Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt: 1st Episode

At first glance (first 4 minutes of this episode), I thought that this show was pretty dumb, but after finishing it, I realized that this could be the greatest thing ever made.

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Episode 1

I was not planning on watching this “anime” ever, mainly because of the animation. When I watch anime, I enjoy the art, and the cultural stylings that Japan has to offer. Anime, after all, is pretty unique to Japan, aside from some hybrid series like……uh…..well they’re out there anyway. Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt looks more American than a McDonald’s Big Mac (which I ate today, because the Monopoly game is back, and even though I have no chance of winning, it’s fun to throw away money to eat shitty food just for a game piece. I think. It doesn’t really sound fun but whatever). A lot of bloggers out there have been calling this show a close cousin to the Powerpuff Girls, except instead of sugar and spice and everything nice, we get hit with awesome sexual scenarios and general crudeness. Like adaywithoutme, I expected more a bit more crudeness than what I got, but I wasn’t exactly disappointed about this. In fact I thought it was a perfect amount of sex, swearing and panties. But surprisingly enough, the crude-factor wasn’t what attracted me most.

Before I get started, this dog looks very similar to

Literally, GIR was the first thing I thought of when I saw this dog. I mean, how many green dogs are out there? I mean, okay GIR wasn’t actually a dog but whatever. Continuing:

The art and animation was fucking awesome. In every scene, there’s always so much going on. There’s always something moving, flying through the air, or getting taken out by monsters. take the chase scene in the second half of the episode. Cars were flying left and right, and it was exciting, fun, and generally crazy-sick-nasty. Everything moves smoothly and flows oh so sweetly. I can’t remember if the Powerpuff Girls was the same way, but I highly doubt it. PaSwG has the same craziness that TTGL had, and personally, I love it.

I also love how Gainex still uses and adds other media into the mix, kind of in the same way that SHAFT does. For example, whenever a monster is defeated, suddenly everything goes live-action for a second. It’s a bit SHAFTy, and I like it.

This monster, for the record, was made of shit, and all of the monsters blow up at the end. It's awesome.

Besides that, the show also broke from it’s American Style/Scott Pilgrim Copycat/Powerpuff Girls Animation to show us that yes, this was indeed made in Japan, and if you can’t tell by the fact that everyone’s talking in Japanese, then hey, we’ll give you some anime style art:

For the record, the music in the transformation scene was pretty sweet. It reminded me of DDR, which I’ve been wanting to play for a while now. Too bad I’m too lazy to get the pad out and actually do it. My DDR pad is all the way in the basement, and it’s cold and dark and spider-webby down there, and spider webs are fucking annoying to walk through. When I go hiking, for example, I walk through so many fuc-

You’re getting wayyy off topic…and why don’t you bitch about the basement a little more? You’re such a fucking whiner…….and where’s my post that I get to write about you? In fact, you’ve been cutting me out of all your posts lately, I bet the readers don’t even remember who the fuck I am! You shou-

Go fuck yourself pal, don’t bother me now. So the music was good at any rate, and the mix of American style animation with Japanese style animation was pretty awesome to say the least. This anime could be groundbreaking the same way that hybrid cars changed the automotive industry. Every fucking car is a fucking hybrid of other cars. Like….SUV/Minivan/Sports Cars and all that shit. Personally, I love it, there’s so much more we can do with car designs now. However, I don’t want a bunch of anime to start coming out in Powerpuff Girls format, but one show every now and then is fine, if not awesome.

As for the general content: Superb. The first episode was broken into two parts. The second half was filled with a great climax (a few times), and the first half was full of shit (literally). Poop is funny. The end.

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