One Picture and a Three Updates

That’s all that’s in this post, one picture……okay so there’s actually two, but one’s just for reference so fuck off. Now lately I’ve been steamrolling Bleach, and I’m finally almost caught up to the episode of the anime that I left off on (which is not by any means the most recent, I’m ages behind in that show) whole manga. What did I find? An awesome picture:

Why did I like this picture so much that I made a whole fucking post about it? Well that’s because it reminds me, although most likely entirely by coincidence, of this:

Best band in the history of the world? Yes. Or Chatmonchy. One or the other. It’s a toss up really. But anyway, here’s the rest of what I wanted to say.

Update One!

I’m getting sick and tired or reading my posts and seeing how shitty they are, so I think I’m going to start proof reading them.  Not for any of you. I could care less about what you think about my posts, but for me. Chances are, they’ll still contain a shitload of spelling and grammatical errors, but whatever.

Update Two!!

I started Apocalypse Zero, and immediately wish I didn’t. I didn’t expect it to be this bad, but yea, I’ll throw up (in more ways than one) a post tomorrow describing the horror that is the first episode. It will not be safe for work, or anything else.

Update Three!!!

Now that I am caught up to the Bleach manga, I’m going to streamroll the anime, because I’m so far behind. Expect very little in the form of posts, because I will be occupying my time with Bleach, so that means no time to ISSS (excluding the post about my favorite characters from Bleach that I have yet to post/finish writing).


10 thoughts on “One Picture and a Three Updates

  1. I’m rather glad I won that bet now 😉

    Also I’m assuming that the spelling error in “I’m getting sick and tired or reading my posts” was intentional?

  2. Apocalypse Zero isn’t that bad, if you have balls, that is.

    Anyway, that picture reminded me of MCR too. Too bad they stopped making any new songs, haven’t heard them on the radio for ages.

  3. MCR is awesome. Bleach, even now, is awesome despite the flaw of the creator. You have great taste.

    This reminds me that I need to post my favorite Bleach character list too. It has been in my draft since forever.

    But then again, I’m on vacation so fuck that. I’m gonna go wasting my time strolling in a foreign street now.

    • Lucky bitch, I’m in school right now (well not RIGHT now exactly, but at this time of season), and may I say that I have like 4 friends here in town. I need my own place so that I can bring girls back to my place and preform an Magnum .31 on them. Alas, I’ll just get drunk nightly with my 7 or so friends.

      Bleach is fucking unreal. I’m glad I waited until now to read the manga, because it looks like it’s winding down to a conclusion.

      • Because it fucking IS. Get with the deal…d you really want it to last forever and then die without ever knowing the conclusion!? When someone says: “I will lose all my powers after this move.” then it’s fucking winding down. Holy shit I’m the greatest!

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