My dream about Hollows, Espada, and a whole bunch of Asian Shit

So I need to write this shit down.

It all started in ancient China, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon style. A great martial artist/warrior died, and this bad guy (who later on turned out to be Aizen from Bleach?) wanted to destroy China  and recreate it in his own image. He approached the Emperor’s priest, who had serious magical abilities, and asked him to revive the warrior, who would then serve only him after being revived. The priest said that he would like to help, but could not do it out of respect for the dead warrior (who, by the way, was my dad in this dream as played by Yun-Chow Fat). This evil guy then decided to steal the spells to do this and revive the warrior himself. He did so, but then this dream ended…or I should say, it flashed forward a few years or something.

I was in a more modern world, and Ichigo just defeated Aizen, as per the manga, but Aizen never died, and started raging over everything beating (but not killing of course, no one ever seems to die in Bleach…at least no good guys). Ishida (who was beaten down at this point pretty badly), suddenly got a new ability where when he touches anyone’s head, it would become encased in an orange sphere, rendering the person paralyzed, and draining all of their spiritual powers at the same time…permanently. He easily defeated all of the remaining Espada (of which there were about 5). It was actually pretty bad ass, considering that Ishida is usually a little bitch. Anyway, as it turns out, Aizen actually had it planned that the good guys would all defeat the Espada, meaning that there was now no one to beat him.

After this, Ishida decided to team up with the Espada, and even revive their powers (because there’s ALWAYS a way to revive powers in Bleach). He ended up giving them the same power boost he gave himself (the orange boost). To do so, he pretty much drew alchemy tattoos all over his body (they resembled the alchemy circles from FMA). He did this to Ichigo and anyone else who lost their power.

This was pretty much yet another power up for Ichigo, who was now Hollow Ichigo with Orange Powers (Halloween Ichigo, as I call him). I know that it was bad ass as FUCK. We were all moving in on Aizen’s castle, ready to demolish him, when suddenly, my alarm clock went off, and I went off to work, disappointed.

In case you can’t understand how bad ass Ichigo with Orange power really is. I drew you a picture using superior photo-shop skills.

What? You say that doesn’t look bad ass? What do you know anyway!?