Video Girl Ai: Awesome God Damn Manga

I first saw Video Girl Ai, the animated OVA series, about a year back. I loved it. It was awesome. One thing about it though, I always had thought that the ending could have been handled a bit more clearly. Therefore, without skipping a beat, I turned to the manga, which was a glourious 116 chapters long. Not too long, but not short enough where I would just forget about it months later, like what I’ve done with a lot of one-shot manga I’ve read over the years….like Pieta….I gave it a 5^^, but the only thing I remember about it is that it has lesbians in it. I think there was some suicide or something, which would explain why I might have liked it (I love stories with suicide attempts for some reason?).The manga proved to be just as good, if not better than the OVA series (the OVA was pretty fucking spectacular).

Video Girl Ai is mainly about romance I’d say….I mean, the plot seems fairly cliche, running along the lines of “girl pops up out of nowhere and lives with kid” but in actuality, this manga is an ass kicker and there is nothing cliche about it…….except like……well what I just said……….but the rest of the story….okay fuck it.

Ze Plot

Youta gets rejected by the love of his life (indirectly). But because he has a pure heart, a magical video store pops up out of nowhere when he’s bawling his eyes out (cuz he’s a little bitch). He enters and is greeted by an old man, who tells him to take any video he wants. All of the videos have a picture of a girl on the cover, and are supposed to comfort one with a broken heart. He rents a video, thinking it’s a nice porn, and goes back to his place, where, coincidentally, he lives alone. He plays it, and surprise surprise, out pops a girl (Ai), who was nice, comforting, and warm in the video. However, Youta played said video in a broken VCR (that’s right, this shit is OLD), and all her shits all fucked up, and she’s kind of a crazy bitch. Anyway, she begins to live with him (now you see why it was lucky he lives alone…in the most awesome apartment ever, by the way).

So what’s the big deal about this manga, you may ask. Well, the big deal is that there are BAM moments left and right. Youta starts liking all sorts of girls, and girls are liking him, and he’s trying to bang em (sort of), and they’re tryin’ to bang him (sort of), and the dude who created Ai is trying to kill her because she’s broken, and all sorts of other crazy ass shit started coming out of the woodwork that my head exploded with awesomeness. Not only that, but the artwork is glourious. Literally FUCKING GLOURIOUS!

I don’t know what else to say. This manga is one of the best I’ve read. I mean, sure, Youta’s super-retarded-extra-niceness did get on my nerves a bit. And the fact that he was fucking retarded did too, but once you start reading it, you’re fucked. You won’t be able to stop. I read this shit in two sittings. Very awesome. Read it now or die a death of the dead.

Stamped with the approval of Glo the Legend

Extra Shit

I don’t care what anyone says, the word “GLOURIOUS” is spelled how I spell it….with two “U”s. Anyone who disagrees is a FUCKING GRUNDLE-FONDLER.

I have a shit load of drafts I have to post, that are all ready to be posted. I’m finding it hard not posting every second…..this is what school does to me, it enforces posts. That is one reason why an ISSS is better than a blog. Blogs don’t do SHIT during school. I kick ASS.


6 thoughts on “Video Girl Ai: Awesome God Damn Manga



  1. What we need is an extra seven episodes to finish off the original: Have Ai return from the video world on her grace mission (to have Youta say he loves her by his own will), stir the plot up with the rival Video Girl, completely and utterly REMOVE any reference to those other girls that the author stuck in near the end, and do the manga ending as-is.

    That, in my opinion, would be perfect.

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