Tenjou Tenge: Series Review

I finished this on Tuesday, but I really haven’t been able to write about it till now. Honestly, I’ve finished a lot of anime during this week of sickness, which has been the only bright point of being sick. I’d rather be healthy and not watch any anime. It’s been a solid week and then some since I first got sick. Then, on Wednesday, I felt good enough to go to work (not really, but I was sick of missing work). I went to work, and wouldn’t you know it, I relapsed big time when I got home. Turns out I had a sinus infection, which is good cuz now I’m on antibiotics. But enough about my shitty life that sucks because God hates me, let us now delve into this kick ass anime called Tenjou Tenge:

Point One: The Whole “Flashback” Issue

This has nothing to do with flashbacks, but wouldn't someone die from having an imprint that deep in their sternum? Well, he was fine so don't worry about it.

Okay, so at two points in this show there were long flashbacks. I could see how this might annoy some people, except that these flashbacks had a lot to do with the story, and included a shit ton of ass kicking. They were awesome. I was as much entertained by the flashbacks as I was with the present.. If anything, they got me more interested in what was going on with Nagi’s time. Basically, what I’m trying to say, is that anyone who bitches about the flashbacks is a bitch. Shut up. They were good.

Point Two: Bunshichi Tawara is Awesome

This guy kicks so much ass it’s unreal. And not only does he kick ass, but he does it without the use of fancy prancy “chi” bullshit. He’s all man, all muscle, all ass kicking. But is he ranked number one in the school? Yes. He’s awesome (he was ranked #1, but I’m assuming that his rank changed after Mitsuome became some kind of freak of nature/President).

In the scene where the above screen shot was taken especially, Bunshichi kicks ass. In said scene, Bunschichi’s legs were stabbed repeatedly by Shin, which, given the amount of blood loss portrayed, would have killed any normal man. But as we know, this is Tenjou Tenge and not real life, so blood loss doesn’t really matter at all. In fact, I’d go on record and say that if any of these fight ever happened in real life, everyone would be dead. Anyway, his legs are pretty much fucked to the point of….well…..they’re fucked. So what does he do? He uses his fists for punch things like a car, propelling him toward Shin. It probably doesn’t sound as bad ass describing it with words. Too bad I don’t have a clip…

Point Three: Cons

All in all, I thought that Tenjou Tenge did indeed kick ass, but there were some things missing. First and foremost, there was absolutely no ending, but then again, I knew that going in, and I do still have the manga to read, but I would’ve liked some kind of fake ending or something….maybe they revive this series now that the manga is done? Eh? Eh??

Another con would be the fight scenes, They kicked ass, sure, but considering that fighting was one of the main themes of the show, I did expect better, then again, I was constantly comparing the fight scenes to those found in Air Master, which had some of the best ever. But I found a lot of freeze frames in the fight scenes, which I don’t really like. Gimmies sleek, flowing fight scenes. Air Master did this perfectly.



Bill got his ass kicked, but he was completely fine 2 minutes later.


12 thoughts on “Tenjou Tenge: Series Review

  1. whoa, after looking at that fight, which was totally bizarre (did he really do that to the cars with his bare hand?!), I’m intrigue enough to check this anime out.

    But first I need to find the torrent 😛

    • fuck a torrent. honestly, streaming site have the same exact quality with a fullscreen, and you don’t have to wait for them to download before you watch them. I think that they’re a lot better than they used to be.

  2. The flashbacks were the best part. The present has characters like Aya, white guy, and black guy (I forget their names) who still need to power up. In the past, everyone’s strong and fucks each other up.

    I haven’t read the manga. Probably won’t anytime soon. All yours if you want it.

    • Yea I agree. I mean, people died in the flashbacks, how could you not like them more.

      I’ll read the manga when I remember to start reading manga again. I honestly haven’t touched manga in ages.

  3. I haven’t watched this show in ages but I remember being excited to watch the main characters. My second thought was that the show could have done without the lengthy flashback and I would have understood different the subtle plot points.

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  5. Eh, the best moment in the series was that fight in ep.1. Aaaaand then it just wanders off down the hill. Last episodes i watched in tiny window while playing Crawl.

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  7. could have been good but best part ep 1 were main gets @ss kicked but after that udder crap ps. would like to see more of the guy who kicked main’s @ss.

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