So I Began Watching Motto To Love Ru

To Love Ru. When talking about it, most people seem to mention things along the lines of:

“What a shitty shitty show. It sucks something aweful. It contains blatant, glaring fanservice, plots that aren’t really that great, and characters that are completely cliche.”

(Personally, I think that every single show has cliche characters, except for awesome shows like Kuragehime.)

Guess what? These people are all stupid. They just don’t get it. I’ll explain in a bit, but personally, I really enjoy watching To Love Ru. I find the show pretty funny, and overall very amusing. I guess it’s one of those things you can’t really explain…..

Unless you’re as awesome as me.

People maybe don’t get that To Love Ru isn’t a typical fanservice anime. Yes, it is a fanservice anime, but it uses fanservice (most of the time) as a way to make fun of fanservice. To Love Ru, more than anything else, is a parody of all fanservice anime, in the same way that Shaun of the Dead is a parody of zombie movies, and Hot Fuzz (very hilarious movie IMO) is a parody of every action movie ever. I love shows that parody genres. I find it awesome. Every parody is subtle yet loud at the same time. Even if making To love Ru a parody of fanservice anime isn’t the true objective of the producers it still comes off that way to me. Anyway, enough of that shit.

Once I began watching, I noticed several things:

  • The 1st episode was actually pretty flawless. It re-introduced every character from the 1st season without seeming forced.
  • The animation was really really great (especially after just finishing the OVAs, where the animation, while certainly not bad, wasn’t quite as good).
  • Rito’s getting into all sorts of crazy shinanigans, including grabbing tits by accident and seeing girls naked by accident.
  • As was in the first season, To Love Ru is overusing fanservice to a degree of hilarity. Well, maybe not hilarity, but humerous nonetheless.

Then I noticed some things that made me go, “Huuhhhhhhh?” Like as in….who the fuck is this?

I recall nothing about this character at all. Maybe I just realized how shitty and stupid this character was, and deleted it from the memory banks of my brain. If I didn’t, I certainly will after this season is through. But oh fuck! I’m creating written records of this character in this very post! So even if I manage to forget, I may accidentally or intentionally re-read this post, and then I’ll just end up un-intentionally remembering! Foiled again by my own brilliance! Drat!

But seriously, who the fuck is this Potemayo rip off character? Leaf on head (the characters in Potemayo grow these when they become sexually active), can’t speak without using undecipherable sounds, is really really small…I feel like they threw a few surprises in here. Like, I don’t remember Lala’s sisters either, nor do I quite remember the ghost. Okay well I DO remember the ghost, but when did she get a body? What the fuck is…..where the………….who the fuck is fuckin’? (5:12 for relevance)

So what is the exact point of this post? Well that’s actually the big twist…

There is none!

Extra Shit

Today I watched every episode of Police Squad and it was awesome. I don’t get how it was ever cancelled, although I suppose it was a good thing, because it gave way to the three Naked Gun movies. It really sucks that Leslie Nielsen is dead.


17 thoughts on “So I Began Watching Motto To Love Ru

  1. You are correct that Celine was never properly introduced since they skipped some chapters between the tv series and the OVAs. Celine was the carnivorous plant that lived in Rito’s garden. After becoming sick, she was reborn as this human-plant hybrid.
    Oshizu got an artificial body from Mikado-sensei and now helps the professor at her clinic.
    I agree with you that TLR’s brand of humour is amusing. It has a quality that few harem series have. Usually, indecisive harem leaders make me cringe but for some reason I don’t dislike Rito.

    • Oh I remember Oshizu getting the body now I think. Or I just made up that I remember I can’t be sure…

      What’s with plants and small animals suddenly getting cute little bodies in shows? Ryo Ohki in Tenchi Muyo got a body all of a sudden during one of the OVA’s and I was like, “wtf why?”

      Total cop out to appeal to the moe crowd. It’s stupid.

    • I thought that the first season SUCKED…..until I got about halfway through, then I thought that the show really started upthrusting the amount of comedy that they had and got pretty damn funny.

  2. well, I ussualy givethe ecchi/fanservice based shows a C. that doesnt mean i hate them or the like just than they fall in a common category and they dont deserve a B for example unless they posses some exeptional trait. for example i gave Girls Bravo anime a B, why? they made laugth so hard and so constanly, got me hooked easylie, with all those boobs, the prota-beating the homo-fobic “jonny-bravo” and the fact there i a planet of babes literaly so eager to procreate than they chase mens like theres no tomorrow. Another show i enyoied was Rosario Vampire, but still gave it a C, (hoping for a next season). how do you compare this show (to love ru in general) to Rosario Vampire? beter worse equal?

    • To LOVE ru is very easily comparable to Rosario Vampire. Whenever I think of one, I usually think of the other, because they’re quite similar. It’s a tough call…..Rosario Vampire has a Rie Kugimiya stalker character with purple hair who is awesome, although the comedy in to love ru might be slightly funnier.

      To be honest, both shows have gone downhill because of the overuse of censoring. I really don’t get it. Sometimes, they’ll show a full bust with no censorship, but other times, they’ll feel the need to cover the entire screen with a huge bat or a gian glare. It pretty much ruins the anime when the screen is covered up most of the time.

      Both of these shows are pretty much dead even for me. I like em both.

      • them i will watch it. the fact i just seen a picture of a girl with a devil tail convinced me. the bat censor was fun! but its still censor so its bad 😦 (beter a bat than the usual blackness) i dont get why they censor pantyshots??? they are way too common! and the anime concentrate on showing it! in fact usually the TV channels are the censors… (ok in rosario was ovius an in-show built in censor) so i thintk japanese tv companies are full of morons and moral defenders (i dont get the diference but whatever). for example in Princes Lover i could not enjoy ANY fan service besides boob bouncing, that was awful, there is suposse to be an DVD release no-censor but after seein the anime in hot-streaming weekly release i see no point of re-watching; instead i looked for a fan-stuff featuring Sylvie. DOWN THE CENSORS!

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