The Common Cold in Anime

How come in anime, whenever a character has a cold, it always seems like they’re on their deathbed? They are always unconscious, laying in a futon, and have a cold towel on their heads as if waiting for sweet death to great them and take them away from this horrible, horrible ordeal. This certainly isn’t the case in real life! I mean, in real life, all you get is a sniffle and a cough, maybe a sore throat to go along with it. A deathly fever is never incorperated into a cold! I always believed that……

"She has the common cold." (WHAT'S THAT!? SHE'S DYING YOU SAY!!!!???)

Right now, I have a common cold. I am deathly ill, waiting for sweet death to great me and take me away from this horrible, horrible ordeal. And what’s more, what the fuck!? This was a weekend of fun that I was looking forward to for MONTHS. I haven’t been sick in FOREVER….WHY AM I GETTING SICK NOW OF ALL TIMES!!!???

Today, I did the stupid thing and went to work (they’re really short staffed as of now), instead of doing the right thing and recouping in my house. That’s right, I manned up and said “Fuck you common cold/flu like symptoms! Go fuck yourselves and your germs!” But right toward the end of work, the cold punched me in the face with death. Tomorrow, I will not be going to work, I absolutely NEED to be ready for this weekend. I’ve already taken myself out of tomorrow’s bash, and I really, REALLY don’t want to miss Saturday’s extravaganza, because it’s across the street, so I can get shitfaced and not worry about driving. WHAT THE FUCK.

Yup, this turned into a post of me bitching. Chances are no one except Klux will answer this post. You’re all assholes. Going to bed….AT 7 OCLOCK!!!!


34 thoughts on “The Common Cold in Anime

    • Same here.
      I could be vommiting blood and my mom would say such things as:

      “There’s a nurse there, right? You’ll be fine”
      “Stop being acting like a little girl, women don’t like men like that”
      “Fucking American kids, always pretending to be sick”
      “If you’re really sick, they’ll just send you back, right?”
      “I don’t care.”

    • Mine didn’t either. But frankly, I hate to miss stuff, so I’ll usually just go to things even if I’m sick. Missing camp is fine though, I could care less about kids.

  1. Glad to see that you man up and not let the fucked up ordeal take you away. Anyway, what’s so extravagant about this Saturday?

    I would have given you some body heat along with lemon and honey for the flu. But alas… XD

    • Well, there are three huge ragers (extremely exaggerated) going on this weekend, and they’re all in walking distance from my house (one is AT my house) so I can feel free to get really really drunk and not have to worry about a ride….plus me and my sister got my dad a breathalyzer for his b-day, and I really want to get a high score.

  2. What a coincidence…i caught a cold/flu and it is lasting three days now…with drugs you can manage to pass through it smothly like i’m doing.

    The only cool thing about going to work when you’re sick, is that you can spread the virus >:)…sorry i desperately need money, i’m not missing work…

    On a side note, brazil is the extravaganza country, there’re parties every night if you ask me, i don’t need to wait for the weekend 😉

    Just commenting because you were crying like a baby saying only klux would answer to you.

    Btw, it is 12AM and i need to get up at 6AM, chances are that i’ll have another 4 hour sleep as usual XD

    • Oh well excuuuusssee me! That’s all fine for you and your “endless Brazilian parties” and your toilet made out of gold! Some of us live in FUCKING CONNECTICUT where EVERYONE SUCKS. We live for the weekend up here.

      Turns out I have a virus.

      • no, my toilet is made of bananas and a monkey always come bring me more paper when i run out of it.

        i don’t know fucking connecticut, so i can’t say anything bad about it.

        Some of my friends went to fucking miami a few weeks ago, and they only said good things about it.

        Baka-raptor only says bad things about NY.

        So can i bias my opinion about southern US = good and northern US = bad ?

        Now excuse me as i go out for another party tonight, and i don’t need to worry about get shitfaced because the monkey will drive XD

      • Your toilet makes me jealous. Is that what you wanted to hear!? Jesus CHRIST.

        And not hard to make fun of CT, I can teach you…take any word and add: “boring” or “shitty” to the end of it. You just described CT.

        NY is AWESOME. NY Giants however, SUCK (and I am an avid Giants fan).

        Don’t base the South off of Miami. Miami is awesome. Most of the South is comprised of dirty, dirty, redneck hics. The South SUCKS. The North is WAY better. Go to Alabama and you’ll agree with me.

        I just downed half a bottle of cheap, knock-off NyQuil. Good idea or bad idea. I’ve been feeling a bit better lately, so I hope this knocks my fever out of it completely. Either way, I’m getting shitfaced the rest of this weekend.

    • Do more than wish. PRAY. I NEED BE WELL, because I’d rather get drunk while being healthy, as opposed to getting drunk while still being sick. Either way, I’m going to be shithoused this week.

  3. I’m answering this just to spite you. Anyway, get well soon, and don’t lie in bed all day. Go out and kick some ass or something, make use of your free time?

    • I actually did about 100 pushups to clear my nose for bed. Whenever I have a stuffy nose I do a LOT of pushups….I also through a boulder at an elderly woman and three small children.

  4. Last time when I got a cold was from the ventilator, which was straight on my face for all night (now I have AC). Nausea, bad throat, cough, mucus, sneezing. My wife couldn’t sleep because of my constant illness noises and told me to go and be ill in other place, haha. But anyway, every disease makes u stronger! U will be twice the men u were before! And u will get twice the paycheck at work! Twice the ladies! My cold lasted a bunch of time, maybe related to the fact that I used to drink cold water from the fridge all the time o.O

    PS: All Brazilians are doing some sort of drugs, even its only maconha (weed). Its in the flow of life there. But I cant disagree with that lol. I still miss the arroz com feijao damn it!
    PS: That thing with twice the man/money and women is bullshit. Just realized. U are gonna get fired for not being able to work, women wont come close a diseased man and u wont get any money anymore of course, cause they fired u.

    • Yea my paycheck is gonna be laughable. I’m not worried about that though, I’ll just steal hours from my friend at my other job.

      I’m at the point where even nasal spray does nothing for me, and that shit is magic. I’m probably just gonna go to work tomorrow anyway, and just sneeze on everyone. If I have to suffer, everyone else does too.

  5. Ignore the retarded Brazilians, they tend to make ample ignorant generalizations and assume that they know everything about the country, including how every single person born in it lives, all while writing in broken English and incorporating words in Portuguese into their speech in order to sound “classy”.

    Yes, I am Brazilian and yes, I am ashamed of it.
    By parties they mean enclosed spaces with “music” playing at over 80 dB. While the “music” itself is already hazardous to your mental sanity, the noise is sure to have a permanent effect on your hearing ability. Oh yeah, by toilets, most of the time they mean the sidewalk.

    Anyway, sorry for the off-topic comment. I was going to comment out of spite anyway so this works as well. I hope your cold doesn’t turn out to be a serious infection and you die as a result.

    • aposto que vc torceu pra argentina na copa. pq entaum vc naum vai dar a bunda pro primeiro gringo q passar ou entaum vá ser um garçon em algum estado com maioria hispânica nos eua. (imigrante ilegal). com certeza vc naum deve sentir falta do arroz com feijão, pois vc ama o lixo industrializado do McDonalds e uma gordinha americana tb (pois só no brasil é q vc acha mulherada gostosa q se cuida aos montes)

      On a side note glo, there is a law now in Brazil, which protects those who come to work drunk, they can’t be fired anymore ! which means, if i didn’t drink before, now that’s a good reason to start drinking 😉

      Oh…and i almost forgot by parties i could also mean (i bet that last brazilian don’t like the following) :

      i could go on…but you got the idea…no matter how young or old, everyone likes a good party 😉

    • I’ve actually been crying nonstop for 3 days….although only in one eye, and it’s involuntary. Needless to say, I’m still embarrassed by it and have upped the amount of pushups I do on the daily day to 9 million.

  6. Last time I got sick was after watching First Blood, started vomiting that night and then the rest of my family followed suit on the vomiting. Mum said it was a flue we caught, however my bro and I know it was John Rambo and his manliness that caused it.

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