My New Most Hated Anime Character

Formally, my least favorite anime character of all time was Happosai from Ranma 1/2, a show I have yet to finish. But now, I have found a character that makes Happosai seem quite bearable indeed. I am of course talking about Mihoshi from Tenchi Unverse.

Never have I before seen a character so stupid and so annoying before in my life. I honestly don’t know what the point of creating her character was. Was she supposed to provide comic relief? Or was she supposed to incite mass amounts of anger for the viewers? I’ve found that the latter is almost always the case whenever she opens he mouth and talking in that annoyingly high pitched, stupid fucking voice. That’s one of the reasons why I should’ve kept watching the dubbed version, at least her voice is bearable in that one.

Mihoshi is nothing but a hindrance. honestly, this anime could’ve been 14 episodes long if not for Mihoshi fucking everything up. She doesn’t learn from her mistakes, she pisses everyone off……the whole group should’ve just collectively killed her off after episode 7. She sucks. God I hate her. I hope she dies…..that’s it. I should be finishing Tenchi Universe within the next hour.

30 thoughts on “My New Most Hated Anime Character

  1. wut ? I think i misread ‘cuz Happosai should be one of the best characters of Ranma 1/2, one of the best “harem” shows out there (although baka-raptor would disagree), i don’t think i have words to describe how awesome was happosai in ranma, briliant, pervert, unstopable, unbeatable, funny as hell, i always laugh at any scene he’s involved.

    As for mihoshi, ok, you bitching about a pervert annoying old master i can understand, but about a beautifull sexy girl ? o.O ?

    • The best Harem show was Asu no Yoichi, and I made that claim before he did. Honestly, I hate every episode of Ranma with Happosai in it. In fact, he is the sole reason why I still, after 6 years, have not finished the anime. At one point, I breezed through about 5 episodes in one sitting and thought, “Why did I stop watching this show, it’s great!” But then I came to an episode about Happosai, and it was at that point that I realized the only reason why I breezed through those 5 episodes was because Happosai wasn’t in any of them. Also, it took me 4 days to get through that one episode with Happosai in it. I hate him. He sucks. His character isn’t funny, it’s just annoying.

      As for Mihoshi. I could give a shit less if she’s hot or not. People think Paris Hilton is hot, but I still wish death on her every night, because she’s a stupid whore who has no talent and is still given the world on a platter. Mihoshi is the same, except instead of being a “stupid whore who has no talent and is still given the world on a platter,” she’s a REALLY stupid whore who can’t tell her left from her right, messes up at every turn, isn’t funny, and generally pisses me off by talking. The hotness of a girl has no effect on me. I see hot girls all over the place. One sat next to me today in my Anthropology class (news flash, I don’t like her either. I almost punched her in the face for trying to get with me when I was trying to focus on classwork). Hotness has no value to me if I hate the personality. Dirty, STD filled hookers can be hot, but I’m not going to give them benefits because they’re hot. I’ll throw a hot girl off a cliff if she pisses me off. And who cares if Mihoshi’s hot anyway….she’s an anime character, you can’t fuck her.

      Holy shit I’m pissed off at hot girls right now. Thanks for this comment, you have given me much needed inspiration for something to rant on in a post. I had been wanting to rant on something for ages.

      • Why so much hatred in your pure inoccent heart ? There are no such things as “perfect” girls, i mean, even if you do manage to find a girl that do not piss you off, you’ll still find a shortcoming or defect that you will not like about her… you’re taking life too serious…take a breath, relax =)

        Paris Hilton is hot, but think again if she would have received everything in her hands again if she was born ugly.

        If you could be more friendly with your “classmates that are women” (fuck english for not having a single word for that) , you could well take an advantage from that, you never know when you will need a favor, and also women are easy to manipulate, aside from the friendship too…yaaawwww et cetera…

        Now this reminded me Happosai is so awesome he never ever was beaten like a chicken.

        Looking forward for your raging post.

      • “classmates that are women”

        – WHORES.

        The end. All hot girls are fucking fucks of fuck. You’ll see what I mean, and I don’t remember everything you types cux apparently I’m shit-fucked, but fuck……I’m right so chill.

      • You’re pathetic, Thiago. Who in the hell are you to glothelegend what to do?! You’re not his or her boss. If he or she wants to take life too seriously like I do, then let him or her.

        If you ask me, you’re a damn hypocrite for tellin’ the maker of this blog to lighten before typin’ sexist shit. I may not agree with everything that she or he posted. But at least, she/he can’t stans bitches like Mihoshi and Paris Hilton.

        So back the hell off an’ globethelegend be a serious-minded perfectionist like I am.

      • I’m glad that you have a low opinion of Mihoshi as I do, especially since she’s one of my least favorite characters in Tenchi no matter how well-meaning she is.

        But you know what? Not every hot gal is unbearable. Take Kiyone, for example. She’s pretty tolerable to me, except under rare circumstances.

      • Oh, so you’re male, glothelegend. My apologies. I wasn’t sure which of those genders you are. But now that you revealed that you’re same sex as me, I no longer feel like I have to use both “he” and “she” in this website.

        Well, good luck.

    • Thiago, it’s glothelegend’s choice to bitch about both characters because this ir her or his website. And even though I don’t agree with everything that he/she posted in it, she or he has some points.

    • Mihoshi isn’t as bad in the OVA series: Tenchi Muyo Ryo-Ohki, but she still sucks, and what sucks even more is that Kiyone isn’t even in the fucking show. Yeah that’s right, they put fucking Mihoshi in the show but not Kiyone. What the fuck is that shit?

      • I agree with everything that you put in that post of yours, my fellow Kiyone fan. If I’m that green-haired gal, I’d give on Mihoshi for good and marry Tenchi.

    • Baka-Raptor, I may not agree with everything that you posted online. But there is one thing you and I agree on: our favoritism for Kiyone and dislike for Mihoshi.

      If you ask me, Kiyone is likely my favorite female character in the Tenchi franchise for these reasons:

      1. She’s the best-looking of them.

      2. She behaves better than the gals in Tenchi’s life.

      3. I can relate to her even though I’m male like Tenchi.

      4. Unlike Kiyone Masaki, she’s not related to Tenchi in anyway.

      Because of those reasons why I love Kiyone Makibi, I believe that she’s better off with Tenchi, especially since he can relate to her.

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