Anime Revisited: Futakoi Alternative (just listen to the song for God’s sake)

Not too long ago, I did a review on Futakoi Alternative, giving it a good, solid rating of a 5. Lately, I’ve been thinking of it almost nonstop, and the more I’ve been thinking about it, the better the show seems to be getting in my head. There was something irresistable about Futakoi Alternative, and although I still have no clue what that was, I’ve been getting more and more addicted to said show by the day, without actually watching it. My guess? It has to do with one person:

Daisy Fitzgerald

Now, Daisy Fitzgerald was a character from Futakoi Alternative, but at the same time, she wasn’t. She didn’t have any lines, she didn’t meet up with any of the characters….in fact, she didn’t even make any sort of appearance in the show. What she did do however, is write a certain song. You see, Daisy Fitzgerald was a musical talent from the anime world of Futakoi Alternative, and she wrote THIS:

That song is awesome, but the video on youtube is even more awesome, because I FUCKIN MADE THAT SHIT AND PUT IT UP. That’s right, you have me to thank for that, since no one else took initiative, I had to chop the episode, which I luckily had downloaded before the torrent fiasco, get the right part, render it, and upload it….do you have any idea how long that takes!? Like….2 fucking minutes!!! Outrageous.

As for the song, it’s probably the greatest song to listen to while lounging in your house on a summer day. How do I know? I’ve been doing it. Heck, that entire episode (episode 5) just relaxed me. I watched it again right after the first time I watched it. it was great. Non only that, but it does good to reflect the feel of Futakoi Alternative. It’s smooth, yet at the same time, filled with roughness…..or something………either way, they both kick ass, therefore, I went back and changed my grade from a 5 to a


I hope you had your boompants on. Just for shits and giggles, here’s an Asian kid beatboxing….it’s pretty sick.

If you thought that was great, check out my favorite commercial:

Good shit! Now back to this: