RIP Leslie Nielsen

Oh tis a sad sad sad day. A very sad day indeed, as one of the funniest deadpan comedian actor of our time has finally kicked the bucket. (knowing Leslie’s characters, he probably got his foot caught in the bucket before hand and bumbled around for a while).

I loved the movies and characters performed by Leslie Nielsen. I LOVE deadpan, and his deadpan jokes were simply leaps and bounds better than anyone else. The Naked Gun trilogy is, without a doubt, the funniest movie trilogy that I’ve ever seen, and to me one other the great trilogies overall. Airplane! (his first real comedic role) is one of the funniest movies of all time, and contained lines that have become infamous. One such line being:

The Naked Gun….well, I already stated how awesome the movie is, but yeah, it was awesome. Another favorite movie of mine was Wrongfully Accused.

Anyway, I’m going to keep this short. I for one, can only hope that every tv station plays Leslie Nielsen movies on repeat for days on end to celebrate the life of one of the greatest comedic deadpan actor in history. He will be missed.

Kuragehime First Impressions

Well, I’ve finally started to watch some anime again, after a good 2 weeks or so of just not watching any, and decided to pick up some new stuff, one of such shows being Kuragehime.

The first thing I notice about a show is the OP.



I really wish I had listened to this awesome OP a while ago, so I could watch this show with gusto right away. I should stop this post right now, I already fully endorse any anime that features Chatmonchy in any way shape or form. I can not tell you how happy it makes me to hear some great Chatmonchy. So far the only anime that I’ve heard play such fantastic  music is Bleach (Chatmonchy – DaiDai) and Hataraki Man (Chatmonchy – Shangri La). Now we have more fantasticness!

Besides awesome music, the OP has parodies on such awesome things like Star Wars and James Bond.

Well, what about the actual show.

At first I thought the show was kind of bleh. Not much was going on that interested me. A girl pretty much has a sad life with a mother in the hospital and she’s all alone. That’s sad. But then it started getting ridiculous in a good way and I started to get into it. I’m going to try and keep this post short, so I’m just going to tick off a few things that I liked about the show.

1. Animation

I usually don’t consider a show to be bad or good based on it’s animation quality, but sometimes it does help a lot. This could be one of those cases. I absolutely love this animation, and artistic style. The character designs are all  unique and awesome, as well as very detailed. Look at Kurashita’s eyebrows! AWESOME.

2. The Characters

Characters turn to stone a few times in this show.

I love a show with good characters. What’s a good character to me? Any  characters with unique traits or some kind of oddity. ALL of the characters in this anime qualify for this. Our main character loves jellyfish. We have another character with a Three Kingdoms fetish, another with a train fetish, another with an obsession Japanese dolls or clothes or something, and another who is really quiet, and hilarious for no real reason to me. She is my favorite character so far. Also just introduced (to me, as I’m halfway done with the first episode as of now) is some girl who, if you ask me, is a guy. She sounds like a guy anyway. Either way, these characters area awesome, and they fit the quirky animation style really well too. Everything kind of fits well in this anime.


I’m only half way done with the first episode (I’m kind of switching back and forth, jotting things down as I see them in the episode), so I’m not quite sure if there’s going to be a plot. It looks kind of slice of life to me, even though that genre doesn’t actually exist (but it does). I don’t generally like shows like this, but so far, this one has my interest.

3. Utter Ridiculousness

This show is ridiculous to the point of I love it. Each minute is more ridiculous than the last. Just look at this craziness!

Cross dressing. There’s nothing more ridiculous. This anime is funny as fuck, and awesome as fuck as well.


This anime is fucking awesome as fucking fuck. And now I’m going to immerse myself fully in said anime, because it’s fucking awesome as fuck. After watching two episodes, it just keeps getting better. It honestly reminds me a lot of Moyashimon, and the fact that it has the same director as Baccano and Durarara doesn’t hurt it’s cause AT ALL.

Album Review: Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys

Well, the entire album is being streamed via MCR’s Site, so I’m obviously going to review it. I’ll be using a 1-5 rating, since that’s how I rate in iTunes.

1 – Sucks so bad that I may delete this from my computer and punch myself in the balls when I hear this song.

2 – Sucks really bad, but physical harm isn’t quite necessary. Quite.

3 – Sub-par. I can’t really say that it sucks that bad, but it certainly isn’t good.

4 – Good song. It’s solid anyway.

5 – The best of the best. To reach a plateau of a 5. The song has to be one where, no matter how many times I hear it, I know I will never get sick of it.

No more hesitation, we’re diving right in:

Look Alive Sunshine (N/A)

The purpose of this intro is to make the next song kick even more ass than it already does, and provide an intro to the album and to the whole theme of the album. Success. This does a great job of getting all us die hard killjoys ready to…uh…..kill…….or whatever.

Na Na Na [5]

This song is obviously one of the most awesome songs ever. This entire album is pretty summed up in this song. It has your ass-thrashing chords, you’re brain-bashing NA NA NAs, a buildup, and a feeling of triumph. Whenever I hear it I picture the desert, the grit and the grime. Laser show.

Bullet Proof Heart [4]

Gravity could try and pull thing song down as hard as it wants, it’s staying up on the pedestal. There’s really nothing bad to be said about this song. It’s a solid blast.

SING [5]

To be honest, this song was one that I really didn’t like at first. I still think the chorus is kinda corny, and but that doesn’t prevent me from screaming it in my car when I’m driving. What can I say? I love this song, and the video only helped me love it more. Speaking of the video…

AS FOR THE VIDEO BREAKDOWN (Spoilers, because yes, the video has a plot with what I consider to be a twist, which makes it better than any other video I’ve seen)

It was awesome. The only thing wrong with it was that they were walking everywhere. If you were trying to escape from somewhere or someone, wouldn’t you run? Other than that, it was awesome. I was very surprised that all of the killjoys got shot down and are now seemingly dead. I have a feeling that they’ll be turned into draculoids and have to be turned back or something similar in the next video. I think that they’ll make a revival, but even if they don’t, I’m sure the next video will kick ass. This whole plot is awesome, and I have a feeling I’m going to get sucked into the comics, which I also hope becomes a movie someday, because I love shit like this.

Planetary (Go) [5]

If Planetary (Go) were a pokemon, then every trainer would have about 8 of them, because it’s so catchy!

. . . . . .that was one of the worst attempts at humor I’ve ev-

SO YEAH! This might be my favorite song on the album. It’s definitely in the top tier. It has awesome air raid sirens (or something similar) at the beginning, which automatically make this song fantastic. I gotta tell you, finally hearing the studio version was awesome. So far, the album’s synthetic/futuristic sounds are bangin out pretty consistent, and they aren’t too overpowering either.

The Only Hope For Me is You [5]

I’ve grown into this song, and now think that it’s solidly really really awesome. Personally, I find the lyrics to be the strongest part. They’re fantastic, and I can’t help but wonder if the tragic events of 9/11 were in inspiration to this song.

Jet-Star and the Kobra Kid/Traffic Report (N/A)

Here’s a good example of the depth surrounding this album. New slang has been created in a way that reminds me of Clockwork Orange. We’ve got killjoys getting ghosted! Ahhh fungul!

Party Poison [5]

Formally known as Death Before Disco, this song is awesome on more levels than 9000. First of all, there’s some crazy Japanese chick talking all over the track. Second of all, I’ve been waiting to hear the studio version for about a year, and fuck, it did not disappoint. It’s got a fast paced bang-session of nasty that I love. I think this might be tailor made for me. An anti-party song you can party to? Might be the best invention of all time, surpassing the wheel, bread and the breaded wheel (which has not been invented).

Save Yourself, I’ll Hold Them Back [5]

This is another song that kicks serious ass. I’ve been literally obsessed with this song ever since they released it about a week or two ago. Not really fast, but definitely not slow, this song BANGS OUT. I love the chords at the beginning, and then the drums come in and the buildup and then BLAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!

Any song with Na Na Na’s in it apparently kicks ass.

S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W [3]

If only cool looking titles correlated to good sounding songs. I don’t know. Lately, I’ve found myself singing this song. Chances are good that I’m going to end up liking it, even though I really don’t like it. Does that make sense to anyone? To like something that you don’t like? Doesn’t to me, yet, it does.

Summertime [3]

One time I farted, and it sounded better than this song. Well, okay, this song isn’t really that bad. I’ve been gradually started to like this song more and more, but it’s still not up to par with many of the other MCR songs.


BANG and THUMP. That’s kind of a good way to describe this song. There are loud bangs and thumps. Yelling, bad assness, and a “I don’t give a shit”  kind of attitude. The whole song is yelled in a very very awesome way, and I love it. It’s very “rock and roll.”

The Kids From Yesterday [5]

This is a fantastic masterpiece and that’s all I’m going to say. If you don’t like this song then you don’t appreciate good music.

Goodnight Dr. Death [N/A]

Just a signoff from the “radio host Dr. Death”. Don’t get ghosted.

National Anthem intervenes and then cuts to radio to static in a great way.

Vampire Money [4]

Fast, ripping, they came to fuck (according to the lyrics). Pretty damn awesome. God I’ve been waiting for shit like this. Absolute Bang-Session.

We Don’t Need Another Song About California  (Bonus Track) [4]

I bought the album at the store, so I had to come back home and buy this via iTunes. I’ve only just started listening to it, so the final grade isn’t really final, but for now I like it. Not much else I can say until I’ve had more time to listen.

Overall Conclusion

If you don't get it, learn some Italian.

My Chemical Romance is definitely an acquired taste. I used to hate them. I hated every song that I heard by them. I wasn’t till I heard Welcome to the Black Parade (a song which I loved, but never didn’t know who it was by) that I decided to give the rest of their music a chance, and even then I still hated pretty much all of their music (except Dead!). So, after listening to Welcome to the Black Parade and Dead! for a while, I decided to just get the whole Black Parade album, just to have it, and eventually I started to slowly like it, although even then it was one song at a time. When it’s constantly there, you’re going to listen to it. In a nutshell, I came to like MCR in the same way that I came to like anime. I guess I have to hate something before I like it.

As far as concept albums go, My Chemical Romance doesn’t disappoint. All of their albums had a concept  to some degree. MCR has said that this isn’t a concept album, it’s more of a collage, but to everyone else, it seems to be pretty conceptual. The first two were allegedly about a “Bonnie and Clyde” couple who get shot down while on the run. The girl goes to heaven and the guy goes to hell. In Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, the guy makes a deal with the devil that will allow him to see his wife again. The deal? He has to collect 1000 evil souls (kill 1000 people). Personally, I think this could be a sick movie idea.

The Black Parade was about a person dying of cancer, that’s kind of clear.

Danger Days seems to be based on an apocalyptic Earth where a corporation is in charge of everything, limits freedoms, and generally acts like a collective, giant asshole. But the thing about assholes is, they can be fucked by dicks, and we happen to have the Killjoys here, who I guess would be the dicks. I mean, they did “come here to fuck.”

Here’s the deal. I love apocalyptic shit. The first video had a Mad Max appeal, although whenever I see BL Industries int he videos, I can’t help but think of the BL corporation from Wall-E, who did kind of the same thing as the BLI from Danger Days (okay one letter difference big deal).

We as a people should be weary of any companies that feature the acronym of “BL”. Clearly, such companies will lead to the ruination of the planet. Ahh, wow I just realized the BL Industries spells out BLIND (BL. Ind.). That’s fucking awesome. To put it blatantly, I love the whole idea behind the album. The crazy, colorful Dayglo jackets, the Nintendo Power gloves, and the kick ass awesome laser blasters, not to mention the comic influenced storyline (or vise versa) and all of the newly created slang that I’ve heard. The style of this album is arguably better than anything I’ve seen ever. And My Chemical Romance does a great job in incorporating this style into the music as well.

Each song has a futuristic touch to it. Planetary (G0) has the sirens, The Only Hope for Me is You has a bangin’ hypersaw, and at least half of the songs feature synthetic chords, which add to the futuristic effect that I haven’t really hear in any MCR song, or in any song really, since Van Halen days.

The only drawback of this album is probably that it’s so short. If it were up to me, it would contain 48 songs, or something ridiculous. I kinda wish they added a few more songs, like those displayed in the Roxy. Kiss the Ring was a good song. And where was Stay (unofficial name)? Stay is a fucking great song! EVER FAN LOVES THAT FUCKING SONG!!! WHY IS IT NOT HERE!!!??? I really hope they put out all of the songs that they never added to albums someday. The members of MCR may not agree with them, but us fans will devour them like a gift from God. I have a hunch an album like that would be awesome as fuck (hint hint if you’re reading this MCR).

Another song that I was really hoping to hear on this album was The World is Ugly. Of course, it totally doesn’t fit the album at all (maybe slightly, if you think about it and try and make it fit). That was a good song….I’m more pissed that Stay isn’t involved with this album. God Stay was awesome. No worries though I guess, I do have the live version in good quality that I can play whenever I want. I guess I just really wanted a studio version. How greedy I am.

To finish my long ramble of random words, this album kicks fucking ASSSSSSSSSSSS. I mean, look how many songs I gave 5s to!

With this album, the Fabulous Killjoys have ridden into town and created a revolution. This album is about fighting back and not giving a fuck. That’s the mood I get from it. If I were to describe this album in one word it would be “Triumph.” This album feels like triumph and it shows triumph because it is a triumph


Strike Witches II: Final Exposé

Considering that Strike Witches II is almost the same as the first season, I decided that for my review, I would use a very similar format as my review of the first season.

Strike Witches II

Finally done. It seems like just yesterday I was hooting and hollering about the fact that the girls in this anime abide a non-existent dress code, choosing to not wear pants instead of wearing, say, pants. Or at least a skirt or something besides underwear. Either way, the show is awesome.

Premise: Due to an invasion of forces from God knows where, magic lolis without pants and magic boots fly around and shoot down enemies with huge ass guns. They also have animal ears and tails and shit when they use their magic. Considering that there are no pants wearers, the fanservice isn’t THAT bad. But I will say….well…’ll see.

Good Points in Strike Witches II

  • The animation/art was good in the first season, but it was even better in the second season. J.C. Staff is awesome, so that probably had something to do with it. The actions scenes were flawless and done very well, and J.C. Staff did a great job especially in utilizing the foreground, middle-ground, and backgrounds very well. For example:

In this scene, Miyafuji tosses the gun and it flies right past our perspective, and the scene keeps on rolling. It really makes you feel like you're up there.

  • To add to the last point. The fight scenes felt like they were planned out very well. It seemed to me like a lot of thought went into creating them, and it showed.
  • Incredible voice acting was all over the place. Some scenes were done really well.
  • The music/soundtrack was awesome. It might have been the same as the first season, but if so, I noticed  it a lot more in this season. At times, this anime felt like a movie. A good movie at that.
  • You can take most of my other good points from my season one review and add them here. I’m too lazy to do this though.

Bad Points

  • Unfortunately, we weren’t blessed with Rie Tanaka’s singing like we were from season one. That episode was awesome, and really made you grasp a feel for the time period. In this season, however, I had a harder time remembering that the setting was in the 1940’s, aside from seeing an old plane or something.
  • The last episode was kind of corny and dumb. I will explain that later.
  • Episode 7, yet again, proved to be a crappy “no pants dance”. I’ll explain that farther in a bit too.
  • While there still wasn’t THAT much fanservice considering that this anime is one where girls do not wear pants, there was a much higher rate of it in this season than in the first, and this made me a bit peeved. I don’t need to see this right in the middle of a fight scene:

Nice ass you bitch now get it out of my face so I can watch this fight scene.

Oh Shit! Highlights!

Episode 7

If you remember the infamous episode 7 from the first season, then you remember it was about one of the strike witches lossing her “pants” (they aren’t fucking pants they’re underwear), so at any given time, there was at least one witch without pants. Stupid, fanservicey, and annoying. Well guess what? Apparently J.C. Staff decided to continue the Strike Witches tradition of making all 7th episodes shitty fanservice ones, because that’s exactly what they did. This time, the episode was about a bug-neuroi that would lodge itself in girls underwear and force the girls to then pull of said underwear. Pretty much, the whole episode was girls pulling their “pants” down. It was stupid. At least they tried to kind of add a plot. In case you’re wondering, the neuroi is finally defeated by Minna, who crushes it with her ass -cheeks. As I said, stupid. Let’s move on shall we?

The Final Episode

Like the first season, the second season had a layout of:

Episodes 1-10: Individual Plots with some underlying/continuing issues.

Final Few Episodes: Awesome with continuous plot.

That being said, the final episode for this season, while good, had it’s share of stupid corniness, and was not up to par imo with the first seasons conclusion, which shattered my face like a neuroi getting it’s core blown up. In this episode, the girls are left on a boat, forced to watch Mio try and save the day by pretty much sacrificing her now diminished magic power in order to try and destroy the neuroi hive, risking her life in the process. Then, suddenly, Miyafuji musters up what little magic she has left, and takes to the sky, barely getting off the ground. Everyone else is sapped for energy.

Then, as if by magic, everyone else flies up, and pretty much has all of their powers back completely. They’re using moves, they’re killing bad guys…they’re kicking ass. However, instead of all ganging up on the final core left (which has trapped Mio), they simply do nothing but cheer Miyafuji on, as if she’s the only one who can help Mio. But I still haven’t gotten to the corny part. No, no, no, the corny part is this:

Every single character gets a scene where they do nothing but wish Miyafuji good luck and then make some stupid comment or make some type of move that is unique to their character. It was unnecessary, stupid, and really ruined any type of drama that had collected to this point. Huge botch job on this one.


I don’t really know what the deal is with Miyafuji’s friend, but I’m pretty sure that she’s horrible luck for birds. Whenever she shows up she always has a bird with some sort of injury.


This season was certainly, good, and in someways surpassed the first season, mainly with the animation. However, the story was weaker than the first, and had some recycled material from the first season, such as Mio’s issues with her power. The continuous plot at the end was also not as good, as first seasons. Not even close really. Still, for all of it’s flaws, it was still a good series, so while season I got a 5*, season 2 gets a


Bill got Repuzzaned all over his face.

I haven’t been watching any anime lately. Like, this was all that I’ve watched in the past two or three weeks. Just this series. Thanksgiving break is coming up. Hopefully I have time to watch a shitload of anime. I know that next semester, when I have 2 classes, I’ll have plenty of time to watch anime always (I have to get a better job though too). Right now, I have a huge craving for McDonalds. Double Cheeseburger. YUM.

Ronald McNicoNicoDouga and Some Tentacle Stuff

Who has time to edit stuff like this? Like….who creates these things? I recently came across this video of RONALD MCDONALD, and said video reminded me strongly of one of my favorite anime related videos. Here are both of them.

The first is Ronald McDonald. Clearly Japanese style, because only Japanese people can create craziness like this. As such, I watched this video at 2 AM, and literally laughed my ass off. If you haven’t seen this video, I suggest waiting till you are overly tired, so as to laugh your ass off. I have a feeling that during the day this video will just be really really annoying. If you want to laugh your ass off, make sure you watch the entire thing. It gets funnier the longer you watch it.

And here is the video that said Ronald McDonald….err…..-san reminded me of strongly, which I guess is from Nico Nico Douga.

I once tried to go to that site, but got so confused that my head actually ruptured. How a head can rupture is beyond me, in fact, I have no clue what I’m actually talking about, but anyway, I love this crazy shit.


Yup, anime is pretty much the same as drugs. Well, g’night everyone (waves enthusiastically yet retardedly)!


I first saw this in an art class I had, and laughed out loud.

Just something that happened, its not even a good story. I was in my mural painting class (we were all looking for walls to paint on throughout campus). We came across a mural that featured some kind of squid man attacking people in a town, and one girl commented that it looked like tentacle rape. We (or I should say, everyone else) went into a discussion about tentacle rape and hentai and anime. The girl who brought it up seemed really excited to talk about tentacle rape. I think she secretly wants it to happen to her. Personally I’ve always thought that the idea of tentacle rape was stupid as fuck. I’m still confused how rape could turn someone on, so when there’s tentacles involved, I’m just completely done with the whole thing. Needless to say, I felt weird, and considering that I’m Type B, didn’t say anything. The fact that I actually watch anime is still hidden from at least one or two people.

And just to show how fucking weird people in Japan really are:



I had a dream the other night where me and 3 other families went to visit some old lady (someone’s grandmother) and my dad forced me to get a job bussing tables at a gold course on the way. I did it, and kept getting scowls from my dickhead manager.  This pissed me off, so I threw things on the ground to try and make them break (as I decided to quit obnoxiously), but none of them broke. This made me look stupid, so I just left. Then, suddenly, kluxorious of all people came to visit with one of her friends, and everyone said, “is this that girl who always comments on your facebook? Who is she exactly?” and I was still made about the whole job thing, so I just left and went to bed, and this then somehow molded into real life, as I went to bed, and seemingly woke up at the same time, so that the scene never actually changed when I woke up, it was weird.

Destiny of an Emperor: A Video Game For The Ages

Rarely do I review video games. The main reason is because nothing I find is good enough to review, and I rarely play anything other than Call of Duty. But this has been one of the best games that I have played, and although I haven’t played it in a while…..well……fuck it’s good.

Destiny of an Emperor

Destiny of an Emperor is by far my favorite NES game (out of the very small portion of NES games I’ve played). Truth be told, I never actually owned this game. In fact, I never actually played it on an NES. In fact, I never actually owned an NES. My first gaming console was N64, and it kicked fucking ass. No, no, no. I played Destiny of an Emperor on an NES emulator that I used to have. In fact, I played it and, just like my penis, I beat it many, many, many, many times. So why is an old game like this so addicting?

First is the music.


Everything from the title screen to the battles contains some of the best 8-bit sounds one could ever hear:

Have you ever heard anything more bad-ass than that? I sure have, but still, that’s some pretty awesome music. I could lay pipe to that kind of music. If you ask me, all plumbers would do good to listen to Destiny of an Emperor’s sound track when they lay pipe. Mario’s theme can suck it, this song is way better than his famous little jingle. But what’s really impressive is the music during the battles. Depending on who you’re fighting, there’s different music that plays, yet all of these NES symphonies are laced with the same feeling of suave “let’s kick some ass in a cool way” type of emotion. Check this out:

You know what the awesome thing is? The music gets better as you fight heavier enemies. This music only plays for simple enemies like bandits or guards. It kind of reminds of a mix between those jazzy swingers from way back when and Ninja Turtles. Pretty awesome mix if you ask me (or anyone else for that matter). But while the music is awesome the best ever, it’s clearly not the only reason why this game is great. After all, if I wanted to play a game just for good music, I’d play DDR.

That was a joke by the way. While I love DDR, some of the music makes me wonder.


To be honest, the gameplay is eerily similar to that of Pokemon. Or I should say that Pokemon is eerily similar to Destiny of an Emperor. Or I should say that it’s exactly like 10003904095 different RPGs out there for the NES, as well as every other system ever. You walk around the world, run into enemies, beat the shit out of them, steal their money, buy food and weapon upgrades, and conquer China. Oh, I didn’t mention that? This game revolves around the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

That’s right, we’re talking about Lui Bei, Zhang Fei, Guan Yu and even Lu Bu. (I almost got caught on YouTube watching Lu Bu clips for a second there).

Who doesn’t like Romance of the Three Kingdom? I’ll tell you who, sissies and duffers! That’s right, I’m talking about Hufflepuffs!

Now, I’m not sure why exactly Hufflepuffs don’t like an awesome war about uniting a broken land, and the story revolving around the elite cast of characters. I honestly want to read the book, because the story is awesome, but someone I know said it’s FUCKING LONG AS FUCK, and I’ve got ADD, so that’s not happening unless I do something like go on a hiatus to read…

Anyway, there’s really not that much special about the gameplay to be honest, but it’s so addicting it’s retarded. I’ve beaten it about 12 times, so that means I’ve played it at least 12 times, so that means there must be something awesome about it. Maybe it’s just for people who are obsessed with RotTK and Dynasty Warriors, but in my opinion, I think this is by far the best NES video game, and maybe one of the best video games ever. And yes, I’ve played the Zelda games for NES and personally, they can’t hold a candle to DoaE. I don’t even understand how to beat Ganon in the first Zelda game, it’s impossible. It wasn’t ever that fun either. It actually sucks. But Bubble Bobble is fucking awesome. That game was great. I could play Bubble Bobble all day long. The music in that kicked ass too. In fact, all 8-bit music is awesome. Is it even called that? I don’t know, nor do I care really.

Anime: Hiding the Obsession

Before I start, you may have realized that I turned the clocks back on Eye Sedso (strange since we have to turn actual clocks back this Saturday). Old header, old theme…well, I could say that I did it because the layout is just easier. Sure, not as flashy, but I can see the comments better, I can get to places faster…it’s just better. I could say that, but the real reason is that for whatever reason, the sidebar was appearing at the bottom of the page, so in order to see hits/archives/recent comments, I would have to scroll ALL THE FUCKING WAY DOWN TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE. Of course, for some reason, this only happened when I viewed Eye Sedso on Mozilla Firefox on my laptop. Any other place or internet sever, and it would appear fine. I tried everything I could to fix it, but then I just said fuck it. This site’s gone downhill ever since I changed the layout anyway. Besides, I missed Mugen’s fucking awesomeness. In fact, ever since I switched layouts, I’ve experienced a dramatic increase in hits!

70 more hits! Dramatic!

Anyway, on to the post.


This is kind of a personal post, but even so, I’m sure everyone can relate. Also, I’m sure everyone’s heard this same shit over and over before, but the fan descriptions are kinda funny. Well, I think they are anyway.

Now then, I am quite clearly an anime fan. In the past, I would have dared to characterize myself as a rabid obsessive anime fan, but now I’ve cooled off slightly and find that I’m immersing myself in anime on a steady, consistent basis, yet much slower than in the past. Gone are the days where I would watch 20+ episodes in a day. Gone are the days when I could finish a show in one sitting. One could say that I’ve tackled my impulses and controlled my lust for Japanese animation. Another way to word it would be to say that I’ve fallen off completely, and am completely failing as a fan. I consider the latter to be true. Fact is, I yearn for the days of marathoning shows like there was no tomorrow, save a tomorrow filled with heaps of animated stores and plots filled with demons, schoolgirls, and and completely unrealistic real life situations. Truth be told, I’ve been enjoying writing posts more than watching any anime. Just look at the length of this jumbled mess! I haven’t written anything this long in a while (word count is close to 1900)! Not only that, but I’ve been writing drafts every night, and have a lot of them that are either done or close to being finished right now. I’m not going to put them out all at the same time though, that’s stupid. I’ve been tying to not post 3 things a day like I used to. Let me tell you it’s not easy. But this has absolutely nothing to do with what this post is about at all. In fact, I probably just wasted a shitload of your time by rambling on about nothing. In fact, if you’re still reading this paragraph, I’m still doing it. Moving on.

This posts is supposed to be all about me and my going-abouts with anime and maybe even you and your going-abouts with anime. Is going-abouts a real phrase? If it isn’t, I just made it one. Anyway, I find that it is typical for anime to have two types of fans:

Fan A:

I'm sorry but this guy is fucking awesome.

This fan is so fucking obsessed with anime that he shits bricks at the mere sight of anything animated, or anything that closely resembles some aspect of the genre. He sees sushi, he thinks of anime food. He sees McDonalds, he thinks of WacDonalds. He sees a squid, he gets an erection. These are the freaks that shout out things like “OISHIIIII!!!!” when they eat something, even though they don’t fucking know real Japanese. They refer to themselves as an “Otaku” on a regular basis. These are the types that proudly wear a Naruto shirt all around town, even though they’re in their 20’s and should realize that no girl is going to have a shred of respect for them based on their appearance. Actually, Fan A isn’t concerned with real life women, he only likes 2-D, so a better way to word that would be to say that no person is going to have a shred of respect for them based on their appearance. Yes, Fan A is clear spoken about his obsession, and proudly shows the world that he’s a little different. I’m certainly not knocking Fan A (too badly), but at the same time, I’m not agreeing with that lifestyle. It’s hazardous, it’s risky, it’s….well……boring.

(Fan A could also be a women, but try writing a readable paragraph by saying things like he/she or his/hers. It’s annoying)

Fan B:

This has nothing to do with Fan B, I just wanted to mention that if my avatar wasn't already completely awesome, I would change it to this in a second.

At first glance, Fan B is your typical, average person. Fan B wears decent clothes, has a multitude of friends from all walks of life, is quite social, and is the last person you’d expect to have some weird sort of hobby like watching anime and/or reading manga. Fan B might even snag the occasional hook up with a fairly good looking (or not) girl at a social gathering that young people like to call, “parties”. If you were to ask one of Fan B’s friends about his hobbies, then the friend might say sports. They might say art. They might say butt-fucking. But these are all acceptable in today’s society. The last thing that this friend would say about Fan B was that Fan B was an anime enthusiast. Yet, here is Fan B. Behind closed doors, he isn’t jerking off to butt-fucking porn (well, he might be who knows), he’s watching heaps of anime, laughing crazily as he rubs his hands together with malice. This is is secret life. No one knows of this. He feels like James Bond undercover, and anime is his Golden Gun. When he’s alone, he’s just as crazy as Fan A, maybe even more-so! (again, same can be said for a woman).

So these, in a nutshell and to the surprise of absolutely nobody currently reading this, are the two types of fans I see. True, there are many variations, but in the end, either you flaunt it, or you hide it, maybe you do a little of both, but to some degree, that’s how it is. Holy shit I’m still on the introduction to this post.

So here’s me. I talk to no one about anime. Ever. The only time I’ll let someone know that anime is awesome is if they discover it on purpose. Why is this? What are the reasons specifically for me to hide a hobby that isn’t close to as bad as other hobbies….like fucking NASCAR. Who the fuck likes NASCAR? NASCAR BLOWS. Only idiots like NASCAR. Here’s a depiction of NASCAR as made by one of their fans. Maybe.


Maddox gave this an F, which would lead me to believe that NASCAR gets an F as well. Anyway, back to anime. Why do I hide it?

Is it because most people will tell me to grow up? Or tell me that ANIME IS FUCKING GAYYYYYYYYY? Is it because all of the people who know me will suddenly treat me like I’m retarded? Or is it because, using the 1st formula of man, anime will equate to me having no contact with the opposite sex?

Yes. That has something partly to do with it. But that’s not the main reason. (this is where the post loses all semblance of making a point.)

As described in the section for Fan B. Anime lets me live a double life of sorts. I can be one person, I can be two persons…Ever see Lonestar? It was about a dude who lived a double life. On one side, he had a smokin hot girlfriend with a sister who also wanted to get it on with him, who was also hot. On the other side, he was a con-man gone straight. Sure, he could con someone out of 304858584 dollars like it was nothing, but it wasn’t challenging anymore, so he decided to marry a daughter of a REALLY REALLY RICH dude. Get a job with him and be nasty at it. Then, he married his other girlfriend, and his life was great, until the show got canceled after 2 episodes.

The show sucked though I’m glad it got the ax.

So basically double lives are cool, even if they’re nothing more than the life of someone normal spliced with an obsessive anime complex. Another reason is that it’s fun to have secrets. I have plenty of secrets (well not really), but I can’t tell anyone, because they won’t be secrets anymore (I killed a man). Pretty much, I love it. It’s like I’m a superhero keeping his identity unknown, except that my superpower is that I’m a huge loser.

This post sucked. Looks like bringing Eye Sedso back to it’s old layout brought me back to my old crappiness. By now most of you have probably long since stopped reading this. But for those still alive, I’ll ask, what type of Fan are you ? Fan A or Fan B? I want to watch Welcome to the NHK again that show was awesome.

Extra Shit

My Chemical Romance came out with a new song. It sucks beyond belief. I actually want to burn the song into 1000 pieces. I can’t slit my wrist to this shit! WTF? I will say that it looks like the video could be the greatest thing ever. I feel like this song is just made to match the video, which it does do. Too bad it’s so bad that if I ever hear it on the radio (which, judging by the ever shitty radio 104.1, who never plays any music newer than Green Day’s American Idiot album, I won’t).

There’s one part in the middle that’s actually good, but the chorus is so fucking corny that it makes me want to shoot myself in the face much more than any of their previous more depressing songs. Keep in mind that I think that every single other MCR song is pretty much gold. Check out the trailer for the video though….girl with katana, Ray Toro has EYE-PATCH….they should make a full length movie because the videos are fucking great.

In all honestly, it’s even more generic and cliche than their other new song. This album is going to be half awesome and half shit, I can already tell. They should have put Stay on the album. Even Robert didn’t hate this song. Idiots.

Then again, the name was never given, which leads me to believe that it could be on the new album under a different name. Uh yea so……end.

EDIT: SING gets stuck in your head really easily, and now I’ve been listening to it non-stop. The chorus is still really corny.

DOUBLE EDIT: Apparently My Chemical Romance plans on releasing every single song they made, as they just released yet another one, which you can legally download…right here (if it works, otherwise go to their site)!

Here’s the song anyway….I bet you guys can’t wait for the album to drop so I’ll stop talking about MCR, huh?