If I Could Live In Anime

A post! Amazing I know. I really do spoil you, my readers. But after a short bit of time off from everything anime related, I’m back to write mooch this idea for a post from other people. But don’t get too used to it. It’s still warm out, and I’ve still been working like hell, yelling at kids, taking things away from them, and wishing general death and demise on their general exsistances. But enough about camp. Let’s talk about the places in the anime world that I would most love to be a part of. These are in no specific order, because honestly, they’re all totally different and unique in their own way, so it’s kind of hard to judge (I’m too lazy to rate them).


I would LOVE to be able to create a Distructo Disc. That’s all I want. Just one. JUST LET ME MAKE ONE!!! GOD DAMN IT!!! I mean, honestly, why don’t the characters use Distructo-Disk more often? It cuts through FUCKING ANYTHING. “Oh, you have a power level of 30948485 million? To bad, I have 29484 Distructo-Disks, and the can cut FUCKING ANYTHING.” The End.


Alchemist powers? Hell yes. I love everything about them. But even if I wasn’t blessed with awesome alchemy powers, there’s something cool for everyone else in this world: Automail. I might even rather just have automail than the power of alchemy. In fact, I’m thinking about getting metal legs…it’s a risky operation, but it’ll be worth it.

Not to mention I would creep all over Riza Hawkeye. ALL OVER.


Fuck to the Fucking Fuck? Think of the job opportunities:

  • A demon-slaying Monk, ranging from bad-ass to lecherous.
  • A Priestess (if you’re a girl or really gay) who has sick ass powers.
  • A demon, good or bad.
  • A half demon, good or bad.
  • A fucking DEMON SLAYER!!! (Slayer in the name, you know it’s bad-ass).
  • A farmer (that’s dumb).
  • A bandit (normally an awesome profession, but given the world it’s in, still kind of lame).
  • And so on, and so forth.

It’s a no-brainer.


Holy shit, what a loser!

I could easily catch em all, but you don’t need love, that’s gay. I would train my Pokemon in the mountains. Then I’d build up a team that’s unbeatable, and just go around beating people with my unbeatable team of Pokemon. I’d be better than the Elite Four, but I’d never face them. In fact, I’d just stay in front of the gates to the Elite Four, and beat anyone who wants to test their luck. This would totally negate the Elite Four.

Black Lagoon



Awesome suits that make you fucking awesome? Say no more say no more.

But I will say more. Not only do you get to fight/kill/murder. Not only do you get sick weapon level ups. Not only are you allowed use of these suits in real life. But almost all of the girls who you get paired up are always have huge tits and assnsfw.


“Why?” you may ask. I will slap the shit out of Mio. She will literally shit. God I hate her.

Samurai Champloo

Samurai? Check.

Hip Hop? Check.

Katana? Check.

Feudal Japan? Check.

Graffitti? Check.

It’s official, this world has everything I could want. And that baseball episode was fucking awesome.


I’ve said plenty of times that I thought this show was as cool as Snoopy when he plays the part of Joe Cool multiplied by Fonzi to the fifth power. Well okay, that’s the first time I said it….but this would be a world for me, provided that I get to take the place of Watanuki. Considering how annoying he is, I doubt I’d have any objections.

Extra Shit

I’m still sick as fuck over here.

I really want these shoes. I pretty much thought of this idea many years ago, kept it to myself, and lost the chance to get a whole shit load of money. Barefoot running? HELL YES. THAT’S WHAT I’M ABOUT. The less shoe the better.

19 thoughts on “If I Could Live In Anime

  1. If you creeped all over Riza Hawkeye, she’d probably shoot you in the face. Legit.

    Watanuki needs to be in xxxHolic so I can get my OT3 fix someday. I hope. CLAMP, don’t fail me on this one…

  2. Remember Freeza wasn’t particularly sucessfull in defeating gooku with a distructo Disc, so how usefull they really are ? I’d love to have a non-lethan ley-gun (yusuke’s main shot in anime yu-yu hakusho), so i could be messing around town ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’d put an automail if i was in the army, in fact, FMA makes being in the army appears to be one of the best professions in the world. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Pokรฉmon may seem kinda odd, but it is awesome, believe it ! anyone who has played the game (like me) know it is a pain in the ass to rise all six…normally you’d have one very strong (probably your first), and other two or three standards who can endure some ass kicking, to rise all the six insanelly strong is impossible for someone who has a social life like me ๐Ÿ˜‰

    in Gantz, no special powers or powerups, but i’d live my life to the fullest, as if i had no tomorrow…i’d fuck any girl who’d knock my door and ask my if they can be my pet (unlike kurono-kun did) >:)

    You forgot to mention Naruto and possibly Fairy Tail too, i’d want to be a summoner but i wouldn’t call any shitty zodiac stellar spirits like lucy do, i’d rather call the fucking BAHAMUT ZERO all the time ! mgyahahaha! she would be more useful if she found one of these ๐Ÿ˜›

    I just loved (and agree to) eveything in this post – except for the shooes – of course ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • That’s cuz Freeza is a bitch. Literally, I didn’t know that Freeza was supposed to be a guy until after they rebuilt him. I thought he was some kind of girl the whole time, based on the dubbed voice, who was the same lady who dubbed the voice of the old lady from Yu Yu Hakusho (that’s kind of weird that we both referenced Yu Yu).

      I’d be great in the Pokemon world cuz I’ve got some Master BALLS. (Oh that one was GOOD).

      I knew someone would mention Naruto. I thought about it, but I honestly don’t think I’d like it. I’d go just to learn the cloning technique, but that’s about it. I’ve yet to see/read Fairy Tail.

  3. Nice choices, although Gantz was a contender for my ‘worlds I don’t want to visit’ post – no matter how awesome it looks I think it would be utterly terrifying!

    Approve of your reason for dropping in on K-ON! though.

  4. Destructo Disk and Solar Flare. Both those techniques dropped right the fuck off the face of the series, and they were both awesome. Blind someone and then eviscerate them, what more do you need?

  5. I actually saw someone jogging in those shoes once. I was biking along about a month ago and noticed “foot prints” in the trail. I was like “wtf… who’s running barefoot?” Then I caught up and noticed his shoes. First time ever seeing them. O_O /coolstory

  6. Most of those worlds are certainly fantastic, but I’m not sure I’d want to be in it. For example, Samurai Champloo would be pretty lame unless I had mad samurai skills. Black Lagoon is probably suicide for me. That said, Pokemon is at the top of my list. It was 10 years ago, and it still is today. What a carefree and fun life.

    • I’d be fine with being a regular dude in Champloo. They have all sorts of shit like eating contests and hip hop shit. I could easily make it as a professional beat boxer.

      Anyone who wouldn’t have Pokemon on their list is just weird.

  7. If I could live in anime, I’d definitely want to be the most powerful guy in it much like how Vegeta of the Dragon Ball sequels wanted to be in his universe.

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