Tenchi Muyo Saga Part 1: Tenchi Universe

In this I will be reviewing all of the Tenchi Muyo anime that I’ve just completed, which is, to my knowledge, all of the Tenchi Muyo anime that are out there…..that I care about. I’m not watching that Pretty Sammy spin off, nor do I want to watch a few of the others. For example, Tenchi GXP looks like a cluster fuck of stupid shit, so I’m not watching that garbage.) Pretty much, I’m gonna review Tenchi Universe, Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki!, and Tenchi in Tokyo. I will be talking a lot about Ryoko because she’s arguably my favorite character of all time. Be prepared. I was  GOING to review them all in one post, but no one wants to read something so long, so I’ll split them up, and start with Tenchi Universe.

EDIT: I might actually watch all of the Tenchi stuff after all, even GXP, because Shinichi Watanabe aka Nabeshin (Excel Saga) is the director, and he’s awesome as fuck. can we get a picture of this asshole?


Before I dive into these reviews, some note about the franchise of Tenchi:

  • There are so many series and spin offs and OVAs and shit, that this was by far the most confusing franchise to watch. I debated for literally years as to what series to start with, and which to watch next. Fuck the people who made this shit. Finally, I actually looked into it, and decided the correct order to watch these shows.
  • This was a show from my past (Toonami) that I never paid attention to until now. The only thing I remembered from this show was that Ryoko was awesome.
  • Ryoko was the first anime character that I ever drew.
  • I really like Ryoko.
  • I have a boner.
  • ……
  • Okay, I don’t really have a boner, but I bet I made you laugh!
  • ……
  • I didn’t? I’m not funny you say? Fuck you asshole.
  • You can kind of see now the direction I’m taking with this review.

Well, I’m finally done with Tenchi Universe, and personally, I’m very happy at the ending, because if they killed off Ryoko I would have thrown a fit. It’s true that I only just finished it, and I only started it a month or two ago, but Ryoko has been one of my favorite characters ever since wayyyy back in the day, when Tenchi was on Cartoon Network (when it was new). Oh course since that time I had forgotten all of the episodes, but I still remembered Ryoko, and how awesome she was. However, she was about the only good character in this series.

Tenchi Universe

Premise: Bunch of people from space invade some average kid’s life and fuck shit up. One of them is Ryoko, which is the only incentive one should need to watch this show.

First let me talk about all the bad things:

  • The characters were all very flat, one-dimensional, and shallow, with the exception of Ryoko.
  • The show is called Tenchi Universe, but Tenchi himself didn’t really play any part in the show until the end. He was kind of just there, making him one of the gayest lead characters ever. If you ask me, Ryoko was more of the lead character, and I’m not just saying that because I have a literal boner for her. She had the most depth, when compared to someone such as Ayeka, who sucks so hard that I just want to kill her.
  • They shouldn’t have “fake-killed*” Ryoko, because it made me lose all interest in the rest of the series until they shows that Ryoko was alive at the end, which was great.
  • Tenchi just sucked. He lacked personality, expression, an interest factor, a soul.
  • Mihoshi was a character in this show, and she didn’t get killed off.
  • The animation in general seemed kind of cheap, although that’s probably just because it’s older.
  • Mihoshi fuck she was stupid. Oh, I already said that? Fuck it, she sucked THAT BAD.

Now, all the good things:

  • The plot was actually not that bad. I loved the twist with Tenchi’s grandfather turning out to be Yosho.
  • Ryoko and Washu were two characters I liked…..although I thought that Washu created Ryoko or something like that? The never talked about that stuff. (EDIT: Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki covers this).
  • I actually liked the dubs for this series, which is why I watched a lot of the episodes in both dub and sub.


Extra Shit

So there will be more Tenchi reviews coming over the next week or two, there’s a bunch of them….I only just started Tenchi in Tokyo, and haven’t seen any of the movies yet, so I’m about to thrash those into the ground.

Also, I still have to watch Apocalypse Zero Episode Two, but I will, and the review will probably be out sooner or later.


22 thoughts on “Tenchi Muyo Saga Part 1: Tenchi Universe

    • She kicks ass but she was kind of absent I felt like. She wasn’t even in the OVA (which I make note of in my next review), but fortunately, she is in Tenchi in Tokyo… Unfortunately, the animation is choppy, weird, and mainly just really crappy. Story looks better though.

  1. Tenchi Universe (along with the OVA) is what hooked me on anime in the first place, and it still has a close place to my heart. I wholeheartedly agree with you on Tenchi’s lack of…well, anything in this series. But you’ve heard one of the interpretations of the series name, right?

    Muyo = No Need

    Tenchi Muyo = No Need for Tenchi

    No Need for Tenchi = Tenchi is vital, but really not all that important to the episode-by-episode plot. There are at least ten characters more interesting than Tenchi in the TV series, and at least that many in the universe of series and novels that are more well developed.

    Anyway, I still like the TV series. My favorite episode (and one of my favorite of all time in any series) is No Need for Memories.

    • I’ve never heard that interpretation, but damn, it’s pretty much dead on. he was missing from this series, but he was pretty active in all of the other ones, from what I’ve seen so far.

  2. Tenchi in Tokyo a.k.a. Shin Tenchi Muyo is the weakest of the Tenchi series in my opinion. It has a weaker plot, and it adds another girl to the mix who is just flat-out dull as dishwater and about as original as a piece of cardboard. It also deviates the most from the original source material, in that the backstories for the various characters are changed drastically – everyone is the age that they look like they are (so, Ayeka is about twenty years old, no seven hundred and twenty years old, etc.), Ryo-Ohki has no connection to Ryoko, among other things.

    In this case, ‘original source material’ means, roughly, the OVA’s. I say ‘roughly’ since there are two different takes on canonicity of two of the different people who worked on the original OVA’s. So fucking confusing.

    In terms of quality, OVA’s > Universe > Tokyo. I haven’t seen GXP ’cause I don’t really give a shit about it. And as for Ryoko’s not-death, I actually liked that part – it made it that much more awesome to see her at the very end of episode twenty-six.

    • Oh, yeah, and you really wanna cry? You don’t just have GXP, the OVA’s, and Tokyo left for the Tenchi universe(s) – you’d also have to watch: the Magical Girl, Pretty Sammy OVA’s and TV series, the Mihoshi Special, the three movies, and Sasami: Magical Girl Club. Then if you really want to wander through the six degrees of Tenchi, you’d also have to add Dual! to your queue, Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari, and possibly Photon. And none of this counts the various novels or the two manga series.

      • That shit would take me a fucking year, but hey, I’m not going anywhere…..what the fuck Dual? Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari? What do those have to do with Tenchi? Why so many Sasami Magical Girl spin offs? I can’t find subbed Tenchi in Tokyo anywhere except for really bad quality, so I’m already balking at that series, which sucks cock so far (the drawing is annoying as fuck). I can’t watch the dubs because they piss me off now too. I don’t want to watch the Mihoshi special, but I will eventually….The OVA’s were the best, I watched those. The movies won’t be bad to watch I can do that shit in a day.

      • Dual’s relation to the Tenchiverse(s) isn’t exactly clear – Dual has Lighthawk Wings and GXP has mecha that appear in Dual, while the creator of the Tenchi OVA’s, Masaki Kajishima has stated that the two are related somehow. Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari is much easier to parse out – the male lead is Tenchi’s younger half-brother. Photon has the most tenuous connection, as it shares some general details with the aforementioned InSM. Dual is fourteen episodes long (including its OVA), InSM is thirteen episodes long, and Photon is six.

        Magical Girl Pretty Sammy was just wicked popular… honestly, all the magical girl shows aimed at older male audiences descend from the OVA’s and the TV series. Sasami: Magical Girl Club is completely different from the Pretty Sammy stuff and is the most different from the original Tenchiverse(s) of all the Sasami spin-offs, although Washu does appear in it.

        Actually, Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki 3 was kind of awful to an extent. It was awesome seeing everyone again, but once Noike showed up things kind of went sideways. I like to pretend it doesn’t exist, and do such a good time of it that I generally do forget about its existence.

      • Ughhhhhhhhh. Yea the 3rd OVA wasn’t that good, my favorite was the first one….well, I have a review already written, I just have to post it up at some point. Maybe I’ll watch these someday….I kind of want to try and finish watching Ranma 1/2….and I’d like to read the manga but it’s nowhere to be found online. I ain’t buyin that shit.

      • Wait, the Ranma 1/2 manga, or the Tenchi manga? ‘Cause the Tenchi manga is wicked easy to find cheap online. As in, one cent per volume cheap.

        I’m currently downloading InSM’s first episode… AIC hasn’t been very good lately, so I’m not putting my hopes too high as it was produced in 2009. I also bought the first Dual DVD used yesterday, and plan to watch it… I meant to about nine years ago and just never got around to it. I’ll let you know if either are worth checking out.

        Hey, podcast idea here! Just all Tenchi shit…

      • If we talk about the podcast enough without doing it, maybe it’ll become legendary, like the missing minutes from the Deep Throat tapes or something.

        Or maybe no one’ll give a shit AT ALL.

        InSM is taking fucking forever to download, dammit.

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