2010 in Review

A bunch of shit happened. I watched some anime, I did some school, I read some manga, I got sick a few times, I painted a bit….not much to say really…..I guess I’ll list some stuff, since everyone seems to like that sort of thing. I’m honestly really tired and want to go to sleep. In fact, the only reason I’m not sleeping is because it’s only 7 oclock at night (as I write this). Before I get into this, I decided not to include Fullmetal Alchemist in this review because it largely ran during 2009. Had I decided to include it, then it would have won best show without question. Also, I probably forgot a bunch of shows that I watched, so the titles are probably only 80% accurate. Here we go:

Best Show I Watched in 2010

High School of the Dead

HOTD was one of the most balls-to-the-wall-action-packed-edge-of-my-seat-thrilling-bad-ass-piece-of-awesomeness that I saw in 2010. It kicked ass. It had blood, boobs, and a girl with a samurai sword who got off  from killing. I literally found nothing wrong with this show, and would love to see 20 more seasons of the exact same thing. I did not get sick of this show at all, and I don’t think I ever could get sick of it.

Runners Up:

  • Kuragehime
  • Durarara
  • Seitokoi Yakuindomo

Worst Show I Watched in 2010


You know the saying, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity?”

Tokko sucks.

Tokko was a show that had so much promise. If done correctly, it would have contained a lot of blood, great, interesting characters, and semi-decent animation. Instead, it had horrible animation, boring, flat, stupid characters, and a slow moving, uninteresting plot. It did have tons of blood, but that couldn’t save it from being a huge piece of shit. One of the worst shows I’ve seen.

Runners Up:

  • Kaichou wa Maid-sama
  • K-On!! (I didn’t even need to watch it to know that it belongs here)

Best Character I Observed in 2010


It’s no surprise that I went with Caska. I’m not obsessed with her to the same point that I am with the greatest seiyu ever, but I do like her character a lot. Caska had it all: Bad-assery, fighting skills, boobs, and a very dynamic personality. She would have reminded me of a character from Claymore, except that I can’t remember any of the characters from Claymore since I’ve pretty much forgotten about the manga for the past year and a half. Either way, she kicks ass, even if she was at first attracted to one of the biggest pussies ever (Griffith).

Runners Up:

  • Saeko Busujima (HOTD)
  • Yui Kotegawa (Motte to LOVE-ru)
  • Guts (Berserk)

Worst Character I Observed in 2010

Someone from Tokko

Dude in the white was kinda cool. Just cuz he yelled at everyone.

Pick any single person. They all suck. Except for the police dude in charge who is always pissed off. He was kinda cool.

Runners Up:

  • Griffith (Berserk)
  • Kiririririririn (Ome no Imouto…I think I stuttered when I typed out her name oh well)

Best Op


This OP is SO AWESOME. Is it because the song is done by Chatmonchy, or is it because the whole sequence is fucking awesome?


This OP alone makes this show more re-watchable than very very very many other shows. We’ve got characters doing scenes and stuff from all sorts of movies (Star Wars, James Bond, Bruce Lee, etc). And then we have this fucking AWESOME song placed on top of it…..this might be the best OP since….since…..Baccano? Durarara? Oh hey it’s the same director. Coincidence? NO. TAKAHIRO OMORI IS BRILLIANT. Kuragehime was a gem of a show.

Runner Ups:

  • The World God Only Knows had a pretty sweet OP. Reminded me of a mix of two DDR songs.

Worst Op

Kaichou was Maid-sama

I fucking HATED this shit. After the opening lines I wanted to tear the skin off of my skull.

Runner Ups:

  • B Gata H Kei. Kinda surpised I didn’t end up picking that one, considering I bashed it for a whole post. In the end, Kaichou wa Maid-sama’s OP registered more hate within my soul

Well, there you have it. 2010 in review. In fairly short review at that. It’s likely that I forgot half of the shows that I watched, but whatever. See you in 2011 bitches.


Yui Kotegawa is Awesome.

As I stated, I have indeed decided to pick up the second season of To LOVE Ru, mainly because I have really bad taste in anime. Well, to be truthful, the only real reasons why I watch the show is for its ridiculously stupid ecchi humor, and for Yui Kotegawa.

Yui Kotegawa is your typical Class President. She fits the description of pretty much making her the same as every other student council president in anime:

I just keep adding on to this list. I could probably find plenty more too.

She closely resembles the President from Kaichou wa Maid-sama, whose name I have forgotten and whose show could end up being dropped shortly. Yui applies the rules strictly (sort of), but she’s also a complete tsundere. She’s pretty much one of the most cliche characters in this anime.

It could just be that I love her seiyu, Kaori Nazuka. And when I say “love,” I mean I just looked her up to find out who she was. She does a great job with Yui. And looky looky, she’s played many famous roles, such as Nunnally, Eureka (still haven’t seen that), and my favorite of the group, Maria Ross. Pretty damn okay resume if you ask me.

So Yui is supposedly more conservative than any of her classmates, but she’s clearly a tsundere, so OBVIOUSLY, that means that she’s actually more perverted and yearns for sex more than any of them, she just doesn’t know it yet.

What else can be said about her? Idk. That’s kind of it. She’s just great to watch. Maybe it’s because she’s a fanservice hater in an anime of fanservice. A beacon of light in an anime with an otherwise dull storyline. A tsundere with big boo- wait what?

Berserk Review

Massive Spoilers NSFW (tl;dr version at bottom)

I’m doing this in two three parts.

Part One: Most of the Series (up to the rescue of Griffith)

This is my wallpaper. It will not change.

One of the best fucking things I’ve ever seen in my life. Guts was slicing people up, Caska was being one of my favorite female characters ever, and there was blood fucking everywhere. Even though Griffith was a huge pussy, Berserk was still pretty much the perfect anime, and getting better and better as it continued. I loved watching the Band of the Hawk rise to the top, fall back down to the bottom, and then be rescued by Guts.

As I said, Guts was killing everyone without much care. The storyline sort of repeated itself, and this was in no way depressing. A battle would start, Guts would kill fucking everyone who dared to underestimate him, and life was good. Caska was hot, she was awesome, and even though she was (for some odd reason) attracted to Griffith at first, she slowly decided that she could no longer deny the complete manliness of Guts, who has the ability to make any girl reach climax simply by looking at them a certain way. Guts fucks her, no big deal, and after that, she was hooked.

I love bloody shows, so all of the blood and head lopping was really awesome to watch. I was having a grand old time watching Guts hack through bodies, castle walls, doors, tanks, planets, and galaxies. But wait. What’s this?

Part Two: The Last Three Episodes

Caska, the greatest character ever, is about to get raped by birdman over here.

Pretty much the worst three episodes of anything I’ve ever watched. I actually recall watching it and thinking to myself, “I could really go for some Apocalypse Zero right now.” Honestly, I like a good mind-fuck, but this was just a whole bunch of stupid.

You know how when your friend says something along the lines of, “Don’t tell me how the movie ends I haven’t seen it yet!” and so you tell him that everyone dies, just to fuck with him? Well if you’re talking about Berserk one day, and a friend says, “Don’t tell me how the anime ends I haven’t seen it yet!” don’t joke around and tell him that everybody dies in the end, because you’ll be spoiling the entire ending to the anime.



Caska gets raped by a fucking bird-bat-beast-man. What the fuck is that? Before this episode I said to myself, “If Caska dies, I’m giving this anime a 2.” Now I’m all like, wtf!? She got raped by Birdman! Wtf do I do now!? At least Guts became even more fucking badass by killing all of the fuckin-huge demon beasts. He was all like, “Yeah so what you’re all fucking-huge demon beasts I’ll still fuck your day up!” And then he did. He even cut off his fucking arm to try and stop the Birdman from raping Caska no big deal.

WHY THE FUCK DID A BIRDMAN RAPE CASKA!? Not only is the Birdman one of the most ridiculous looking anime characters I’ve ever seen, but Casksa? You raped her? Fuck that just ruined it for me. I don’t care if it’s a children’s drawing of rape, I will hate anything with rape in it.

For the record, no, I have not been raped.

Speaking of rape. Birdman doesn’t even look like he enjoys sex. The whole time he was illegally sexing up Caska’s underbox, he wasn’t moving at all. He was still as a statue, and what’s more, he was just staring down Guts the entire time. I think he wants to fuck Guts.

Part Three: The Edit

After waiting a few days, I’ve re-thought my analysis. The ending has become, in my mind, less stupid, and I now view this entire show as an introduction to something bigger, which, I’m guessing, is pretty much what it is. I still hate the fact that Caska got raped and everyone dies. Guts better kill everyone. I’m about to become dangerously addicted to the manga, which I’m going to try and not pick up this very second. I think I’ll pick it up when the new series gets close to finishing. Fuck me this is why I didn’t want to watch the series, I’m going to catch up to the manga in a few days at most and then have to wait so fucking long for a new chapter and eventually forget about it like I did with the masterpiece that is Claymore. I can’t even remember more than 2 characters from Claymore anymore because I haven’t read it in over a year.

EDIT: I couldn’t hold back, I’m reading this shit.

Either way, this anime never really had enough in it to warrent a 5^^. It was probably on it’s way to a 5* rating, but these last three episodes, and the fact that it just ends like that. I expect the new series to be more complete, and thus warrant itself a higher grade. This anime was not complete. It cut off mid story (I’d even say it cut off at the beginning of the story). I actually looked for another episode after I finished the final one, only to be disappointed. I hate shit that just cuts off. The Sopranos? I never watched it, but I hate the ending to it.


To wrap up and clarify things, a few facts about Berserk, the anime:

  • Guts is arguably the most bad ass character ever created by God.
  • Caska is more awesome then the ability to shoot death rays out of one’s ass.
  • Griffith is a huge pussy.
  • I’m on the fence about reading the manga.
  • The more I think about it, the more I like this show, ending included.

You know what, let’s talk about my opinions of the manga. Despite the fact that those last three episodes pretty much ruined any chance of me picking up the manga (like D Gray Man the anime did for me picking up THAT manga), there are reasons why I want to read it have started reading it:

  • More blood, and way more bad assery. This is just a hunch based off of one picture I saw.
  • Guts now has one arm and one eye. He’s still going to kill everyone on a mission of revenge. There is nothing in the world more bad ass than that.
  • What kind of rape-child will Caska have? Will it have wings?

Either way, I’ll read the manga, but only if I still like anime/manga in 5 years, because I’m sure as shit not picking it up right now, when it isn’t even close to completion. It probably won’t be any closer in 5 years either. Waste of my time.


Oh Wow! Bill the Ass Kicker is actually a reincarnation of Guts!!! Bill was not impressed with the series ending, however.

EDIT: The manga is soooooo fucking nasty. 500 times better than the anime.

Ode to My Mural

Klux said she wanted to see this shit, so here’s my officially finished mural for my Mural Painting class. I’m displaying it here on my ISSS, just because I have an ego that fills more space than Rosie O’Donnel in bathroom stall/closet/large ballroom/pretty much anywhere, she takes up a shitload of space. Anyway, the mural is going to look like random doodling, but there’s actually a theme to it and a few hidden things. Keep that in mind for the end.

If you’re wondering why I look like TOTAL SHIT, I’ll ask you how you would look after just finishing painting something for 12 hours. Also, I’m trying to grow out my hair. even though I look stupid with long hair (even though girls seem to like it?) I need to make a poll. I came back later and took real pictures for real, and here they are:

My parent decided that they wanted to come see my mural as well. I charged them 15 dollars to view it. They gladly paid.

Title: ?

Time spent on original sketch: 2 hours

Time spent drawing/gridding: approx 25 hours

Time spent painting: approx 28 hours

Total time: 55 hours

Location: 1st Floor Men’s Bathroom Entrance in Copernicus Hall,Central Connecticut State University, New Britain CT, United States of America

In case you’re wondering, which I’m sure you are because you’re all FUCKING OBSESSED WITH MY DICK, here is the original sketch of what the mural was supposed to look like. The sketch itself is maybe 5 inches by15 inches (rough estimate, I never really measured). Basically, what I had to do was grid it up and then transpose it onto the walls of this little alcove.

So off of that sketch, I was able to get this:


Okay….I was going to put a video I took of my mural here, but the quality looks so shitty on youtube that I’m not even going to bother…it’s to bad too because I used this song as the background music….ahh fuck it, here the video sucks but if I’m putting the song up anyway…

I don’t know why it’s all choppy and shitty it works fine on my computer….oh well here’s some more pictures.

Well that’s about it. Now it’s time to play the game. How many things can you find hidden in this mural, and where are they? Here’s the list:


  • 5 words (What are they? Hint, they’re really big)
  • One reference to anime.
  • Two references to a band.

And lastly, what is the theme?

There’s a shitload of more shit hidden in there, but if I tell you any of it, it would give away the theme. Hopefully, someone dumb like Robert doesn’t come here and tell everyone, since he was there when I was painting it. He knows the theme though that’s it.

Random fact: I was going to paint “ANCE” on the end of the MECHANICAL ROOM sign, so that it read, MECHANICAL ROOMANCE. I thought that would be funny, but I didn’t do it. If you don’t get it, I’m not going to tell you.

Extra Shit

So despite the fact that I have a lot of post drafts written up and just waiting to be sent out, I think this might be one of my last posts till the New Year. Maybe one more year end wrap up where I can point out all the shitty shows that are coming up in Winter. They all suck. That being said, here’s an update on some anime shit:

Berserk – I’m coming very very close to finishing this series. I’ve been steamrolling it as much as time allows me to these past few days, and I should finish within the week. Fact is, Caska is fucking awesome. She’s going to be the character that leads to me making a list of all my favorite anime babes that make you think the wrong thing. Caska is my desktop wallpaper right now, replacing a stalker version of Mizore Shirayuki, and it doesn’t look like a change is coming anytime soon.

Fate/Zero – Anime forthcoming. ufotable (Kara no Kyoukai, Futakoi Alternative). This show already gets at least a 5 for a rating. My anticipation is VERY high for it’s premier.

Bleach (manga) – Is anyone else feeling pumped up about the direction of the story? Fuck I can’t wait.

Let’s Lagoon – Is ANYONE subbing this? Or is it REALLY just THAT slow to come out? It’s barely getting started, and it’s one of my favorite manga, but I haven’t seen a new chapter in MONTHS. FRUSTRATING!!!!

Chatmonchy is the best.

My Failed Christmas Countdown Explained And Other Stuff Regarding Me

Let me first and foremost; want to know the whole trick behind my “Christmas Countdown?”

Who says you can't do cool shit in Paint?

Well, clearly I was just naming Rie Kugimiya characters. I had NOT seen all of the shows from which these characters had came, although I did see a majority of them. Pretty much, I just took characters at random from

The only encyclopedia you need to know about

I mean, sure, I made what I consider to be some great groupings:

“Flora Skybloom about to hit a three” rhymes with the original song’s “Partridge in a pear tree.”

“Two Mimis” because she played only two characters named Mimi.

“Three Bleach Personas” because she only played three Bleach characters.

“5 Iwakis” because she played 5 characters in that show, which is the only show where she did that, and it was awesome…

That’s about all of the good ones. The rest could have had additions and subtractions made to them. I also should have made number 4 dedicated to the 4 animal voices she played (Happy, Shao May, Momotaru, and Koko.)

So, pretty much, I quit, and just posted my 12th day, which is the only day I really cared about to be honest.  To be honest, I was just taking shit from MAL, including the pictures. Hooray for slacking and laziness!!!

Extra Shit

I finally finished my mural. Post forthcoming.

On The 7th Day Of Chri- BOOM!!!


Shana “Flaming-Haired, Blazing-Eyed Hunter”

Shana is the first Rie Kugimiya character I've seen, and from that point on, Rie Kugimiya was my favorite.


Louise Françoise Le Blanc “Louise the Zero, Louiloui, Chibi Louise” de La Vallière

I still want another season, but it will never happen and that makes me mad.


Nagi Sanzenin

Nagi's really nothing special, it's perhaps the otakuness that she has and her lack of sense that I find most appealing.


Mizore “Stalker Onna” Shirayuki



Taiga “Palmtop Tiger” Aisaka

What I consider to be Rie's best performance.


Yukimura Sanada

I'm only on episode 4, and Yukimura is already guaranteed to be my favorite character.


Kagura “Gura-san, China”

I really don't need to explain this it's so obvious.


Alphonse “Al,Armored Alchemist” Elric

Clearly one of her most famous voices. An awesome job as usual helps give one of the best shows ever half of it's duo.


Misaki “Haya-chan” Hayakawa

Where's the next season of Kemeko DX? The first one ended by introducing a new character....C'MON DON'T DO THAT TO ME!!!


Nemu Kurotsuchi

To be honest, I never hear Nemu talk much, so I was kind of surprised when I found out it was Rie who voiced her. Considering Nemu was already one of my favorite Bleach characters, I was overjoyed by this fact.



Acidic Tit Milk.


Nena Trinity

Gundam 00 was OKAY, but some of the things I really liked about it was Hallelujah's split personality, his GF with the split personality, and Nena Trinity. She should have her own spinoff series I'd watch that in a second.


Yuuhi Katagiri

Literally the only good part about this shitty show.


Mimi Usagi

She got almost no air time, but whenever she was there she made everything awesome.


I will tell you all now. After a certain comment recently, I have already decided my new years resolution. Clearly, since this 12 days of Christmas list exploded, there will be no more posts. What a nice, cheap way to back out of this thing.

I think it’s fair to say that this Christmas countdown sucked.

B:ASPHEMY! Anything with Rie Kugimiya is awesome! Anyway, I’m sure I forgot three characters (Sabato, Shannon, and Nene), but I gotta go to bed to get up early and watch the Giants hopefully pound the shit out of Micheal Vick (which would be bad for my fantasy teams, but I could really care less).

God I can’t fucking wait for more Shana.

On The 6th Day Of Christmas Anime Gave To Me

Girls Who Actually Aren’t Short, Flat Tsunderes:


Sabato Mihashigo

Maya Jingu



Ikhny Allecto

A Bunch of  Iwakis:

Rizel Iwaki

Rachel Iwaki

Roberia Iwaki

Lan Lan Iwaki

Lux Iwaki

Three Fullmetals and a Failure

Alphonse Elric

Kathleen Elle Armstrong

Shao May


Three Bleach Personas:

Karin Kurosaki

Nemu Kurotsuchi


Two Mimis:

Mimi Usami


And Flora Skybloom about to hit a threeeee: