Anime: Hiding the Obsession

Before I start, you may have realized that I turned the clocks back on Eye Sedso (strange since we have to turn actual clocks back this Saturday). Old header, old theme…well, I could say that I did it because the layout is just easier. Sure, not as flashy, but I can see the comments better, I can get to places faster…it’s just better. I could say that, but the real reason is that for whatever reason, the sidebar was appearing at the bottom of the page, so in order to see hits/archives/recent comments, I would have to scroll ALL THE FUCKING WAY DOWN TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE. Of course, for some reason, this only happened when I viewed Eye Sedso on Mozilla Firefox on my laptop. Any other place or internet sever, and it would appear fine. I tried everything I could to fix it, but then I just said fuck it. This site’s gone downhill ever since I changed the layout anyway. Besides, I missed Mugen’s fucking awesomeness. In fact, ever since I switched layouts, I’ve experienced a dramatic increase in hits!

70 more hits! Dramatic!

Anyway, on to the post.


This is kind of a personal post, but even so, I’m sure everyone can relate. Also, I’m sure everyone’s heard this same shit over and over before, but the fan descriptions are kinda funny. Well, I think they are anyway.

Now then, I am quite clearly an anime fan. In the past, I would have dared to characterize myself as a rabid obsessive anime fan, but now I’ve cooled off slightly and find that I’m immersing myself in anime on a steady, consistent basis, yet much slower than in the past. Gone are the days where I would watch 20+ episodes in a day. Gone are the days when I could finish a show in one sitting. One could say that I’ve tackled my impulses and controlled my lust for Japanese animation. Another way to word it would be to say that I’ve fallen off completely, and am completely failing as a fan. I consider the latter to be true. Fact is, I yearn for the days of marathoning shows like there was no tomorrow, save a tomorrow filled with heaps of animated stores and plots filled with demons, schoolgirls, and and completely unrealistic real life situations. Truth be told, I’ve been enjoying writing posts more than watching any anime. Just look at the length of this jumbled mess! I haven’t written anything this long in a while (word count is close to 1900)! Not only that, but I’ve been writing drafts every night, and have a lot of them that are either done or close to being finished right now. I’m not going to put them out all at the same time though, that’s stupid. I’ve been tying to not post 3 things a day like I used to. Let me tell you it’s not easy. But this has absolutely nothing to do with what this post is about at all. In fact, I probably just wasted a shitload of your time by rambling on about nothing. In fact, if you’re still reading this paragraph, I’m still doing it. Moving on.

This posts is supposed to be all about me and my going-abouts with anime and maybe even you and your going-abouts with anime. Is going-abouts a real phrase? If it isn’t, I just made it one. Anyway, I find that it is typical for anime to have two types of fans:

Fan A:

I'm sorry but this guy is fucking awesome.

This fan is so fucking obsessed with anime that he shits bricks at the mere sight of anything animated, or anything that closely resembles some aspect of the genre. He sees sushi, he thinks of anime food. He sees McDonalds, he thinks of WacDonalds. He sees a squid, he gets an erection. These are the freaks that shout out things like “OISHIIIII!!!!” when they eat something, even though they don’t fucking know real Japanese. They refer to themselves as an “Otaku” on a regular basis. These are the types that proudly wear a Naruto shirt all around town, even though they’re in their 20’s and should realize that no girl is going to have a shred of respect for them based on their appearance. Actually, Fan A isn’t concerned with real life women, he only likes 2-D, so a better way to word that would be to say that no person is going to have a shred of respect for them based on their appearance. Yes, Fan A is clear spoken about his obsession, and proudly shows the world that he’s a little different. I’m certainly not knocking Fan A (too badly), but at the same time, I’m not agreeing with that lifestyle. It’s hazardous, it’s risky, it’s….well……boring.

(Fan A could also be a women, but try writing a readable paragraph by saying things like he/she or his/hers. It’s annoying)

Fan B:

This has nothing to do with Fan B, I just wanted to mention that if my avatar wasn't already completely awesome, I would change it to this in a second.

At first glance, Fan B is your typical, average person. Fan B wears decent clothes, has a multitude of friends from all walks of life, is quite social, and is the last person you’d expect to have some weird sort of hobby like watching anime and/or reading manga. Fan B might even snag the occasional hook up with a fairly good looking (or not) girl at a social gathering that young people like to call, “parties”. If you were to ask one of Fan B’s friends about his hobbies, then the friend might say sports. They might say art. They might say butt-fucking. But these are all acceptable in today’s society. The last thing that this friend would say about Fan B was that Fan B was an anime enthusiast. Yet, here is Fan B. Behind closed doors, he isn’t jerking off to butt-fucking porn (well, he might be who knows), he’s watching heaps of anime, laughing crazily as he rubs his hands together with malice. This is is secret life. No one knows of this. He feels like James Bond undercover, and anime is his Golden Gun. When he’s alone, he’s just as crazy as Fan A, maybe even more-so! (again, same can be said for a woman).

So these, in a nutshell and to the surprise of absolutely nobody currently reading this, are the two types of fans I see. True, there are many variations, but in the end, either you flaunt it, or you hide it, maybe you do a little of both, but to some degree, that’s how it is. Holy shit I’m still on the introduction to this post.

So here’s me. I talk to no one about anime. Ever. The only time I’ll let someone know that anime is awesome is if they discover it on purpose. Why is this? What are the reasons specifically for me to hide a hobby that isn’t close to as bad as other hobbies….like fucking NASCAR. Who the fuck likes NASCAR? NASCAR BLOWS. Only idiots like NASCAR. Here’s a depiction of NASCAR as made by one of their fans. Maybe.


Maddox gave this an F, which would lead me to believe that NASCAR gets an F as well. Anyway, back to anime. Why do I hide it?

Is it because most people will tell me to grow up? Or tell me that ANIME IS FUCKING GAYYYYYYYYY? Is it because all of the people who know me will suddenly treat me like I’m retarded? Or is it because, using the 1st formula of man, anime will equate to me having no contact with the opposite sex?

Yes. That has something partly to do with it. But that’s not the main reason. (this is where the post loses all semblance of making a point.)

As described in the section for Fan B. Anime lets me live a double life of sorts. I can be one person, I can be two persons…Ever see Lonestar? It was about a dude who lived a double life. On one side, he had a smokin hot girlfriend with a sister who also wanted to get it on with him, who was also hot. On the other side, he was a con-man gone straight. Sure, he could con someone out of 304858584 dollars like it was nothing, but it wasn’t challenging anymore, so he decided to marry a daughter of a REALLY REALLY RICH dude. Get a job with him and be nasty at it. Then, he married his other girlfriend, and his life was great, until the show got canceled after 2 episodes.

The show sucked though I’m glad it got the ax.

So basically double lives are cool, even if they’re nothing more than the life of someone normal spliced with an obsessive anime complex. Another reason is that it’s fun to have secrets. I have plenty of secrets (well not really), but I can’t tell anyone, because they won’t be secrets anymore (I killed a man). Pretty much, I love it. It’s like I’m a superhero keeping his identity unknown, except that my superpower is that I’m a huge loser.

This post sucked. Looks like bringing Eye Sedso back to it’s old layout brought me back to my old crappiness. By now most of you have probably long since stopped reading this. But for those still alive, I’ll ask, what type of Fan are you ? Fan A or Fan B? I want to watch Welcome to the NHK again that show was awesome.

Extra Shit

My Chemical Romance came out with a new song. It sucks beyond belief. I actually want to burn the song into 1000 pieces. I can’t slit my wrist to this shit! WTF? I will say that it looks like the video could be the greatest thing ever. I feel like this song is just made to match the video, which it does do. Too bad it’s so bad that if I ever hear it on the radio (which, judging by the ever shitty radio 104.1, who never plays any music newer than Green Day’s American Idiot album, I won’t).

There’s one part in the middle that’s actually good, but the chorus is so fucking corny that it makes me want to shoot myself in the face much more than any of their previous more depressing songs. Keep in mind that I think that every single other MCR song is pretty much gold. Check out the trailer for the video though….girl with katana, Ray Toro has EYE-PATCH….they should make a full length movie because the videos are fucking great.

In all honestly, it’s even more generic and cliche than their other new song. This album is going to be half awesome and half shit, I can already tell. They should have put Stay on the album. Even Robert didn’t hate this song. Idiots.

Then again, the name was never given, which leads me to believe that it could be on the new album under a different name. Uh yea so……end.

EDIT: SING gets stuck in your head really easily, and now I’ve been listening to it non-stop. The chorus is still really corny.

DOUBLE EDIT: Apparently My Chemical Romance plans on releasing every single song they made, as they just released yet another one, which you can legally download…right here (if it works, otherwise go to their site)!

Here’s the song anyway….I bet you guys can’t wait for the album to drop so I’ll stop talking about MCR, huh?

31 thoughts on “Anime: Hiding the Obsession

  1. Fuck you, NASCAR is awesome.

    I think you need a Fan C. I do not leap around the streets screaming “MOON PRISM, MAKE-UP! SAILOR MOON DA YO~~~~!!!!” while dressed as Ash Ketchum, but I don’t lock it all up in a closet and make it a big secret. I mean, shit, that crap is listed right there on my Facebook page under interests, I am not hiding it. And I’ve definitely been known to read fairly explicit BL in public. Fan C is the person who is completely confident in their fandom but also in possession of both maturity and social skills.

    I guess you could also have Fan D: the fan who doesn’t consider anyone worthy of anime fanhood! So they jealously horde it for themselves and refuse to tell others about it ’cause others just aren’t good enough for it.

    • P.S. I’m listening to a song called ‘Cocaine Kate’. That has no relevance to this post, but I felt like sharing anyway.

      I also think we should start a fucking Pokemon tournament. Screw the podcast! Our Pokemon tournament would be way better than that.

    • NASCAR BLOWS. There is no argument to this. Just watch the South Park episode about NASCAR and thats all you need to know.

    • I tried to look up the song Cocaine Kate, but all that came up was Kate Moss snorting cocaine.

      Fan C does not exist. Fan D is a sub-fan of Fan A.

      I’d say you’d be a sub-fan of Fan B, in that you don’t go too far out of your way to make it known that you love anime. I’m kind of the same way. My facebook too clearly says that anime is of my favorite things, and shit, Klux writes on my wall sometimes, so if that doesn’t scream anime I don’t know what does.

      However, I don’t usually bring up anime or give much input if a conversation about anime comes up, but that might just be because I’m socially awkward.

      I created a “Character Tounament” once. I set the whole thing up in a bracket, and even divided it so that each quadrant had characters that were kind of similar in some way. The I realized that if I did anything with it, no one would vote on it and I’d feel stupid for making it. I still have it saved somewhere on my computer. I have like….32 characters or something (kept it short) by now, it’s far out of date, and is probably missing a lot of newer characters (I created it literally over a year ago). How would we do a pokemon tournament, because I fucking love tournaments. The best episodes of Dragonball Z were when they had tournaments.

      I tried to watch NASCAR on several occasions, but each time I just got extremely bored and then annoyed and angry at how boring it was. I had to leave the room I was so bored and annoyed and angry (I was at my aunts house, I guess they like that stuff…..we don’t really like this aunt because she’s trying to “claim” things of my grandma’s for herself after they die. What a cunt.

      • And that is exactly the problem! NASCAR on TV sucks. Its wicked fucking boring. I tried watching it a few times because I had a family member who liked it, but I just couldn’t get into it.

        Then, one day, we somehow got a bunch of free tickets for a race! So my whole family went even though only one of us liked NASCAR. I brought a book, thinking it’d be boring…


        Seeing it in person is so different; its actually kind of exciting, you just get really swept up into it. Most of the fans are really friendly and energetic, so you just get sucked into the whole atmosphere and mood of it. Its really the kind of thing you have to check out for yourself, watching it on TV isn’t anything like seeing it in person.

        It is also the only sport where you are regularly allowed to bring your own booze into the venue. Which has definitely got to count for something.

      • I agree. Alonso for the Western Digital Hard Drives (it was the first thing that came up when I googled WDC. Of course, I know already what you are actually talking about, and that’s racing that’s actually exciting, where cars turn in directions other than left.)

  2. I am very open with my hobbies so I guess I’m a little bit of both. I said both because I am interested with 3D men.

    The vid is EPIC, too bad the song is average. I dunno what happened but I still can’t wait to get my hands on their CD.

    • I’m almost starting to like the song. It’s getting stuck in my head. It’s still corny and dumb though, and that will always piss me off when I hear it.

      They better put Stay on the album because I’ve been singing it all day. I’m getting a cd player installed just to blast this album (in my car).

  3. 1. I like the old theme.
    2. It’s really easy to hide what you are. Everyone has a secret, and I think the best actors are the people that no one gets it. For example I am REALLY good at hiding what I am… obviously i told you guys but you would never have known.
    3. You know whats better than firefox? GOOGLE CHROME.
    4. You are fan B.
    5. MCR sucks.
    6. I am pretty drunk right now. Horray!

    • also.. and by the “old theme” i mean the new one… which was once the old one. AKA the one you are using now, is awesome.

    • 1. *current* theme (you tried explaining this but kind of failed).
      2. I knew before you told me.
      3. I hear this, but Firefox has all of my subscriptions to sites saved, and there’s too many of them to switch over.
      4. I know. Cool people are Fan B.
      5. I don’t want to hear your opinion on MCR, because it’s going to be the same every time regardless of what they sound like.
      6. Clearly.

  4. You’re not Fan B, because everyone always knew you were weird. We simply put up with it for the fact that you’re funny some of the time. That’s why once you go into a whiny mode everyone just ignores you.

  5. I am also type B. It’s kind of amazing how ignorant and dismissal people can be towards anime. I do no intend to hide my fandom but everyone seemed to lose interest so quickly when the topic came up. So I just do not talk about anime unless asked to do so.

    • Yes. People for the most part, suck. Luckily, I care mainly about myself, so I don’t worry about what others think. I never actually hide the fact that I like anime, but I do absolutely nothing to show it off.

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