High School Of The Dead: One of the Most Bad-Ass Things I’ve Ever Watched

All I can say is, Holy Shit. I’m glad I waited and marathoned this. There was not one minute that wasn’t adrenaline rushed,  not one episode that less than awesome, and not one character who was not bad-ass. Well, okay, there were a few non-bad-ass characters. They all died.

You know, I never used to like zombie movies, zombie shows, or anything zombie related in particular. Zombies to me were just kind of…bleh. Every movie about zombies was and pretty much still is the same. People turn into zombies. Other people try not to get eaten….big deal. Each one has the same plot right? Well, I’m officially jumping on the zombie bandwagon and riding it until I’m out of ammo and my blade is dull from slicing off the heads of the undead. How awesome was this anime? I just finished it, and instead of writing my lab report due tomorrow today that pretty much decides my whole grade for a class, I’m writing this post. Edit: My lab report SUCKED, and I could care less.

Coming into HOTD (which is an awesome acronym), I was expecting a decent show about zombies, only because I heard that the manga kicked ass. This was a mute point however. Mainly, I was just happy to have a show with a shit ton of blood. I feel like anime is lacking in the blood department. There are almost no shows that choose to have bloody massacres anymore and that makes me sad. Needless to say, High School of the Dead made me happy.

So I watched it. I watched two episodes, and I thought, “Hey, this is a pretty good show.” Then I stopped watching….well….pretty much every new show I had started. This happens to me every season. I start about 12 shows, watch 2 episodes, and quit. Same thing here. Until a couple days ago, when I forced myself to start watching HOTD again. Since than, I’ve been in shear bloody ecstasy. As I watched, I began to realize that this show had what I now like to refer to as:

The Triple Entente

Of a Bad-Ass Show

1. All Characters Are Bad-Ass

This show certainly fits the bill. Every character (who remains alive throughout) is bad-ass as FUCK. Even the little girl who they find is bad ass! I mean, she not only hits a zombie with a tire (which is the most she could do really), but she also pees on people without any regard! I mean, the only slightly non-bad-ass character was Saya, but that’s only because she only shot a few zombies at close range without hesitation, as opposed to say, Saeko, who slaughters zombies mercifully and fucking gets wet from it.

Here, at least according to subbers, she is killing everyone, and proclaims to be wet. This is great, and made me wet too (because I spilled my water on myself when I jumped in the air [it’s a side-effect of seeing awesomeness]). In case you’re wondering, yes, Saeko is my favorite character, and yes, it’s mainly because she’s a girl who has a sword and enjoys killing.

On second thought, I just remembered that the school nurse, who is a whore, was completely non-bad-ass. In fact, she sucked. At least she was never afraid of anything (mainly because she had no clue what was going on most of the time).

2. Blood

There was not only blood, but there was also, blood, blood, and more blood.

3. Tits and Ass

BOOBS and ASS. The best inventions since the vagina was created by Thomas Edison in 1324 BCE, and the perfect combo when talking about pretty much any situation. I mean, we even get to see some Zombie ass! (which is kinda weird to be honest, but awesome nonetheless). In fact, and correct me if I’m wrong, but every single female shown in this anime has gigantic tits (little girl aside). Even if you’re put off by everything else in this show, you can still come to glare at some nice round cans (meaning boobs or ass).

Actually, there was some vagina here too, which adds to the awesomeness. I should rename this TAV.


The other thing that made this great was the animation. Some shows are donuts. They start and finish with great animation, but everything in between sucks. Other shows are Tokko, where the animation sucks all the way through. Some shows are Air Master, where only specific scenes have awesome animation, but the rest of the show has shitty crap. This show was none of the above. It was fully 100% beautiful animation. Which meant fluid fight scenes. What are fluid fight scenes? They’re bad-ass catchers. When you have fluid fight scenes, you can capture all of the bad-assness in a show.


We’re talking high flying kicks, unrealistic dodges, gunshots to the head from several angles, bullets weaving in between breasts and under vaginas…..everything that can be considered awesome. Slow motion, fast motion changing views…..it’s honestly a marvel. I loved it. I’m intensely glad I didn’t read the manga, because it wouldn’t have been close in bad-assness, and the animation is why.

So, in the end, HOTD was an adrenaline rush of awesome excitement at every turn, and I can’t think of a single reason to give this show any grade lower than a 5^^, nor would I ever want to.


Oh No! Bill been bitten by a lazily photoshoped body! (although I used paint, not photoshop....If I said a lazily "Painted" body than no one would have known what I was talking about).

25 thoughts on “High School Of The Dead: One of the Most Bad-Ass Things I’ve Ever Watched

  1. I’m a manga person when it comes to ecchi. At least I have an option there. But yes, HOTD is bad ass hence why I look forward to it the most. Unfortunately I have to drop this after episode 3. The ecchi kinda gets to me and I can’t stand the orange haired girl as an animated character >>

  2. The part about HOTD that stands out the most for me was how they interlaced the fight scenes with the fan service. It was so strange it was hilarious, especially the scene with Saeko standing on top of a moving Humvee in a thong and apron.

    My main gripe about the series: not enough zombie action. First three episodes and one or two in the middle were great in terms of that, but some of the episodes had little to no zombies. It ain’t HOTD without the D.

    • I felt like the zombie action wasn’t bad. I guess it could have used some more bloodied zombie bodies, because one can never have enough of that.

      The best fanservice scene IMO was when Saeko was dodging bullets. The bullets weaving it’s way through her bosom was awesome.

  3. The nurse is not bad-ass, sure. But after lengthy consideration, I finally found her role in the group; a badass driver. She can even tilt an armored car!

    • She is kind of a bad ass driver. Her bad ass ways almost got Rei killed when she crashed into that wall. She could use some lessons in learning how to slow down a bit. And for the record, in that scene where the Hummer breaks, they all could have just hopped the fence or gone through it. It’s not like the holes were that small.

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  5. Goddammit, stop convincing me to watch this. I’m trying to stay away from shit that occurs in highschools. Even if said highschool is a zombie infested battleground of awesome.

  6. you know whats better than this? The Walking Dead on AMC. Also it doesn’t anime fanservice… so its not for people that dont get laid.

    • I want to see that so bad…how bad? I DVR’d the entire season, only to be EXTREMELY disappointed the next day when I realized it never taped the first episode. Hopefully they play a re-run before the next new episode. If not, then AMC is fucking retarded.

      • the same thing happened to me… i dont get why it did that… lucky the episode played again sunday night at midnight… so i recorded the first ep and watched it today… hopefully the rest of the series records.

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  9. I first saw episode one on you tube… I thought to myself….could be good. As soon as I pressed play I was immediately blown away! Ok, even though I am a female myself, the nudity didn’t bother me that much, it’s apart of life and who we are as human beings so no biggy! This anime is a high octane, thrill ride from hell!!!!!!! I heard through the grapevine that season two will be out in October of this year but no sure if it’s a rumor or the truth, either way it will be just as awesome as the first. I have already watched all of the episodes at least five times and I’m still feeling the aftershock!

    • This anime is a high octane, thrill ride from hell!!!!!!!

      YESSSSSS!!! I would LOVE a season 2, but it doesn’t look like October will deliver it. Maybe the spring. Sooooo badass.

      • I know right!? Favorite character is Hirano…..hands down! He is soo badass! Saya is a bit of a bitch but that’s what I love about her. She tells it like it is and could care less what anyone thinks about it. If it does come out in spring it is soooooo worth the wait. This anime reminded me of The Walking Dead in some ways but it is way better. I’m all about walking dead so this was right up my alley!

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