Who Says Durarara Got Bad Toward The End!?

Honesty, I thought the anime was awesome from start to stop. I’ve heard a lot of:

“Oh it has a stupid ending!”

and a lot of,

“It gets bad, you’ll hate it by the end!”

But guess what? That’s all hogwash (now back to the castle). Here’s an example as to why the last episode was one of the best ones out there:

Shizuo takes one of those highway signs, and cuts a car in half with it. The end.

Durarara was sick, and there wasn’t a single episode where I thought:

“This is going in the wrong direction.”


“This is turning into a whole bunch of SHIT.”

In fact, I felt like it just kept getting better. Here’s my graph:

If you notice, the anime in question doesn’t necessarily get vastly better, nor does it match the level of “best”. But it was certainly vastly entertaining through it’s vast vastness of vastity. Why was it so good? Duh. The vast amount of characters all kicked a vast amount of ass. Here are my favorites:

Anri Sonohara

aka Saika aka Slasher aka Mother

Anri Sonohar by AngelMJ

Anri is, up until a point, very shy and aloof. She doesn’t talk much. In fact, she doesn’t really get involved with anything, mainly due to her past. However, unbeknowngst to all (until a certain point), she is actually the Slasher. The Slasher is pretty much a “criminal” that has been slashing a vast amount of random people on the vast streets of Ikebukuro. Of course, later (at the certain point) it is revealed that she has Saika, a blade that giving her control over anyone she cuts. Basically, she has a whole army of people under her control. Big surprise I guess to her friends.

Why I like her:

She’s an unassuming girl who, when she wants to, can suddenly get red eyes and a katana and start fucking everyone up. I love it.

Celty Sturluson

aka Headless Rider aka Black Rider aka Setton

Durarara CELTY by Arieaesu

She’s a dullahan, which is kind of like a grim reaper, and I’ll leave it at that. She came to Ikebukuro to find her lost head. He bike does not run on gas, but instead has been fused with her horse, which is some kind of ghost thing or something. Either way, it’s bad-ass. As stated, she has no head, but can still function, using her phone to text speech. Also, I’m sure that her not having a head wouldn’t stop a whole lot of people from getting it on with her.

Why I like her:

She looks cool, has a sick past, is bad ass, and generally just has a lot of awesome shit going on.

And last but not least, my favorite character:

Shizuo Heiwajima

aka don’t fuck with this guy

Since an early age he’s somehow never been limited to releasing all of his energy, which gave him a whole lot of power (enough to throw very large objects). However, although he was able to pretty much acquire superhuman strength, his  body couldn’t take it, and he’s usually end up with broken bones or something. After many years though, his body got stronger and now he can do things like throw street sign or vending machines long distances. Needless to say, you can’t hurt him and you don’t want to fuck with this guy ever because he’ll kill you.

Why I like him:

Are you kidding me?

Just like Baccano, Durarara had pretty much every single one of their characters taken right out of the “fucking awesome” pile. Even the minor characters had some kind of awesomeness. Like Shinra’s dad. He wore a mask so as not to breath in the Tokyo air. That’s weird, aka awesome. Let’s talk about the plot:

A. BAM Moments

It had them by the truckload. The best moments included Kida finding out the truth about Ryugamine and Anri….or I should say all of them finding out that they each were the head of a different gang. I love that shit. Fuck. Great anime. This anime was so good that everyone should jsut suck my dick. Still, not as good as Baccano.


Bill got run over by Celty, thrown across town by Shizuo, and then slashed by Anri.

28 thoughts on “Who Says Durarara Got Bad Toward The End!?

    • Ahh I forgot to include that.

      I think that they could easily make a really good 2nd season…maybe bring that blue square leader out of jail. I would gladly watch a second season, but I was satisfied with this season, so if they don’t I don’t mind at all.

  1. Not only her bike does not run out of gas but it doesn’t make any noises (aside from that creepy one),

    If there’s a problem with durarararararararararara, is that it doesn’t continue (another season), one piece/naruto/bleach shitness continue forever, but a well done/directed/entertaining series ends too soon leaving us only with sad/sorrow/miss feelings.

    oh and i thought you ripped off that graph from baka-raptor, but then i realized you hadn’t because the graph wasn’t going doooooooooooooown hill

    I think a double plus (++) best suits this show(single season), if it had more awesome stuff (second season?) and the whole story got concluded (you know they leave everything hanging to have more room for others seasons), it would definitely deserves a (+++) rating. guaranted.

    • Yes her bike kicks serious ass.

      I kind of liked how it ended. Durarara overall wasn’t really about the characters, but it was more about the environment that the characters were in, Ikebukuro. The city has a whole bunch of shit going on, but when it’s all said and done, nothing really changes, and I kind of liked that. That being said, a second season would be awesome, but I don’t think it’s needed. I thought it ended pretty well. I mean, the whole goal was to foil Izuwhateverhisnameis’s plan, which they ended up doing. The only loose ends I could really see were:

      – Shizuo didn’t get to kill Izuya (that’s his name right? I’m going to pretend it is regardless).
      – Anri didn’t end up banging Ryugamine.
      – The leader of the blue squares is still in jail.
      – Celty didn’t get her head back, nor do we know what was going on with that whole situation. To me, I think she stopped caring, because she loves the doc now (this is the only real big one).

      I think a second season could easily be done, and I’d almost be surprised to not see something come out to continue the story. Sometimes announcements for second seasons and continuations don’t come for years, so who knows….

      I’m not so lazy that I’d rip off an MS Paint graph. They take 4 seconds to make, and I only rip off pictures and post ideas from other sites.

  2. Izaya is easily my favourite character in the show – he made it into my all time top 10 characters list before the show was even over!

    Drrr!! badly needs a 2nd season – the last arc felt more like a connecting arc than a proper finale.

    I was so desperate for more Drrr!! that I started readed the novel snippets that have been translated…..seriously, show needs 2nd season, there’s some awesome shit in the novels!

    • I always go for the anime first. Take FMA. I watched the anime, then read the manga, and then, when a FMA: Brotherhood was announced, I stopped the manga and watched that. Now I plan to someday finish the manga.

  3. Eh, I think why I (personally) didn’t like ta ending was that I wasn’t expecting it.

    I mean, first half they make all that fuss about Celty’s head and random crap like that – I completely expected that ta be what the show would be about.

    Suddenly, out of ta middle of nowhere this… this guy, who isn’t even ta actual leader of ta Blue Square (a bunch of people so stupid as ta not even being introduced until like a quarter in or something), takes over another group of people, of which some other random guy and thirty (read that: 30) of his friends DEFEAT. UTTERLY. If THIRTY people can defeat ta WHOLE FREAKING FINAL BOSS, I’d daresay that’s not a very good ending.

    True, they did wrap it up quite nicely at ta end with ta final message of ‘oh lol nothing happened yeah yeah yeah’, but the point is that I was expecting nothing like that. Shinra’s dad appeared all of once and disappeared forever. Nobody even cares about Celty’s head anymore. The whole ending about nothing changing – nothing hints to that. It comes up as such a shock that I can’t help but feel it was… badly done.

    AFAIK their plot is only like halfway through the novels’ plot. In that regard, I’d definitely like ta see a second season – not because the first one was really good (it was good, just not… that good), but to wrap up what they started, and didn’t finish.

    tl;dr Unpredictable ending = fanbase raeg.

    • I bet that there’s going to be a sequel that explains the whole head scenario. Other wise, I don’t feel like the end was a surprise. I mean, we gradually learned about each characters’ involvement in certain groups, and it gradually expanded into something bigger. I thought it all flowed nicely.


    Though I have to agree that it still couldn’t beat Baccano, but still DRRR!! WAS EPIC!!!!!!!


  5. i guess it’s easy to like this show because ur told by the director it’s an awesome show. of course u don’t mention the plot because it is a load of horse crap desperately trying to shove their ideology down ur throat. the show is basically a series of “just because it is.” some characters are put in just so they can provide a safety net for the main characters because we all know that they are just useless and stupid. y does anri have a sword? because it was sold to her dad and the sword happens to be curse too OMG!! no way! is there something special about her? yea she has glasses and big boobs which means, by natural law she is destined to have the sword! and why is the headless rider looking for her head? because everyone else thought it was fucking hilarious to just gip her from the start. does she ever find her head? nope because the writers just said fuck it!!. so is she badass? as badass as samus from metroid other m. and why is that guy so strong? because he just is!! whats the point in adding a guy so strong in the show? to make sure the writers can use him whenever shit hits the fan. are there other main characters? yea!! a dumbass blond kid that started a street gang and another kid that started an online gang? WOW!! they must be really cool or something. Nope they’re just a bunch of dumbass kids who formed a gang JUST BECAUSE!!!

  6. Okay i justfinnished watching this anime today, i started 4 days ago. I absolutely LOVED this anime with a burning passion. The many characters and they’re crazy personalities. The Shock and Surprises. The way things tied together and left you with a mindfuck. This has been one of the only shows i can say that has totally made me go “omfg i wasnt expecting that at all!” and leave me completely wanting more.
    BUT then…we got to the end.
    i fuking Hated it.
    im depressed now.
    as too think this would be the only season.
    im praying to GOD they decied to make a new one.
    it only makes sense.
    i dont see how the animators can sit there make this show and then decied that they are complete and content with the ending.
    there MUST be more.
    please please please hope to god theres more.
    Best show ive seen in a long time.
    i definitely recommend it

    • I’m assuming that you and Jessika are the same person since you have the same avatar….

      But I’m guessing that somewhere down the line we’re going to get another season, because it would make $$$. The show’s been on Cartoon Network and is popular and is set up for another season, so it would be dumb to not have more.

      • Either way, I didn’t mind the ending, I mean, the show itself to me was about the city itself. The city was the main character, and in the end, that’s how the series was completed.

  7. The show is good..but the ending was incredibly disappointing. Almost to the point that the second half of the series negated the awesomeness of the first. Yes i agree that the main driving point of the show was the city itself and its depiction, but that doesn’t justify an unfocused narrative and MAJOR unresolved plot points. Too many to really say this was anything more than just an average anime.

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