Cowboy Bebop Live-Action Now a Dead-Action

Well, I was excited and looking forward to seeing Keanu Reeves play Spike Speigel on the big screen. I thought that this could be a movie that for once wouldn’t be a complete fuck up of an anime adaptation. As of now, it looks like we’ll never know, because the film looks to be dead.

Recently, as in, today, Keanu Reeves….well here just read it:

The Source

In a nutshell, when Keanu was asked about Cowboy Bebop, he said:

I haven’t heard anything back. They turned in the script and it was very expensive. I don’t know if they’re going to…it would cost, like, half a billion dollars to make that script. So, I don’t know where it’s at right now.

Personally, I am upset. I was looking forward to this movie for a while. This was one of the few titles that I think could be adapted easily to live action, because there’s no set plot to follow, as long as they don’t get into the whole thing with Vicious. Putting Vicious in the movie would probably suck. Just make it like a side story though and you have gold. I’m upset.

Also, just throwing it out there. I might be the first anime site to announce this? Damn, I’m great.

32 thoughts on “Cowboy Bebop Live-Action Now a Dead-Action

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  2. THANK GOD…i dont think ive breathed this big a sigh of relife sence my ex took that pregnancey test and it turned up negitive….

  3. I think I’m with most of the other commenters. I’m kind of glad the movie died.

    So far, haven’t seen a single good Hollywood adaptation of anime, and I wouldn’t want them to ruin such a classic.

  4. I’m glad it died, I wouldn’t mind a live action cowboy bebop but haveing Keanu Reeves in it would be ruin it.
    Also Gloth is stupid.

  5. Well, it’s the live action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop isn’t dead. I wish it were. Talk about taking “I can’t act” Reeve’s comments out of context. But – if…if this must be make with that untalented too old hack, Keanu, for chrissakes, at least cast Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Faye Valentine.

  6. Some people say they’d be happy if the movie died…..

    ….I’m a fan of Bebop and I hope they go through with it. I just want to see what they come up with. And with Watanabe and Nobumoto on board, I mean….those two probably know what they’re doing.

    • That’s what I say too. Plus, I think that Keeanu would do good in this role. I like him in almost all of his movies, so there’s really no way for me to hate this movie if is does indeed become a reality. Never say die.

  7. This films happening. Deal with it.

    And it’s amazing how bitchy people are on comment threads LOL. Talk about life frustration on-screen diarrhia relief! ^_^ “You are an Idiot with Idiot opinions!” Insulting- the BEST way to win an ‘argument’ lol.

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