Crappy Shows That I’m Still Going To Finish: Kaichou Wa Maid-sama!

Little Note At The Top: Yeah, haven’t posted shit in a while. That’s cuz I’m smashing my way through the Bleach manga. Literally SMASHING. It’s amazing how little  is included in each chapter. I’ll start on chapter 60 or something, read for a few seconds, look up, and suddenly I’m on chapter 5000.

I remember back when this show started, I was raving about it’s greatness. In fact, I loved the first….ohhhhh sayyyyyy 9 or so episodes. But now, after recently finishing up episode 15, I’ve pretty much run out of “like” for this show. Honestly, it really should have been made into a 13 episode series, because 24 or 26 or however long this show will end up being is just too fucking long. It’s not funny anymore, it’s not amusing anymore……honestly, as I watch it, I only find more and more things that I don’t like about it…….but still, I am determined to finish it, even though I’m only slightly more than halfway done with it. Let’s do a rundown:

Things That I Still Like:

  • The Art and Animation

The art and animation won’t blow you away with special effects and extremely high quality stuff. But that’s exactly what I like about it. It’s simplistic, but it’s very consistent. It’s cartoonyish, which, is a word that I just made up, so I know what I’m talking about. Personally, I like the whole style that this anime has featuring art.

  • Usui Being a Perverted Fuck

Like when he randomly asks whatshername if he can violate her. Shit’s funny. Too bad he’s become progressively less funny as the show has continued.

Things That Suck:

  • Too many sparkles.

Seriously, every time they show Usui, they put fucking sparkles around his head. Or flowers. Fucking gay. I guess that’s what I get for watching a Shoujo piece of cunt meat ass thrasher sack of shit fuck show. That was a vulgar statement. And in fact, it’s not just Usui, if anyone dresses up in anything, they give you a pan up still frame of the whole outfit, with flowers that are fucking sparking I DONT GIVE A SHIT.

  • It’s not fucking funny anymore.

Honestly, everything’s the same now. They’ve run out of jokes to use. It’s always,

“Oh shit, she’s a maid! Oh shit, someone might find out! Oh shit, Usui saves the day! Oh shit, this plot fucking blows!”

Honestly, I’m sick of it. This show is a cunt, thus, the new name is as such:

Cunt-chou wa Cunt-sama! (with cunts)

Let’s get a bit off topic and talk about cunt in this week’s

Extra Shit

What a nice ass.

Why is it considered such a bad word? Imagine for a second, if you will, an empty room. Now imagine a room full of cunts. Funny and awesome. Cunt is a hilarious word, not a bad word. Let’s ramble off some word phrase that are funny and involve the word cunt:

  • Cunt hair
  • Cunt dog
  • Son of a Cunt
  • Beef Cunt
  • Cunt in a box
  • I Cunt Believe it’s not Butter!
  • Buttered Cunt
  • Cunt Snack
  • Cunt Slap
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Cunt Punt
  • Cunt Exploration Maneuver
  • Kangaroo Cunt
  • Cunt Blast
  • Kick in the Cunt
  • Headbutt to the Cunt
  • Cunt Cake
  • Sara Palin
  • Sacrifice Cunt
  • Wild Goose Cunt
  • Cunt Quiche
  • Cuntal Thrashing
  • Super Cunt and the League of Super Cunts
  • Cunt Dick
  • Cunt Fuck

Let me be honest, every vulgarity I say usually has the word cunt attached to it, because it makes everything better. You’re all cunts.


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