Fall 2010 Lineup

Holy Cunt-Wrap Supreme! It’s already Fall!?? I’ve barely started on Summer!!! My dick aches from lack of anime at this point, except not really. Where did I get this chart? From Chartfag of course!

I obviously did not make this myself, but instead stole it, and used it greedily in order to make a new post, so as to garner at least a few hits to my seemingly dead ISSS.

In case you are confused, I took this from scamp, who seems to have made it himself???? The balls on that one, I tell you. In any case, I stole the shit out of this chart which may or may not be correct, so thank you.

Well, a lot of this shit looks gay as fuck…

  • Another fucking Maid show? I don’t care if it is SHAFT, I’m not watching that shit. I already lost interest in the Maid Show from the Summer season.
  • A Show with the word, “Cute” in it!? What’s this world coming to!!??
  • Almost every show in the second row is a piece of shit.
  • Fortune Arterial would have piqued my interest years ago, but vampire have become so gay that I just don’t even bother with them anymore.

Now we get to the meat. Of these shows, the one I am most excited for HAS to be The World God Only Knows, because God Only Knows I love the manga (see what I did there?), so an alliterary announcement of an anime just kicks me in the balls with awesomeness. Here:


I said before, the trailer looks bad-ass as fuck. Reminds me of the animation for Hellsing Ultimate.

The World God Only Knows

Already stated in the opening paragraph. The manga is awesome.

Arakawa Under the Bridge 2

The first season was one of the best shows of the Spring, and just like Natsu no Arashi (which was an AWESOME show), I’m quite happy that I don’t have to wait long for more of it.

A Certain Magical Index 2

I still have to watch To Aru no Railgun or whatever, so I’ll probably do that while this series is airing, and then come back to this series. That makes so much sense it’s retarded.

Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls

I like Samurai, I like alternate future and plots exploiting “what-if” scenarios, and hey, I even like girls believe it or not. This is pretty much my dark horse of the season.

Motte To-Love-Ru

For some reason, I really do like this show. It’s stupid, yes. It’s filled with shitty fanservice, yes. But I laughed my ass off as the first series progressed, it seemed to get stupider and stupider in a good way. I’ll watch this, although I should probably suffer through the OVAs first (those sucked, as I have yet to finish them).

Well, that’s about it. MM! looks like it might have some potential to be awesome, so I’ll probably check that out too. I have another post in waiting, and I mooched my idea for that one too. Obviously, I have lost all creativity at this point. Once school starts, I’ll have more time to watch anime and make awesome posts about random shit. Suck my dick guys. Peace.


20 thoughts on “Fall 2010 Lineup

  1. Anime is still lost in cuteness! Fuck that! Ill be sure to watch Iron Man, but im gonna give Arakawa Under the Bridge a chance as well, only because u mentioned it. Karl and the Mysterious Tower looks interesting as well! Hahaha! And what about that Agricultural Musume? *Cries*
    PS: That chart is awfully… shit-color.

  2. I’m still skeptical about IronMan, though. I can’t think of any plausible explanation for this marvel-collaboration…oh, right, it’s money!

    So I’ll be waiting for the World God only knows 😛

    • The trailer looks really sick. We’ll see how it turns out I guess….this is the second comic book type show in as many seasons, isn’t it? (Heroman was created by Stan Lee? Right?)

  3. Looks like a pretty interesting lineup. The three I am most interested in are Bakuman, Psychic Detective Yakumo, and The World God Only Knows.

    I just requested the first volume of the Bakuman manga from my local library so it should be interesting to see how the anime will live up to it’s manga counterpart.

  4. Fuck it, Glo. If you miss Bakuman you deserve to have a little kid operate on your brain. Seriously, how can you be a manga reader and not be reading the manga about making manga by the guys that made Death Note. And the anime is by J.C.Staff with the same director as Aoi Hana.

    Another fucking Maid show? I don’t care if it is SHAFT, I’m not watching that shit.

    That makes so much sense it’s retarded.

    BTW, there’s no reason to finish Railgun before watching Index II if you don’t want – they should be totally unrelated.

    Fortune Arterial would have piqued my interest years ago, but vampire have become so gay that I just don’t even bother with them anymore.

    Not suggesting it’ll be any good because the studios behind it are pretty average but it has potential if adapted right.

    Almost every show in the second row is a piece of shit.
    Except that row contains Bakuman, TWGOK, Kuragahime (Brains Base is always awesome) and Psychic Detective Yakumo (based on a novel series that is meant to be excellent; the manga based on the novels are both really good).

  5. I think my top 3 picks for the coming season are Index, Arakawa, and Samurai Girls. I’m mostly just going to be following sequels of shows I watched, and going light on new materials.
    Might pick up The World God Only Knows… But unlikely simply because of time constraints.

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