Album Review: Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys

Well, the entire album is being streamed via MCR’s Site, so I’m obviously going to review it. I’ll be using a 1-5 rating, since that’s how I rate in iTunes.

1 – Sucks so bad that I may delete this from my computer and punch myself in the balls when I hear this song.

2 – Sucks really bad, but physical harm isn’t quite necessary. Quite.

3 – Sub-par. I can’t really say that it sucks that bad, but it certainly isn’t good.

4 – Good song. It’s solid anyway.

5 – The best of the best. To reach a plateau of a 5. The song has to be one where, no matter how many times I hear it, I know I will never get sick of it.

No more hesitation, we’re diving right in:

Look Alive Sunshine (N/A)

The purpose of this intro is to make the next song kick even more ass than it already does, and provide an intro to the album and to the whole theme of the album. Success. This does a great job of getting all us die hard killjoys ready to…uh…..kill…….or whatever.

Na Na Na [5]

This song is obviously one of the most awesome songs ever. This entire album is pretty summed up in this song. It has your ass-thrashing chords, you’re brain-bashing NA NA NAs, a buildup, and a feeling of triumph. Whenever I hear it I picture the desert, the grit and the grime. Laser show.

Bullet Proof Heart [4]

Gravity could try and pull thing song down as hard as it wants, it’s staying up on the pedestal. There’s really nothing bad to be said about this song. It’s a solid blast.

SING [5]

To be honest, this song was one that I really didn’t like at first. I still think the chorus is kinda corny, and but that doesn’t prevent me from screaming it in my car when I’m driving. What can I say? I love this song, and the video only helped me love it more. Speaking of the video…

AS FOR THE VIDEO BREAKDOWN (Spoilers, because yes, the video has a plot with what I consider to be a twist, which makes it better than any other video I’ve seen)

It was awesome. The only thing wrong with it was that they were walking everywhere. If you were trying to escape from somewhere or someone, wouldn’t you run? Other than that, it was awesome. I was very surprised that all of the killjoys got shot down and are now seemingly dead. I have a feeling that they’ll be turned into draculoids and have to be turned back or something similar in the next video. I think that they’ll make a revival, but even if they don’t, I’m sure the next video will kick ass. This whole plot is awesome, and I have a feeling I’m going to get sucked into the comics, which I also hope becomes a movie someday, because I love shit like this.

Planetary (Go) [5]

If Planetary (Go) were a pokemon, then every trainer would have about 8 of them, because it’s so catchy!

. . . . . .that was one of the worst attempts at humor I’ve ev-

SO YEAH! This might be my favorite song on the album. It’s definitely in the top tier. It has awesome air raid sirens (or something similar) at the beginning, which automatically make this song fantastic. I gotta tell you, finally hearing the studio version was awesome. So far, the album’s synthetic/futuristic sounds are bangin out pretty consistent, and they aren’t too overpowering either.

The Only Hope For Me is You [5]

I’ve grown into this song, and now think that it’s solidly really really awesome. Personally, I find the lyrics to be the strongest part. They’re fantastic, and I can’t help but wonder if the tragic events of 9/11 were in inspiration to this song.

Jet-Star and the Kobra Kid/Traffic Report (N/A)

Here’s a good example of the depth surrounding this album. New slang has been created in a way that reminds me of Clockwork Orange. We’ve got killjoys getting ghosted! Ahhh fungul!

Party Poison [5]

Formally known as Death Before Disco, this song is awesome on more levels than 9000. First of all, there’s some crazy Japanese chick talking all over the track. Second of all, I’ve been waiting to hear the studio version for about a year, and fuck, it did not disappoint. It’s got a fast paced bang-session of nasty that I love. I think this might be tailor made for me. An anti-party song you can party to? Might be the best invention of all time, surpassing the wheel, bread and the breaded wheel (which has not been invented).

Save Yourself, I’ll Hold Them Back [5]

This is another song that kicks serious ass. I’ve been literally obsessed with this song ever since they released it about a week or two ago. Not really fast, but definitely not slow, this song BANGS OUT. I love the chords at the beginning, and then the drums come in and the buildup and then BLAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!

Any song with Na Na Na’s in it apparently kicks ass.

S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W [3]

If only cool looking titles correlated to good sounding songs. I don’t know. Lately, I’ve found myself singing this song. Chances are good that I’m going to end up liking it, even though I really don’t like it. Does that make sense to anyone? To like something that you don’t like? Doesn’t to me, yet, it does.

Summertime [3]

One time I farted, and it sounded better than this song. Well, okay, this song isn’t really that bad. I’ve been gradually started to like this song more and more, but it’s still not up to par with many of the other MCR songs.


BANG and THUMP. That’s kind of a good way to describe this song. There are loud bangs and thumps. Yelling, bad assness, and a “I don’t give a shit”  kind of attitude. The whole song is yelled in a very very awesome way, and I love it. It’s very “rock and roll.”

The Kids From Yesterday [5]

This is a fantastic masterpiece and that’s all I’m going to say. If you don’t like this song then you don’t appreciate good music.

Goodnight Dr. Death [N/A]

Just a signoff from the “radio host Dr. Death”. Don’t get ghosted.

National Anthem intervenes and then cuts to radio to static in a great way.

Vampire Money [4]

Fast, ripping, they came to fuck (according to the lyrics). Pretty damn awesome. God I’ve been waiting for shit like this. Absolute Bang-Session.

We Don’t Need Another Song About California  (Bonus Track) [4]

I bought the album at the store, so I had to come back home and buy this via iTunes. I’ve only just started listening to it, so the final grade isn’t really final, but for now I like it. Not much else I can say until I’ve had more time to listen.

Overall Conclusion

If you don't get it, learn some Italian.

My Chemical Romance is definitely an acquired taste. I used to hate them. I hated every song that I heard by them. I wasn’t till I heard Welcome to the Black Parade (a song which I loved, but never didn’t know who it was by) that I decided to give the rest of their music a chance, and even then I still hated pretty much all of their music (except Dead!). So, after listening to Welcome to the Black Parade and Dead! for a while, I decided to just get the whole Black Parade album, just to have it, and eventually I started to slowly like it, although even then it was one song at a time. When it’s constantly there, you’re going to listen to it. In a nutshell, I came to like MCR in the same way that I came to like anime. I guess I have to hate something before I like it.

As far as concept albums go, My Chemical Romance doesn’t disappoint. All of their albums had a concept  to some degree. MCR has said that this isn’t a concept album, it’s more of a collage, but to everyone else, it seems to be pretty conceptual. The first two were allegedly about a “Bonnie and Clyde” couple who get shot down while on the run. The girl goes to heaven and the guy goes to hell. In Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, the guy makes a deal with the devil that will allow him to see his wife again. The deal? He has to collect 1000 evil souls (kill 1000 people). Personally, I think this could be a sick movie idea.

The Black Parade was about a person dying of cancer, that’s kind of clear.

Danger Days seems to be based on an apocalyptic Earth where a corporation is in charge of everything, limits freedoms, and generally acts like a collective, giant asshole. But the thing about assholes is, they can be fucked by dicks, and we happen to have the Killjoys here, who I guess would be the dicks. I mean, they did “come here to fuck.”

Here’s the deal. I love apocalyptic shit. The first video had a Mad Max appeal, although whenever I see BL Industries int he videos, I can’t help but think of the BL corporation from Wall-E, who did kind of the same thing as the BLI from Danger Days (okay one letter difference big deal).

We as a people should be weary of any companies that feature the acronym of “BL”. Clearly, such companies will lead to the ruination of the planet. Ahh, wow I just realized the BL Industries spells out BLIND (BL. Ind.). That’s fucking awesome. To put it blatantly, I love the whole idea behind the album. The crazy, colorful Dayglo jackets, the Nintendo Power gloves, and the kick ass awesome laser blasters, not to mention the comic influenced storyline (or vise versa) and all of the newly created slang that I’ve heard. The style of this album is arguably better than anything I’ve seen ever. And My Chemical Romance does a great job in incorporating this style into the music as well.

Each song has a futuristic touch to it. Planetary (G0) has the sirens, The Only Hope for Me is You has a bangin’ hypersaw, and at least half of the songs feature synthetic chords, which add to the futuristic effect that I haven’t really hear in any MCR song, or in any song really, since Van Halen days.

The only drawback of this album is probably that it’s so short. If it were up to me, it would contain 48 songs, or something ridiculous. I kinda wish they added a few more songs, like those displayed in the Roxy. Kiss the Ring was a good song. And where was Stay (unofficial name)? Stay is a fucking great song! EVER FAN LOVES THAT FUCKING SONG!!! WHY IS IT NOT HERE!!!??? I really hope they put out all of the songs that they never added to albums someday. The members of MCR may not agree with them, but us fans will devour them like a gift from God. I have a hunch an album like that would be awesome as fuck (hint hint if you’re reading this MCR).

Another song that I was really hoping to hear on this album was The World is Ugly. Of course, it totally doesn’t fit the album at all (maybe slightly, if you think about it and try and make it fit). That was a good song….I’m more pissed that Stay isn’t involved with this album. God Stay was awesome. No worries though I guess, I do have the live version in good quality that I can play whenever I want. I guess I just really wanted a studio version. How greedy I am.

To finish my long ramble of random words, this album kicks fucking ASSSSSSSSSSSS. I mean, look how many songs I gave 5s to!

With this album, the Fabulous Killjoys have ridden into town and created a revolution. This album is about fighting back and not giving a fuck. That’s the mood I get from it. If I were to describe this album in one word it would be “Triumph.” This album feels like triumph and it shows triumph because it is a triumph


21 thoughts on “Album Review: Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys

    • Too bad, all the videos got taken down! Looks like you’ll have to wait till Monday to enjoy this album. It’s worth a buy, and even though there’s a few shitty songs, the good songs are catchy and awesome.

      • I downloaded it first. Have been listening to it on repeat from yesterday. I finally get my hands on the CD today and as promised, here I am talking about it with you.

        Look Alive, Sunshine – Louder than God’s revolver and twice as shining!

        Na Na Na – What more can I say to add what you have already said about this song. Lets fuck like a Kennedy.

        Bulletproof Heart – This song kinda reminds me of their previous songs in their previous albums. It has that MCR quality to it. Gravity can’t do shit to this song.

        Sing – This song just grows on you. I don’t like it much at first but after a few more repeat I find myself singing the chorus over and over again. Then I look at the video and my pantsu exploded.

        Planetary (Go) – This song just literally makes me wanna get up and jump. It’s catchy as hell. Could possibly be my favorite song of the album.

        My Only Hope is You – You’re right. The lyrics are the strongest part of this song. It doesn’t particularly pointed out to 9/11 but more to all the war/shit happening around the world. I always love this kind of song so yeah this one is no exception. I can’t help but take this as a beautiful love song too.

        Jet-Star and The Kobra Kid/Traffic Report – Pretty much tell the story of what happened in the Sing Official Music Video, doesn’t it? Fungul indeed.

        Party Poison – Thanks to the Japanese chic speaking gibberish, this turned out to be one of the most memorable song in the album to me. Whenever I hear the chic speaking Japanese, I found myself grinning like a fool. My corrupted brain immediately linked this song to anime. It would be great cover song for Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt.

        Save Yourself, I’ll Hold Them Back – The guitar works at the beginning and the drums really fool me into liking this song as well. At least the first part of it. This could be my least favorite track in the album but it has one of the most memorable line in the album: We can live forever if you got the time, you motherfucker!

        S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W – This is the other song that really gets to me when I first heard it. I love the slow – not-so-slow – tempo of the song. With a song title spelled like that, this is a sure win. You’ll end up loving it. You’ll just see.

        Summertime – The most normal track in the album? I like it. Sounds like a love song to me. I wonder… do you like their “I Don’t Love” you song from the Black Parade Album? I asked because this song somehow reminded me of that song which I love.

        DESTROYA – Well, they definitely destroyed the track.

        The Kids From Yesterday – When I first heard it, I immediately thought of Muse. It’s that kind of music. Well, until they start singing that is because then it’s the classic MCR song. Awesome is song.

        Goodnight, Mr. Death – I either will burst into flames or get killed by the statics. FUCKING LOVE THIS!

        Vampire Money – Clapping all the way. Fuck? Yes please!

        Conceptual indeed. That’s one of the most interesting thing about this group. It never cease to amuse me. It’s hard to ignore all the ideas they are bringing to the table with their albums. As someone involved with advertising and entertainment industry, I kinda know how hard it is to keep coming up with something fresh, original and exciting. MCR never phailed in that regard. Their concept from the last album kinda set the par really. People still saying that was the MCR/Black Parade coat he/she is wearing whenever they see similar kind of coat. They did it again with Killjoy.

        By the way, Gerard is fucking hot. I want to get in his pantsu.

      • I’m actually starting to like S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W. :/

        I like every single song from all of their other albums. Literally nothing is below a 4 on my itunes, which is why at first I was disappointed by this album, because I gave 2 ratings below 4 (which are going to end up being 4’s sooner of later). I Don’t Love You is a great song.

        MCR is awesome because they can always create something new. With this album they kind of left all of their other albums behind and created a completely new band that still had the same awesomeness. At first I thought that the songs were generic….how silly of me. There is nothing generic about this album.

        Lately I’ve been obsessed with Bullet Proof Heart. It’s been on repeat for about a day or two. Party Poison is probably my favorite song on the album though.

        Slowly but surly, all of the ratings I’ve given have risen. That rhymed.

        I should think about writing a post or something soon….nah fuck it, I’ll write when I want to. The only thing I’ve been watching lately is Gintama. I gotta go make my kilt.

      • Guess what? I can’t believe that I didn’t notice it before but at my office, one of my minions brought a really old Nintendo set. It came with a gun. The same kind of gun that is used by the MCR. It’s orange!

        I’m going to take a picture of it and post it up!

    • Yeah they’re almost the same. I would clearly buy a Nintendo gun and paint it. Unfortunately, I had a dream where I got fire from my job, so I’m very hesitant to spend money. If I was going to a show soon then I would do it.

      Put it up, Glo wants to see.

    • Some songs are definitely better, but some just suck. I don’t know. I like it and I hate it at the same time. SING is awesome I officially like it now. I feel like once these songs grow on me, I might end up liking this album a lot.

  1. ‘He has to collect 1000 evil souls (kill 1000 people) in order to see his wife’
    I think that would make a brilliant movie. You just have to change the guy into a killer female character and have her kill the devil at the end as well.
    *stay deep in my own thoughts and stare blankly at nothing like crazy guy*

  2. I am in agreement with pretty much everything you say, especially the fact that S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W and Summertime should have been replaced with some good, appreciated songs. They are quite awful.

    • Those two songs suck. This album could’ve been the best ever if they replaced them with Stay and any other new song from the Roxy performance. Any song. Or The World is Ugly (although that doesn’t fit with the album really). I’ll be honest, the fact that Stay isn’t on this album makes me like it less….that being said, this album is awesome and I’m buying it first chance I get.

  3. I haven’t got to hear all the songs yet but the ones I have, omg >_<. They are all so infectious it's insane. It's also funny how easily I'm amused by lines like,
    "Drugs, gimme drugs, gimme drugs
    I don't need it, but I'll sell what you got
    Take the cash and I'll keep it"
    "3, 2, 1 We came to fuck"


  4. My fav band, you’re review gave me a good laugh “acts like a collective, giant asshole. But the thing about assholes is, they can be fucked by dicks, and we happen to have the Killjoys”. Well said.

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