Apocalypse Zero Episode 2 FINAL REVIEW

Oh, and in case you’re not aware: NOT SAFE FOR ANYTHING EVER.

Well, I’ll be honest, the first episode sucked. But this final episode was actually hilarious and awesome. Even though the end was kind of bleh. Yet, here is my review.

The episode starts off with some real ugly faggots who’ve clearly never had sex before, but than this whore/obvious tactical evil shows up with no other thought in mind than to do the nasty:

What. A. WHORE.

First of all, this should already be pretty suspicious. A “hot” girl randomly shows up and offers sex? In a nurse outfit…nay, a CLEAN nurse outfit!? Have you seen the world you guys live in? There’s not way that you could keep something of that bright color clean for more than a minute. Silly humans. Tricks are for PIMPS. If it were me, I’d probably high tail it out of there end up fucking her anyway. Anyway, as it turns out, all three of these sad fellows suffer from a disease called GPT, or, in layman’s terms, Giant Penis Tongue.

And it looks like their tongues are wrapped and strapped. Must be part of the medical treatment....always wear a condom on your tongue.

Now normally, any girl would jump at the chance to have cunnilingus with any of these fine gentlemen. Or they would run and hide under a bush. However, our naughty nurse (which is the name of a GREAT beer by the way….although it’s only found in my town) simply wants these guys to get laid, but seeing the penis tongues confused her, and she didn’t know what penis was the actual penis, so she instead had one of the gents shove his entire arm up her vagina:

See, this is why people need to get tested for shit. This girl has so many STDs I don't even...

These three? Not too bright. With the amount of STDs a girl like her has, you shouldn’t be surprised that contact with her genitals would devour your flesh. As you can imagine, these guys don’t give a shit, they’ve never fucked anyone, and they’re horny ass hell. She fucks all of them, and presumably, they have a great time (they never showed what happened).

Later on, our main character, Sonic, is in his apartment with his friends, checking out his armor, when suddenly our Nursey slut comes to the door and begs for cock. Her clothes are all tattered and she says that three guys tried to rape the shit out of her LITERALLY. What a coincidence, ALL of Sonic’s friends leave to find a doctor for the whore, who ironically, is a nurse. Once they leave, the free prostitute begs Sonic to fuck the shit out of her LITERALLY, and what does Sonic do? He doesn’t even smile, he just smacks her to the ground for not having shaved her armpits. He then beats her with a mallet continuously, but she just moans in ecstasy, because she’s a fucking freak, and she’s into all that shit. Sonic really has no mercy, and I don’t blame him. Look at those things:

7 people with strange fetishes just got boners.

For the record, I only just realized that Sonic doesn’t smile once in this whole entire really long and extensive 2 episode series. Pretty bad ass. He proved a lot to me. Anyway, the whore reveals that….SURPRISE! She’s actually a really horny tactical evil, and releases her signature move:

That is the funniest fucking thing I’ve maybe ever seen. A DOUBLE BIG TIT BOMB. It was at this point that suffering through the first episode was worth this episode. This show was fucking hilarious and awesome. Anyway, after a lot of foreplay, Sonic rapes the shit out of her, LITERALLY, and moves on.

It was at this point that I stopped taking screenshots, but if you want to see the old geezer, whose penis and testicles turn into a mother fucking DRAGON, then I would suggest watching at least the second episode of this show. Before I get to the final grade, a couple pros and cons:


  • The Tactical Evils (monsters) got funnier and funnier with each one. The last dude with the penis dragon was the funniest thing ever created.
  • The plot wasn’t actually THAT bad….I mean, it was pretty bad, but I was actually kinda interested during this episode.
  • Sonic (I forgot his real name) was bad ass. Especially when he turned into fucking Iron. Sick stuff bro.
  • Seiyuu weren’t bad.


  • Pretty much everything else.

It wasn’t good by any means, but still it was hilarious, and therefore:


I would give the first episode a 1 and the second one a 4 or 5, thus….3.


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