Ookami-san 3: Yea, I’m Far Behind in Everything

Yea, I’m far behind in everything. I still haven’t finished Durarararara, and I still haven’t…..I’ll save that for later. This is about episode three. Now, writing episodic post isn’t something I like to do, and seeing that I’m doing an episodic for episode 3 about 3 weeks past the episode’s original airing, Most likely, no one is going to even bother with this post. That would be stupid though, because hey, I wrote it. Commence:

First thing I noticed, and the one spark that forced me to write up this post was the appearance of You-Know-Who, and I ain’t talking about Voldermort:

About now, you might be asking yourself why the appearance of some loli cunt made me go wild. The answer is simple, but I’m going to try and make it as complicated (or at least as drawn out) as possible, just to fuck you all over:

First of all, J.C. Staff did this anime, and I am a big fan of J.C. Staff. As of now, they might be my favorite studio. I told you that to tell you this:

J.C. Staff employs many seiyu, and seems to use them over again in different anime, in other words, the same seiyu appear in many of the titles that they produce. One such seiyu is Rie Kugimiya, who is also, coincidentally, my favorite seiyu, because she is the best there is, and all of her characters kick ass. In case you haven’t already put two and two together: tl;dr:


She plays the voice of this character, and I am surprised happily!

I love it when I hear a character, choke whatever I’m drinking, and then exclaim in a raspy, air catching breath, “Holy shit, that’s Rie Kugimiya!” Then I look around the room, to see if anyone is as baffled as I was, only to realized that no one else is in my room at 9:41 at night, and that said room in fact does need a good cleaning/gutting/remodeling.

Not only is Usa-san (the character) a huge bitch, but she’s a huge bitch played by Rie Kugimiya, so she’s awesome. And not only was Rie involved in this episode by voicing a character, but there was also a Zero no Tsukaima cameo in this episode (a show in which Rie starred, and thrived), giving me even more false hope that there will someday be another season or an OVA or something to wrap it up. To conclude (this character, not the entire post), Rie Kugimiya’s role is not that of a cutesy loli cunt, as seen in the picture above, but more in the mold of a saboteur, as seen below:

For the record, saboteurs are NOT actually better than assassins. Assassins kick ass. Next part:

Yui Horie’s character, Alice, kicks some ass:

Alice says enough, so I guess this post is concluded.

Oh, and this episode was pretty damn good too.


I originally had this sections labeled as “Further Reading”. Then I felt like I was copying everyone else, so I changed it to, “Extra-Extra”, but that seemed to gay. Finally, I have settled on calling this section, “Extra-Shit”, because that’s what it is.

I am very far behind on anime/manga/etc. I have way too much shit for work and other shit. Not only that, but I decided to go ahead and buy that Xbox, along with Xbox Live, and I then promptly received Call of Duty, MW2, which I’ve been playing too much for my own good. Wanna play me? My name is as such: glothelegend. Damn straight, My name is mine.

ONLY THREE MORE COMMENTS UNTIL NUMBER 5000!!!! (3rd comment is 5000th!) Who will it be!? Going by past stats, it will be Baka-Raptor, because he somehow takes all milestones of mine.

I’m going to try and write more posts about anime this weekend. Maybe I will. Maybe I won’t. Maybe go fuck yourself.


10 thoughts on “Ookami-san 3: Yea, I’m Far Behind in Everything

  1. Crap, am I the first one commenting again?!

    Anyway, you’re slightly better off than me. All I have seen for this summer season anime are the first episode. That’s how much I’m being raped with shits right now.

    Write more. I missed you.

  2. The Rie Kugimiya appearance was nicely handled, but so far seems to be just a tip-of-the-hat, to the actress that has otherwise been the source of J.C. Staff’s tsundere power. Her character hasn’t been in an episode since. At this point I would call it a very tasteful cameo.

    I was going to say something about being a bit behind myself, but Alice is giving me the signal from offstage…

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