Tenchi Muyo Saga Part 2: Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki!

Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki!

After I watched one minute of this series, I could already tell that it was going to be infinitely better than Tenchi Universe, not only was the animation great, but the characters, Tenchi in particular, were a LOT more interesting.

Premise: Kind of the same thing, a few differences here and there. It was a re-telling or something, the one thing is, it was split into three OVAs, each consisting of 6 episodes. I’m going to group the first 2 OVAs, which were pretty much similar in story and how things shaped up, and I’m going to talk about the third OVA separately, because it’s completely fucking different.

OVAs One and Two

All the bad things:

  • Mihoshi was in this anime. She still sucked, although I’ll admit she didn’t suck nearly as bad.
  • Where the fuck was Kiyone!? You put fucking Mihoshi in but don’t add Kiyone, who is 3404583 better than fucking Mi-ho-shi (ho as in a whore)!? BLASPHEMY. I was physically upset that Kiyone wasn’t involved in any of these OVA’s. I kept expecting her to make an appearance and she never did.

All the good things:

  • Remember the whole “Washu creating Ryoko” thing that I thought was missing from Tench Universe? Here it is baby. I knew I wasn’t crazy.
  • All of the characters are actually characters. There’s more life to them, they’re more animated, they’re more interesting…..30459 times better than the last series. Tenchi is actually involved in the story! Washu had a kid! There’s back-stories! I’m so happy!
  • Ryoko was awesome. God I’d marry her in a flash.
  • I wish I could float through walls…or even just float.
  • Ryo-Ohki had some crazy transformation shit going on…..she turned into a child somehow. That was kind of cool I guess, even though it doesn’t make much sense…..actually, it was kind of stupid, but whatever.

All the, small things:

  • True care, truth brings
  • I’ll take, one lift
  • Your ride, best trip

OVA Three

In case you can't read the subtitles, she's saying "Those people have become annoying."

This OVA, unlike the other two, was made in 2005, years and years after the first 2 OVAs, and you can clearly tell from the animation quality, and that’s one of the reasons why I separated it, the other being that it was a cluster fuck of fuck. Personally, I don’t…well….you’ll see.

All the bad things:

  • I felt like Ryoko’s ears were drawn a bit too big and a bit too pointy.
  • Shit got way fucking too crazy. All of a sudden sisters and grandparents start popping up out of nowhere, and fiancees and disguises and all sorts of crazy shit. I think they introduced 2 new characters every episode. It got a bit too crazy is all I’m saying.
  • The plot became a confusing cluster fuck of shit. It had something to do with Gods and shit and time and dimensions and I honestly didn’t get 70% of what was going on, nor do I give a shit.

All the good things:

  • There was a BAM moment FIRST EPISODE (although now, I already forgot what it was).
  • The animation was AWESOME. Quality and boom.
  • This:

Yeah, kick her! Take that bitch!

  • And This:

So the bottomline here was that I thought OVAs 1 & 2 were awesome, but the third OVA was a mindfuck of retardation. My favorite OVA was the first one, and over all, I still thought that this was WAYYYYYY better than the original series so


I’m trying to watch Tenchi in Tokyo right now, but I can’t find it in good enough quality anywhere. From the few episodes I’ve seen, it looks really really shitty. If you know where I can stream it subbed in decent quality, let me know.