Kuragehime First Impressions

Well, I’ve finally started to watch some anime again, after a good 2 weeks or so of just not watching any, and decided to pick up some new stuff, one of such shows being Kuragehime.

The first thing I notice about a show is the OP.



I really wish I had listened to this awesome OP a while ago, so I could watch this show with gusto right away. I should stop this post right now, I already fully endorse any anime that features Chatmonchy in any way shape or form. I can not tell you how happy it makes me to hear some great Chatmonchy. So far the only anime that I’ve heard play such fantastic  music is Bleach (Chatmonchy – DaiDai) and Hataraki Man (Chatmonchy – Shangri La). Now we have more fantasticness!

Besides awesome music, the OP has parodies on such awesome things like Star Wars and James Bond.

Well, what about the actual show.

At first I thought the show was kind of bleh. Not much was going on that interested me. A girl pretty much has a sad life with a mother in the hospital and she’s all alone. That’s sad. But then it started getting ridiculous in a good way and I started to get into it. I’m going to try and keep this post short, so I’m just going to tick off a few things that I liked about the show.

1. Animation

I usually don’t consider a show to be bad or good based on it’s animation quality, but sometimes it does help a lot. This could be one of those cases. I absolutely love this animation, and artistic style. The character designs are all  unique and awesome, as well as very detailed. Look at Kurashita’s eyebrows! AWESOME.

2. The Characters

Characters turn to stone a few times in this show.

I love a show with good characters. What’s a good character to me? Any  characters with unique traits or some kind of oddity. ALL of the characters in this anime qualify for this. Our main character loves jellyfish. We have another character with a Three Kingdoms fetish, another with a train fetish, another with an obsession Japanese dolls or clothes or something, and another who is really quiet, and hilarious for no real reason to me. She is my favorite character so far. Also just introduced (to me, as I’m halfway done with the first episode as of now) is some girl who, if you ask me, is a guy. She sounds like a guy anyway. Either way, these characters area awesome, and they fit the quirky animation style really well too. Everything kind of fits well in this anime.


I’m only half way done with the first episode (I’m kind of switching back and forth, jotting things down as I see them in the episode), so I’m not quite sure if there’s going to be a plot. It looks kind of slice of life to me, even though that genre doesn’t actually exist (but it does). I don’t generally like shows like this, but so far, this one has my interest.

3. Utter Ridiculousness

This show is ridiculous to the point of I love it. Each minute is more ridiculous than the last. Just look at this craziness!

Cross dressing. There’s nothing more ridiculous. This anime is funny as fuck, and awesome as fuck as well.


This anime is fucking awesome as fucking fuck. And now I’m going to immerse myself fully in said anime, because it’s fucking awesome as fuck. After watching two episodes, it just keeps getting better. It honestly reminds me a lot of Moyashimon, and the fact that it has the same director as Baccano and Durarara doesn’t hurt it’s cause AT ALL.

8 thoughts on “Kuragehime First Impressions

  1. And what? There’s apparently something of a plot too! Well, that’s still a side thing from all the character development that this show’s been concentrating on, so yeah, I nominate this show for having the best cast out of all the shows I’m watching this season.

    Also would have been disappointed if you didn’t mention the OP. Chatmonchy brings out a whimsical side that’s really pleasant and upbeat all around!

    • The OP took me by storm and smashed my face into the ground. That’s how awesome it was.

      I have since caught up to the most recent episode, and all I can say is that, just like with Baccano and Durarararararararara, this anime is consistently awesome, and if it were to end today, I would be very disappointed, but I would probably give it a 5^^. No flaws in this show really.

  2. Heh, I’m glad that you finally decided to pick this up. Can you believe it that at one time I completely forgot who did the OP even though I mentioned about it in my first impression post. zzeroparticle did mention that you’ll be very disappointed because of that. I’m sure you are but I did say I fucking love it.

    Yes. Awesome as fucking fuck this show is.

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