A Deal is a Deal

A while ago, I said something along the effects of: “I’m not watching any more Berserk until the manga starts to finish up or another season is announced.” (that might not be exactly what I said, but I can’t hold out any longer).

Well guess what!?



I don’t think that any of you realize how hard it was for me to stop watching this anime. I’ve quartered all sorts of comments like “When are you gonna fucking finish Berserk!?” and “When are you gonna fucking finish Berserk already!?”. It was hard. I fucking loved the show. But hey, I’ve done similar things with a lot of great shows/manga. Look at this shit:

  • I still haven’t watched the recent Black Lagoon OVA because I’m waiting for all of them to be released before I steamroll through that shit.
  • I stopped reading Gantz, which I consider to be the greatest manga ever conceived.
  • The same can be said for Claymore (although if I want to pick up Claymore again, I’m going to have to re-read a lot of it, because I forget everything).
  • I only recently caved in to reading Bleach, which is a fucking awesome smash-faced manga (except for that last chapter, which was a gay stupid shit fest of dumb).

I’m sure there’s more examples, but these are the top four things I’ve stopped watching/reading, even though I badly wanted to continue/start. I’ll relaunch my watching of the original anime this coming weekend, and I’ll probably finish it in one sitting….although I do have to work and have a 5 mile race to run/win.

This whole thing was first brought to my attention via 5camp.


6 thoughts on “A Deal is a Deal

  1. I can’t say I share your enthusiasm. I honestly believe that Berserk is the anime that made me turn to fluffy stuff like K-On!

    It was a pretty bad experience for me… especially that anime ending.

  2. I still haven’t finish the manga and stir away from the anime because even though it is full of blood and carnage, the character designs kinda not my cup of tea which is why I have been procrastinating this series since forever.

  3. Since I regularly disregard your posts and don’t actually read them and then write random comments, haven’t you been saying everyone needs to get back on the gangsta shit in real life?

    Welp, here’s your answer…fuckin badass

  4. WILL YOU FUCKING FINISH BERSERK ALREADY????? Ive been telling you to for the longest time. its so fuckin awesome and BAD MOTHERFUCKING ASS.

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