Ronald McNicoNicoDouga and Some Tentacle Stuff

Who has time to edit stuff like this? Like….who creates these things? I recently came across this video of RONALD MCDONALD, and said video reminded me strongly of one of my favorite anime related videos. Here are both of them.

The first is Ronald McDonald. Clearly Japanese style, because only Japanese people can create craziness like this. As such, I watched this video at 2 AM, and literally laughed my ass off. If you haven’t seen this video, I suggest waiting till you are overly tired, so as to laugh your ass off. I have a feeling that during the day this video will just be really really annoying. If you want to laugh your ass off, make sure you watch the entire thing. It gets funnier the longer you watch it.

And here is the video that said Ronald McDonald….err…..-san reminded me of strongly, which I guess is from Nico Nico Douga.

I once tried to go to that site, but got so confused that my head actually ruptured. How a head can rupture is beyond me, in fact, I have no clue what I’m actually talking about, but anyway, I love this crazy shit.


Yup, anime is pretty much the same as drugs. Well, g’night everyone (waves enthusiastically yet retardedly)!


I first saw this in an art class I had, and laughed out loud.

Just something that happened, its not even a good story. I was in my mural painting class (we were all looking for walls to paint on throughout campus). We came across a mural that featured some kind of squid man attacking people in a town, and one girl commented that it looked like tentacle rape. We (or I should say, everyone else) went into a discussion about tentacle rape and hentai and anime. The girl who brought it up seemed really excited to talk about tentacle rape. I think she secretly wants it to happen to her. Personally I’ve always thought that the idea of tentacle rape was stupid as fuck. I’m still confused how rape could turn someone on, so when there’s tentacles involved, I’m just completely done with the whole thing. Needless to say, I felt weird, and considering that I’m Type B, didn’t say anything. The fact that I actually watch anime is still hidden from at least one or two people.

And just to show how fucking weird people in Japan really are:



I had a dream the other night where me and 3 other families went to visit some old lady (someone’s grandmother) and my dad forced me to get a job bussing tables at a gold course on the way. I did it, and kept getting scowls from my dickhead manager.  This pissed me off, so I threw things on the ground to try and make them break (as I decided to quit obnoxiously), but none of them broke. This made me look stupid, so I just left. Then, suddenly, kluxorious of all people came to visit with one of her friends, and everyone said, “is this that girl who always comments on your facebook? Who is she exactly?” and I was still made about the whole job thing, so I just left and went to bed, and this then somehow molded into real life, as I went to bed, and seemingly woke up at the same time, so that the scene never actually changed when I woke up, it was weird.

23 thoughts on “Ronald McNicoNicoDouga and Some Tentacle Stuff

    • That second image made me laugh for a good 3 minutes, which is pretty long. But yeah, I don’t get what’s so great about tentacles. I’m not going to bash people who like it but still…I don’t get it.

    • Normally, I would delete this comment, because it’s…..well….really stupid. But I figured I let people know. Yes, most comments need to be aprobed, unless I have previously aprobeded you.


  1. You’re right. Only Japanese people are capable of producing such awesome mindfuck videos of Ronald McDonald. But that Misaka video is >9000 more awesome. Some people just have too much time in their hands.

    Tentacle rapes are only fun when it happened to guys. Don’t ask.

    And lol what the hell was I doing in your dream? O_o

    • This is helpful. I never knew the background behind this stuff. I’ve heard the name Touhou project all the time and I had no idea what it was (and I didn’t look it up ever either surprise surprise).

      I don’t generally do research for things on this ISSS unless I want to, which is probably why it sucks so bad. Honestly though, I didn’t even know there was a background for these crazy ass videos, and I’m glad to now discover that there is. BOOM!

  2. test finished. but unfortunatly some one got ahead… still i will repeat grrr. what I was going to say its than macrolled uses the music of the game Touhou project (actualy like 12 or so games). as you can guess is some freky japanese crazy fast paced game where you shot stuff and evade even more shots like there is no tomorrow. uses the theme song of the best bad ass cute lolita blonde crazyness dual personality vampire out there: Flandre Scarlet look:

    i own 7 of the games. and i really think you can take a look and maybe a review. the fan material out there for touhou (like youtube vids) is quite cool and funny. like this one:

    and finnaly, take a look to the background song of macroll:

    hope you like that all.

  3. Could we just quote for a second?

    “I’m not going to bash people who like [tentacle rape] but still…I don’t get it.”

    Ya, you probably should get on that whole therapist thing. Even not bashing said people is already past the above level of fucked up in the head so as to require therapy.

      • yeah there wasnt any quarrel severl pages long betwen you 2. may I add the tentacle rape came to be as a way of bypasing state censorship: not to show penises. so tentacles came to be penis-subtitutes.

      • Ahhh yes. Japan and their constant censorship of the human genetailia. What stupidness. Because of their censordship, we have things like squid-rape.

        Oh is that the reason? Octo-rape has been around in Japan since feudal times after all.

      • even in that case, still came to be common place, or in vogue, or became a trend coz of the cersorship.

        Btw i think that the japanese censorship is the most ridiculous on earth. I mean if you already make it “only for 18+” with legal troubles and all, why they still insist the artist shoul put a black mark of a blur or wat ever they could use to furter censor it? isnt it already no-for minors and all? they just are a bother to the hentai artist and consumers out there.

      • Personally, I’m not one who watches hentai or what-not, but what I DO know is that when I’m trying to watch an asian girl get banged, her vagina is always really really blurry. Fuck’s up with that? I don’t like it.

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