Two Years Already!?

On December 2nd of this, the year of our Lord 2010, I was in my Biology Lab, scratching the words, “EYE SEDSO” in very small letters onto the stage plate of a dissecting microscope. This way, you can see it when you look through the lens, but if you try and read it with the naked eye, it’s tough to make out the letters. A very cunning bit of self advertisment I might add. It was then when I suddenly realized, “Holy fucking shit! Eye Sedso is going to be 2 years old in FOUR DAYS!!!”

This was actually a birthday wish for my ACTUAL birthday as sent by Kluxorious via facebook. Clearly the best birthday greeting via facebook ever, seeing as Zarashi Warashi is one of my all time favorite female anime characters.

Well, here we are, on December 6th, and my beautiful ISSS, Eye Sedso, is another year older. It was on this date in 2009 that I sat in my room, unable to sleep as usual, and looking for something to do during the late hours of the night when no one else was up. It was at that time when I decided to create the world’s first, and best, ISSS: Eye Sedso. The rest, as they say, is mashed potatoes.

So what should I do for this post. Firstly, I think I’ll let you all know that after a month of slumping in watching anime, I’ve been catching up at a rather steady pace. I’ve been watching Kuragehime, Motto To LOVE-ru, some Berserk, and some Gintama, amongst other shows. I’ve purchased some more manga (only because I had a gift card and they didn’t have the Lloyd Banks album, Sword of a Stranger, any good movies, etc….manga was not high on my list to be honest….I should [or maybe shouldn’t] mention that in the process of purchasing them, the dude ringing me up was hitting on me, telling me how nice my shirt looked and flirting with me. I’m not gay myself, but the whole thing was kind of amusing. I guess I’d make a good gay dude.). So in essence, this birthday almost serves as a rebirth of Eye Sedso.

Now is the time for me to compare my hits with the hits that I had when I first started this ISSS, even though hits don’t mean shit, and comments are all that matters, of which I get a frugal amount.

Back in the day, I remember struggling to get 100 hits. Then, one day, I got it. I was so happy that I did absolutely nothing. Then I got notified of Anime Nano, forced them to accept my ISSS at gunpoint, and saw my hit count soar through the roof. Suddenly, I was getting OVER 100 hits a day REGULARLY!!!

Wow was I stupid. Now, I’m getting around 800 hits a day regularly, and it’s still not enough. I need MORE!!!

Notice my Top Search item! (Laughs and nods. Adds thumbs up)

Honestly, you’d think with this fairly decent amount of hits I really don’t have anything to compare it too to be honest), people would comment more, but in fact, there’s been less commenting. The only explanation is that I’ve made a SHIT load of posts, so people get here by random occurrence, simply due to my large output of topics bullshit. Whatever, it’s not a big deal, now I can still make fun of myself, which is unsurprisingly easy to do (see, I just did it right there).

It’s strange to think that when I first created this site, I thought it would last merely a week or two, and then I’d get bored of it, but I’ve honestly grown into it pretty heavily, and now I like writing posts almost as much as watching anime. And you thought that YOU were fucked up, huh?

This seems like a perfect segway to ask the question that I was going to write a post around, but I’ll instead throw it in here.

“How long does one need to be writing posts about anime to be considered a veteran anime blogger (or ISSSer, as would be in my case)?”

Tis a question I have been pondering deeply of late, while I sit by the fire and smoke my evening pipe. I wonder if anyone has  ever asked this question? In my opinion (and yours too probably) I’m no a veteran. I’m only two years old. But then, how old do most blogs (or in my case, ISSS) last? Scamp says two years (I can’t find the link and I’m not looking through those tags).  I’d say to be considered a vet of the aniblogosphere, a person would need 5 years at least, but that’s just me.

What about the actual content? Any old (or usually young) shithead can write a blog, it’s fucking free for  Christ’s sake. So does the quality get attributed to the veteranness of a writer? Personally, I think that as long as the passion is there, it doesn’t matter how good the content is, and I say this simply because Eye Sedso’s content is so fucking bad that it’s unbelievable I get any views at all. Here’s a picture:

What else can I possibly talk about? Let’s go through more boring stats I guess…

Take into account that These are all stats from December 2nd. Look at all of those posts. Before you say something really dumb like, “Oh wow that’s amazing good job! Congrats!” Let me direct you to the comment section, of which about 1 third are mine. That equates to about 8 comments per post, 3 of which, would be mine, so 5 comments by people not named glothelegend. That’s pretty pathetic really. I really only have a handful of readers really. Maybe I’ll list them later. Maybe I won’t. Maybe go fuck yourself.

A small bright spot in an otherwise dim ISSS. Notice my amount of views from 2008 and 2009. The add up to 86021. Now double it. 172042. You see that amount? That’s essentially the amount of total views I had in my first year. It’s a little bit more in fact.

In my second year, that number has doubled. Not too shabby. I only recently achieved 200,000 hits, and it took about 1 year and 7 months to acquire that many. As of now, I have 253318 hits (numbers are slightly skewed if you do the math, because I took one number from a different window that was opened a different amount of time), which means I only need 50,000 more to get 300K.


However, I don’t get zero comments, and commenters have come and gone over time. Some people who used to comment a lot no longer visit, and some people have just popped up from no where and started stalking the shit out of Eye Sedso, which is very appreciated. To these people, I would thank first my most consistent top 5 commenters (based on time and amount of estimated comments. If you would like to see their sites then simply click on their names):


Who has the most comments on this site? Duh, it’s Kluxorious, who probably doubles the combined comments left here by everyone else. Like it’s not even close. But hey, my wife should fucking support me with awesome pictures of Zashiki Warashi for my real birthday. Without doubt my best friend on the blogosphere, and the only person I know who actually likes My Chemical Romance almost as much as me.


This dinosaur, who has arguably the best blog on the internet, had the first comment on Eye Sedso, which shows you that he’s been around this site for a while, although I don’t know why. Maybe he has some sort of sick obsession with crappy writing… Whatever the reason, he’s commented here and there with consistency, Barking out orders like a loony at which anime I’m supposed to watch. They’re usually good suggestions, but I don’t think I’ll ever finish Aria. It’s just so boring, and I’m only just finishing up the first season. We’ll see.


Yi will usually show up and post in bunches, which I do to a lot of people too. She’s also been here for the long haul, and she has a great enthusiasm for yuri, which is always a big plus. She also has one of my favorite blogs out there, and she’s only getting better and more popular (while I remain stagnant)


Here’s another one who kind of comes and goes in the same way that I come and go on her site, which is fucking awesome, even if it has a shit load of BL posts that I never read. I still fucking go there. The much anticipated podcast that we did kicked serious ass. Too much ass, in fact, since it contained too much awesome to be contained in any type of computer file, yet the legend lives on and keeps going just like the Energizer Bunny. As I think I said last time I had a birthday post, day kicks some serious ass.


First of all, Canne, like the rest, has been here with much longevity and has been throwing up comments here and there rather consitantly. I’m still not sure how the name is pronounced, (Cain? Can-nee? Can-ay?), but the avatar is one of the best I’ve seeing, seeing as Kill Bill is my favorite movie of all time, and Chiaki Kuriyama was one of my favorite characters (Gogo) as depicted in said avatar. I even watched some other movie just because she was in it….well, actually, there were two movies, and she was in the sequel. I watched the first one, but it was pretty shitty, so I never saw the second one. Something about assassins in feudal Japan. It actually had some really good parts, but I can’t remember what they were. I wish I remembered the movie because now I want to watch the second one. Girl Assassin? Grraahh!!! I heard about it somewhere, Could have been Japan Cinema (someone who also posts here from time to time.

Well, that’s five, if you were left out, then post more comments and get mentioned next year.

Seeing as it’s been 2 years, and also seeing as my computer recently crashed, I’ve decided to re-do my avatar, which you may have noticed (it turned back to it’s original green logo for a while some reason). I have re-done my image so that hopefully the eyes stay white from now on (on most sites they change to the color of the background) EDIT: It worked. Staying on subject, before I mention my next person, I would like to point out to you all how awesome all of these avatars are. If I could make  a team of the most awesome avatars, then this would literally be my team. Now then, onto my next, and most favorite award: Stalker of the Year. This award goes out to the person who has most notably raped the shit out of Eye Sedso with a sudden, massive outpour of comments, and this year, after a late entry, and with a velocity of posts that might even put klux to shame, I award the Stalker of the Year Award to the lord who beat out Dez691….


Despite having a boring avatar that I used to have before I discovered Gravatar (mine was green too if I recall correctly, which I probably don’t), Lord Marcus has commented, usually multiple times, on every post I’ve written recently. Pretty fuckin badass if I do say so myself. Who won this award last year? Oh shit! I didn’t do those awards last year? When did I do them? End of the year?

Ahhhh here it is. I thanked commenters in the 100K post. In that one notouchi was rated the best stalker, but she doesn’t comment, and I can’t tell if she’s stalking me anymore. If she comments right now on this post then I award her with the Stalker of the Year award instead. Wow there’s a lot of similar names. I’m not including oballer or refuse to come wack this year though, simply because I’m too lazy.

Well, I have nothing more to say. The Red Sox acquired Adrian Gonzalez, and now they’re the best team in the world.