternity.

    I agree with Ergo Proxy and XXXHolic. They are both awesome.

    I might do a post to list the other anime I think should have a sequel/prequel. That is if I’m not too lazy/busy.

  4. FMP has needed one since forever and I really hope Kyo-Ani picks up the slack there because there’s a really good story that needs to be told. The hinting they did in the last couple episodes really left me hanging and I sure as hell want to see more.

    If I had to pick a few, Gunslinger Girl season 2 (done right) would be a high high priority. What they did in Il Teatrino just doesn’t cut it.

    • As far as FMP goes…maybe someday…

      As far as Gunslinger Girl Il Teatrino, I got to episode 5, was enjoying it more than the first season, and then couldn’t find the rest of it subbed, so I dropped it, or I should say, placed it on IR (this was a long time ago, before I had created IR).

  5. I agree with FMP and Claymore and I’d also like to add these:

    Durarara and Baccano. Mainly Durarara because I don’t like how the show ended on its poorest arc. I want a better impression of that show goddamit!

    Scholl Rumble where they hire some other story-writer to deviate from the manga to create its own proper ending.

    Moyashimon: 11 episodes was waaaay too little!

    Spice and Wolf: pleas please please please please make more Brains Base

    …that’s about it. Kannagi hasn’t got anymore source material yet and I’m a bit unsure as to whether touching Pandora Hearts again would be any good. But yeah, that’s about it

    • Spice and Wolf is so awesome that I just assume a new season will always be made whenever enough new material is created.

      I’m going to read Pandora Hearts if anything. I’d rather not have another season (although they did seem to leave a LOT of questions).

  6. Scamp’s list (most of it) is mine: School Rumble, Durarara, Spice & Wolf, Moyashimon.

    Let me dream in zero gravity for a moment. Once Rebuild of Evangelion is done, Gainax does Rebuild of Kareshi Kanojo no Jijyo, cleaning & tightening the old story, NOT pissing off the manga-ka, and bringing it to a rousing end this time.

    And – my personal prayer – that over the next fifteen years, every three years or so they’re going to do another season of Ookiku Furikabutte, as the Nishiura team slowly passes thru the 3 years of high school en route to the Koushien

    • OVA for Black Lagoon came out!!! I’m going to try and wait till they’re all done, but doubt I’ll have the self restraint, considering Black Lagoon kicks more ass than Bill the Ass-Kicker….and then some!

  7. I would so love an Ergo Proxy sequel. I’m not sure what it would be about though since the story wrapped up pretty nicely.

    • I can’t quite remember the end now (It’s been a while), but I remember that right afterward, I searched for a season 2, or news about a season 2, for about 20484 weeks. I still do sometimes, because I thought that the anime could have really really picked up and become awesome from there.

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