Strike Witches II: Final Exposé

Considering that Strike Witches II is almost the same as the first season, I decided that for my review, I would use a very similar format as my review of the first season.

Strike Witches II

Finally done. It seems like just yesterday I was hooting and hollering about the fact that the girls in this anime abide a non-existent dress code, choosing to not wear pants instead of wearing, say, pants. Or at least a skirt or something besides underwear. Either way, the show is awesome.

Premise: Due to an invasion of forces from God knows where, magic lolis without pants and magic boots fly around and shoot down enemies with huge ass guns. They also have animal ears and tails and shit when they use their magic. Considering that there are no pants wearers, the fanservice isn’t THAT bad. But I will say….well…’ll see.

Good Points in Strike Witches II

  • The animation/art was good in the first season, but it was even better in the second season. J.C. Staff is awesome, so that probably had something to do with it. The actions scenes were flawless and done very well, and J.C. Staff did a great job especially in utilizing the foreground, middle-ground, and backgrounds very well. For example:

In this scene, Miyafuji tosses the gun and it flies right past our perspective, and the scene keeps on rolling. It really makes you feel like you're up there.

  • To add to the last point. The fight scenes felt like they were planned out very well. It seemed to me like a lot of thought went into creating them, and it showed.
  • Incredible voice acting was all over the place. Some scenes were done really well.
  • The music/soundtrack was awesome. It might have been the same as the first season, but if so, I noticed  it a lot more in this season. At times, this anime felt like a movie. A good movie at that.
  • You can take most of my other good points from my season one review and add them here. I’m too lazy to do this though.

Bad Points

  • Unfortunately, we weren’t blessed with Rie Tanaka’s singing like we were from season one. That episode was awesome, and really made you grasp a feel for the time period. In this season, however, I had a harder time remembering that the setting was in the 1940’s, aside from seeing an old plane or something.
  • The last episode was kind of corny and dumb. I will explain that later.
  • Episode 7, yet again, proved to be a crappy “no pants dance”. I’ll explain that farther in a bit too.
  • While there still wasn’t THAT much fanservice considering that this anime is one where girls do not wear pants, there was a much higher rate of it in this season than in the first, and this made me a bit peeved. I don’t need to see this right in the middle of a fight scene:

Nice ass you bitch now get it out of my face so I can watch this fight scene.

Oh Shit! Highlights!

Episode 7

If you remember the infamous episode 7 from the first season, then you remember it was about one of the strike witches lossing her “pants” (they aren’t fucking pants they’re underwear), so at any given time, there was at least one witch without pants. Stupid, fanservicey, and annoying. Well guess what? Apparently J.C. Staff decided to continue the Strike Witches tradition of making all 7th episodes shitty fanservice ones, because that’s exactly what they did. This time, the episode was about a bug-neuroi that would lodge itself in girls underwear and force the girls to then pull of said underwear. Pretty much, the whole episode was girls pulling their “pants” down. It was stupid. At least they tried to kind of add a plot. In case you’re wondering, the neuroi is finally defeated by Minna, who crushes it with her ass -cheeks. As I said, stupid. Let’s move on shall we?

The Final Episode

Like the first season, the second season had a layout of:

Episodes 1-10: Individual Plots with some underlying/continuing issues.

Final Few Episodes: Awesome with continuous plot.

That being said, the final episode for this season, while good, had it’s share of stupid corniness, and was not up to par imo with the first seasons conclusion, which shattered my face like a neuroi getting it’s core blown up. In this episode, the girls are left on a boat, forced to watch Mio try and save the day by pretty much sacrificing her now diminished magic power in order to try and destroy the neuroi hive, risking her life in the process. Then, suddenly, Miyafuji musters up what little magic she has left, and takes to the sky, barely getting off the ground. Everyone else is sapped for energy.

Then, as if by magic, everyone else flies up, and pretty much has all of their powers back completely. They’re using moves, they’re killing bad guys…they’re kicking ass. However, instead of all ganging up on the final core left (which has trapped Mio), they simply do nothing but cheer Miyafuji on, as if she’s the only one who can help Mio. But I still haven’t gotten to the corny part. No, no, no, the corny part is this:

Every single character gets a scene where they do nothing but wish Miyafuji good luck and then make some stupid comment or make some type of move that is unique to their character. It was unnecessary, stupid, and really ruined any type of drama that had collected to this point. Huge botch job on this one.


I don’t really know what the deal is with Miyafuji’s friend, but I’m pretty sure that she’s horrible luck for birds. Whenever she shows up she always has a bird with some sort of injury.


This season was certainly, good, and in someways surpassed the first season, mainly with the animation. However, the story was weaker than the first, and had some recycled material from the first season, such as Mio’s issues with her power. The continuous plot at the end was also not as good, as first seasons. Not even close really. Still, for all of it’s flaws, it was still a good series, so while season I got a 5*, season 2 gets a


Bill got Repuzzaned all over his face.

I haven’t been watching any anime lately. Like, this was all that I’ve watched in the past two or three weeks. Just this series. Thanksgiving break is coming up. Hopefully I have time to watch a shitload of anime. I know that next semester, when I have 2 classes, I’ll have plenty of time to watch anime always (I have to get a better job though too). Right now, I have a huge craving for McDonalds. Double Cheeseburger. YUM.


12 thoughts on “Strike Witches II: Final Exposé

  1. I love every part of it… Even the fan service episode and the corny lines. I know they’re bad; I know they’re stupid, but I still love them.

    • The fanservice really doesn’t bother me that much, the thing that bothered me most was the plot towards the end compared to the first season, was slightly weaker. The first season was absolutely great.

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