This is Just An Update

Because I’m too lazy to make an actual post. But it is very informative, and it’s better to write a filler post than study for my midterm in a few hours (EDIT: I wrote this hours and hours ago). So here we go. Basically, I’m dropping a whole bunch of shows:


God this show sucks.  I watched one episode, but today, weeks after the first episode aired, I really have no ambition to pick this up again. I’m getting extremely sick of these types of shows if they aren’t funny, which this one isn’t. The last one I watched was hilarious and that’s probably why this one fell so short in my eyes.

Nurarihyon no Mago

Here’s a show that I thought would be good. But instead, it was just filled with mediocre. If I finished it, I’d probably end up giving it a 4, but I just have no ambition to start watching this again. It was kind of dumb.

Fact is, this show reminded me of Yu-Gi-Oh, which is the dumbest shit I’ve never bothered to fully watch (since it sucks). Speaking of Yu-Gi-Oh. I was in the city this weekend, and a friend of me asked me “You’re into all that Yu-Gi, cartoon, Asian stuff, right?” I hesitated, because I hate Yu Gi Oh or being associated with it because it’s a shitty shit show, but I didn’t feel like explaining all that because I didn’t want to sound like a bigger loser than I already sounded like, so I just told him yes, but fuck. I fucking hate Yu-Gi-Oh. Not every anime is that gay. In fact, most anime that are played in America I fucking hate, but all Americans think, “All anime is like this.” and it’s not anything like that. Basically, what I’m trying to say is people are stupid. Did I even spell Yu Gi Oh right? I don’t think I care.

I’m debating dropping Kaichou wa Maid-sama, even though I swore I’d finish it. I think I’d rather go back on my word than finish this heap of trash. As of now, it’s probably getting a three. It does sometimes have good points, but they’re far and few between.

What else? As I stated, I’ve jumped back on the Berserk wagon, watching the show and such. I last left off on episode 7, and so far, since I’ve re-picked it up, I’ve completed 2 seconds of the intro. After this weekend I’ll have more time. Fact is, I’ve been in New York his week, working, and doing a couple other things that take up my time…mainly, the P90X. Me and my friend started doing this “workout” and let me tell you, It’s easily doable, but it’s hard. I’m not in bad shape. I’m not in great shape, but I could actually complete a run longer than 5 miles, so I can’t be in that bad of shape. Now, after a week, my whole body is constantly sore, and I’m talking about full body soreness, including places I’ve never been sore in before. I love it. Give me 90 days and I’ll be ripped in half. I should mention that if anyone decides to do this workout, the dude who tells you what to do is a fucking tool. He honestly sucks. But I know several people who have done this workout and they all ended up getting ripped as fuck. Basically, don’t expect many posts for a while, because personally, for the next month I’m probably going to do nothing but art and shit. No time for ISSS or anime, because I’m really getting into art, and I have to paint a fucking huge mural by the end of November. Why am I telling you all of this? I don’t know, because I can.

Let’s talk about my God damn midterms one more time. What happened exactly? I basically raped them so hard that my dick tore the test papers to shreds and then, do to the heavy friction of my thrusts, they caught fire. After the test paper was nicely corrupted, and I was satisfied that the exam itself had been raped beyond recognition, I busted a huge, 7 pound wad of ejaculate all over everyone in the class, especially the professors. I then took what remained of the exam(s) and stuck them to the face of whatever cum-covered professor I had that day. Then, I popped the collar on my duster and left with my finger raised high. Bad ass.


I heard some more new MCR, and here is my consensus (links to songs):

Planetary (Go!) – Fucking awesome. Pretty much the same type of song as Na Na Na, but with awesome nuclear warning sirens in the beginning and a bunch of laser like sounds that match the “apocalypse Mad Max” theme.

Party Poison – Apparently Death Before Disco is going to be on the album after all, re-named as Party Poison. I hope so, this song is awesome.

The Kids From Yesterday – I’m going to be honest with you, this song kinda sucks. Of course, the band kind of made it for themselves.

Na Na Na – Fucking joke session of awesome. The video kicks ass too. I can’t wait to see the other two videos, which are going to continue the story.

The Only Hope For Me Is You – It’s not a bad song, but at the same time, it’s kind of just there. I still like it.

Dayum I can’t wait for this shit. I wish I was a killjoy for Halloween, well, almost. I mean, I’m a fucking awesome matador best costume ever made. This album is going to rape the planet.

11 thoughts on “This is Just An Update

  1. First season of Yugioh is better than any of its other stuff. Probably ’cause people get their hands lit on fire and shit like that. Geez, why wasn’t this licensed?

    • I’ve actually never seen Yu Gi Oh, save a few snippets from episodes. I know the story and everything though, and personally, I just don’t agree with it.

  2. MM! truly is made for masochists. Only they enjoy such crap.

    As for you raping the exams, that was awesome as fuck. Oh btw, I want to see the mural when it’s done.

    I can’t wait for MCR album to be in store either. I want to play it in my new car that will probably be out around the same time as the album. That is if I didn’t change my mind. What? I’m fickle.

    • I always thought I had a bit of a masochists side (and a sadist side), but after watching this show, fuck that.

      Planetary (Go!) might be my favorite song. It’s up there with Na Na Na…..this album you have no idea. There’s better versions now that they’ve done more shows. I really wanna go see them but I’d have to go alone, as I know not on person in my state who actually likes My Chemical Romance. I just need to find one person who likes them, then I’ll befriend them just for the sake of going to a concert. It would be great if this individual was a really hot girl too, because then we can have lots of sex. Your actually probably the only person I know who likes them.

    • I thought that it was obvious that both the professor and the exams were climaxing continuously. In fact, they passed out from shear ecstasy. I continued for a few more minutes before leaving. It was fun for all of us.

      In all fairness, I should mention that my biology exam tied me naked to a tree and poured candle wax all over me. It wasn’t fun. I had the last pump in the end though.

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