What Do I Think Of Black Rock Shooter?

Wait....Asians liking Math? I'm not surprised.

Was that last jab racist? I don’t really give a shit, especially since all stereotypes are true. I could get into the fact that all white people are retarded, all black people love watermelon and fried chicken (who doesn’t?) and how all Asians are good at Math, but hey, that’s for another day, and besides, my lawyer Hershel Weinstein advised against the use of racial talk online after this recent fiasco.

As usual, I digress. Black Rock Shooter. A while ago, I was kind of excited to see what the hype was all about. People were going on and on about this OVA series (it is an OVA series, right? As usual, I have no clue what’s going on.) I thought to myself, “This main character looks pretty bad ass….black clothes, scar on her hip, eye flaming blue…I would probably love this!” And so, on to the bandwagon I went.

Today, not more than several minutes ago (with a couple hours break in between), I finished this OVA for BRS. Before I tell you exactly what I thought, here is another acute observation that I made, that will rock you to your core:

Okay, everyone who has long hair knows that when you talk on the phone, you put the phone UNDERNEITH your hair. At least I always did when my hair was long as hell. In fact, I've never met someone who put their hair in between their ears and their phone. That's just stupid. You always move your hair out of the way.

Yup, I win again. So what was this about exactly? Well, it’s kind of a split story between two…..well………stories (obviously). On one half we have the world of these two people going to school in a very boring and stupid slice of life story that makes me want to go suck a bag of dicks instead of watch it (it’s not really that bad I guess, I just wanted to say “suck a bag of dicks”). On the other end, we have these same two people doing this shit:

Personally, I enjoyed the fight scenes more at first, but as the episode went on, I began to see how both worlds wove together.It was almost reminiscent of the way that LOST put together their seasons. In LOST, there would either be flashbacks or flash-forwards or some other kind of flashes that interrupted the present flow of time. In BRS, the flashes were of the future (which was pretty obvious to me, honestly). As far as a single episode goes it was okay. The things that it lacked included, mainly and foremost, explanation.

Yomi seemingly gets whisked away to some random world, with a new personality apparently possessing her, and she stays there until Mato randomly is given the Black Rock Shooter “power”, and goes and saves her. Apparently, one gets whisked to this other world only when they become depressed when their best friend talks to someone else a lot more than them. At the end of this episode, that other girl (who was “stealing” Mato from Yomi in the first place) begins to show signs of depression, now that Yomi is back and front and center in Mato’s world again. What a bunch of poop. These girl just need to stop acting like pussies. So what, your friend has another friend? Get over it. Stop being a bitch.

One thing I really enjoyed was the animation quality. It was fantastic. As you know, I haven’t been ballsy enough to download torrents or anything at all ever since this fiasco, so I have had to stick to streaming. Of course, this isn’t a big deal to me, as I actually find that streaming anime is quicker, and these days, quality has become almost just as good as having a downloaded version (except for Tokko, the shittiest anime ever, which I still haven’t finished). Just look at this amazing quality I got to see:

Quality one can only dream of.

Okay, in truth the quality was “okay,” nothing great, but what I said about streaming anime I meant 100%.

Overall, I thought this was okay, considering that it was a first episode. But I’ll say, it better get better, because if the second OVA is just like this one, than I’ll poop all over the place and smear it on the walls to piss people off.


I know I haven’t been posting much, but I’ve still been watching plenty of anime.

Okay, so I haven’t been watching that much anime, nor have I continued Aria yet like I said I was going to do. I’ve been busy working myself into the fucking ground. I haven’t had one day to sleep late in two weeks, except for this past Sunday, but considering I was sleeping through a hangover, I don’t think I got much of a recharge out of it at all. I woke up feeling like a gorilla’s ass.

What the fuck bro? I’ve got some money now, and this Thursday, I’m buying one of those new Xboxes. You know, the cool black ones that are supposedly better and don’t suck cock. And I’m not buying it off ebay again. I have one question…are they any good? Anyone know? I’m talking about these ones:

Bad Ass

That’s all.


18 thoughts on “What Do I Think Of Black Rock Shooter?

  1. You’re not the only one working your ass to the ground. Your waifu here are the same. I still haven’t seen this. God I suck.

    I wish I could help you with the XBox thingy but I don’t play games. If I do, I will not be able to afford all the things that I have now

    • Kinect is a joke….bought one anyway, I couldn’t go another day without Mirror’s Edge or Call of Duty (which I got free from my friend who stole it from some kid, and sucks at it).

  2. I think the subtitles in your first screenshot are incorrect. It should be more along the lines of “Wow, so there are actually people who like math.”

    Enjoy your X-Box. 🙂

  3. The new xbox got rid of all red ringing issues, plus its getting nasty reviews all over the place. Plus Kinect is coming out soon, and thats gonna finally put the shitty Wii out of business. Oh and Kinect lets your voice control the xbox? awesome. the features are redonk.

    i would recommend getting a new one.

  4. I actually really like the real life part as well. Maybe it’s because of the obvious yuri love going on between Mato and Yomi. B

    • I saw the yuri love too, but I didn’t comment on it…..it reminded me almost of Aoi Hana or Sasameki Koto. That’s why I liked it…I kinda can’t wait to see where this goes.

  5. I expected an generic action show,
    but after the first minute of the Ova I fell for it(and for Mato) 😉
    I was very surprised about the voice actress of Mato,who was the same as Kanade from Angel Beats.
    The character design with natural haircolors was so pretty and I really liked the not so perfect art of animation
    They handled the parting ways topic very well, the placing of the action scenes was unusual but fullfilled its purpose.
    I had liked to get a little more explanation about the other world.

    I will defintely watch this Ova again.

    • I can’t think of one place to disagree with your comment. I like particularly how they balanced the action and the normal life scenes….flashing a bit of action, and then providing answers to questions at the end.

  6. first i thought just as you “meh this article seems pretty funny and well done, based n solid arguments and good jokes” but i was totally wrong, and the worst part is that you try to be smarty-ass-funny, that’s like “erm ok *go away* ” i didn’t rea dit all becaue i’m tellin you it bore the fuck out of me especialy that part
    for example, I, sometimes when i’m too lazy i’m speaking at phone like that.
    Anyway probably you should watch the anime, it makes more sense for most of the people.And it has a nice concept in my eyes :), the power of imagination in corelation with the power of reality. Maybe you should think more about that, instead of thinking of how is Yomi speaking on her phone.

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