Futakoi Alternative: Put on your Boompants!

I actually managed to gather some time this weekend and watch the entirety of Futakoi Alternative, an anime that I had been meaning to watch for ages. The main things that I got out of it were:

  1. It has no real genre.
  2. It was oddly addictive, despite containing a lot of “wtf is going on” moments.
  3. It kicked ass.

Let’s take them all in order, but first, a sort of kinda premise:

Rentarō Futaba has a detective agency, which he runs with twin girls, Sara and Soujyu. Some Squids are involved, the three are all in love with each other. Some other shit happens. Back to squid-men…..

I guess the main theme is that Rentaro and the twins want to all be together forever in some three-way romance, but squid-men have a plan that separates them. A bunch of shit happens…..you know what? Watch the show, it’s only 13 episodes.

Futakoi Alternative Has No Real Genre

What’s the genre here? Is it drama? It certainly has a lot of dramatic parts, revolving around the love triangle that is Rentarou, Sara, and Soujyu (although not the type of triangle you’d expect when talking about a love triangle). But for all of the drama in this anime, there was an equal amount of retarded randomness that I LOVE. Example:

The show changed from a fighting half/squid man who shoots fire to several episodes that feature mainly dramatic scenes depicting strong emotions. After a bit of that, the show goes back to squid dudes fighting. This anime was literally all over the place, and throught the whole thing was a whole bunch of random shit, whether that be an animal doing something strange in the foreground for no reason, or a person grabbing an “elephant” by accident in the shower while feeling depressed (official anime symbol for penis).

The thing about the retarded randomness is that it usually comes right in the middle of a dramatic scene. It’s honestly like putting a bit of the crazier, more nonsensical parts of TTGL into Clannad. It really doesn’t make sense, it clashes horribly, and yet it couldn’t really be more awesome.

It Was Oddly Addictive

I could not stop once I got to episode 4. So what’s odd about that? Well, after episode 4, there’s a whole bunch of repetitive talk about bullshit involving the main hero and his twin girlfriends or whatever they are (they’re in a threesome relationship). At one point, the girls tell the guy to make love to them, which to me felt completely out of wack with everything. Is this a fanservice anime? Not really. I mean, you’ll see some flashes off ass, but it’s nothing that I’d consider fanservice. As I watched, I recall thinking to myself the following quotes:

“What the fuck am I watching?”

“What the fuck is he talking about?”

“What the fuck is going on right now in this show?”

“This is the stupidest shit I’ve ever seen.”

Yet, I found this stupid shit somehow enjoyable, so go figure. Maybe the outstanding animation/art had something to do with it.

Futakoi Alternative Kicked Ass

That’s why we all need to wear our boompants.

FINAL GRADE = 5^^ (edited from a previous rating of 5)

Bill's boompants went boom.


5 thoughts on “Futakoi Alternative: Put on your Boompants!

  1. I know exactly what you mean.

    Remember that I have seen Futakoi before I watched the sequel. I was not really enthusiastic to watch it after the shit I’ve seen in the first season but when I saw the first episode of Futakoi Alternative, the characters were totally different (except that there are still twin involved), I thought that this might be good. It turned out just that. I couldn’t put this shit away. It was just too WTF to ignore. Squidman? Who would have thought.

    The random WTF kinda reminds me of Gintama though still not up to par. I rated this series 8/10. So giving it a 5 is fair.

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