More Dropped Shows and Broken Promises

Well, I dropped some more shows. Take heed of this post, because it can serve as a warning NOT to EVER watch these shows.

Kaichou wa Maid-sama


Stop laughing bitch you're getting dropped!

Okay okay okay. I KNOW what I said, and I know what else I said. But honestly, I had to drop this show. It was out of my hands. The fact is, whenever I watch Kaichou wa Maid-sama, I go into a hiatus. I just start hating anime, and then I stop for a month. That’s what happened last time. I can’t take this anymore.

It has all sorts of flaws, one of the main flaws being, believe it or not, the music. They have one song, that plays over and over and over and changes only in volume. THE WHOLE SOUNDTRACK IS ONE SONG!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW ANNOYING THAT IS AFTER 15 EPISODES!?

Besides that, all of the characters suck. Usui used to kick ass, but after the 7th episode, this show pretty much jumped off a cliff. My advice is to watch the first 7 episodes, which are actually quite good, and then drop the fucking shit out of this anime.

You win Kaichou wa Maid-sama. You win.

FINAL GRADE ATM = 4 (honestly, despite all of it’s shittiness, there’s still a lot to like)



Don't be fooled by this awesome artwork, Tokko is NOT this awesome.


I’m not wasting time writing out the entire plot for this show. Basically, dudes fight demons.

I wanted to finish this series so I could do a proper dismantling of it’s sheer shittiness, but even with just 3 episodes left, I simply can’t do it. The plot was good enough to be able to make a quality show out of, but the way that this show was botched was really something special. Not only was the animation worse than an old, saggy vagina, but the characters were like cardboard, in that they all had one dimension, nothing good/exiting to say, and they got soggy when left in the rain for too long. It was really really bad.

Sure, it had plenty of blood, but even this wasn’t able to save the crappy plot progression and boring boringness. All moment that could have been made bad ass were instead made to be as boring as possible. When the main character (name thankfully forgotten) finally achieved his max power, everyone was just like “oh”, and he didn’t even do anything good with it. Everyone in this show sucks and I can’t explain how bad it was. I only had 3 episodes left too.


Seikon no Qwaser

This picture is all the initiative I need to never even think about this show again.

Synopsis: Dude drinks breast milk. Stupid.

I think I actually didn’t mind this show for the first couple episodes (I think I watched 4 altogether), but at this point, I just don’t give a shit about this show anymore, and I have 100% zero ambition to watch it. Someone give me 3 good reasons to watch this and I’ll pick it up again. All I remember from it was that it had a lot of blatant fanservice in a bad, non-funny way.


Wow, I feel better. I no longer have to worry about finishing these masterpieces of shit. Not that I worry about anime in the first place. The good news is that I’ve been hammering out anime like it’s my job lately, and it feels great. In fact, all I’ve been doing recently is watching anime and sleeping. All day, that’s what I do. Life is AWESOME.


30 thoughts on “More Dropped Shows and Broken Promises

  1. You did the right thing. I don’t usually allow myself to watch shows that I hate. I dropped anime a lot and don’t even need an explanation for it. When I hate it, I hate it.

    Time to quit OreImo.

    • Ore no Imouto is bearable enough to finish, providing it’s only 13 episodes. If it’s 24 or something, then I don’t know if I’ll be able to take it.

      I try not to drop shows if I can help it. Sad thing is, I was only 3 episodes away from finishing Tokko. It’s on TV sometimes too, which I found surprising.

      • I’m unsure about it either. Since you are determined to watch the shit, do tell me if Kyousuke grow himself a dick and get it on with Manami. Otherwise it would be a waste of my fucking time.

        I need a man with a dick in my anime. Not just a doormat.

      • All I can say is he better end up pounding Manami’s pussy. If he ends up with his sister I’m going to punch a whole through the planet. Manami is clearly the best character. As for Kyousuke, who the fuck cries when they get a present? What a pussy.

      • Why would you spend money on this show ever? I mean, it’ll probably be subbed and online at some point anyway, although either way, we’re going to have to wait to see him get his D wet inside Manami’s mouth/vagina/asshole.

      • He’s pretty plain if you ask me. There’s nothing really special about his appearance or even his personality. If I were to ever get a figure (which I would not do ever), then I’d at least get someone with a bit of flair or something. I’d probably get Shana with flaming red hair. At least her hair is on fire. Yes. Shana is clearly the best. In fact, you should just get all Shana figures, and then give them to me for free.

      • Sure. I can use them to throw at little kids who annoy me. Using rocks was getting boring, so why not spice it up a bit and chuck anime figures at them?

        No, I don’t want them.

        If you’re going to get a male figure, then at least get someone who isn’t boring, like…




        Oh shit every male character in anime is pretty much the same plain person! Unless you’re talking about a show with powers. Lelouch would be a good pick up. Or Inuyasha (can’t go wrong with him or his half brother).

        Fuck it all, just get Ryoko, she’s the tits.

      • There are some good male figures out there. Ichigo for example (Okay he’s just hot but yeah he can still kcik ass).

        I’m surprised you didn’t mention Gintoki or Krauser (who I already bought the figure a month ago)

      • I thought of both of them, but tried not to mention them because I thought they were too obvious.

        Any show that has some kind of powers in it or something usually has some interesting character designs, but for themost part, in high school, or real life anime the male characters all look the same.

  2. Maid-sama… what happened to you JC Staff? It seems that they are having more problems adapting anime these days. It’s quite funny how I am saying this since I haven’t finished it. Oh well… :/

    • I don’t know.. I don’t mind Milky Holmes or Zakuro, despite them being tolerable, not particularly “good”. And to their credit they do periodically have a Toradora or Nodame. JC Staff is just too good at making money off of stuff that’s crap-on-a-stick. See Index/Railgun, Shana, etc. If people want to spend their time and money on fillery crap like that, Maid-sama, Ookami-san, etc, then I’m not surprised they don’t care to make something notable. These aren’t shows they need to care about adapting well, because they suck to begin with. JC Staff aren’t exactly taking risks on stuff like Brains Base does.

  3. Oh right, I haven’t gotten around to finishing Seikon no Qwaser yet. The last time I watched it was episode 3. By then I had lost my sight and sense of hearing for a couple of months.

  4. I dropped Qwaser at the FIRST episode dude.

    Ironically I got all the way to 22 on Kaichoumaid. Still waiting for the rest of the episodes to be subbed. I regret a little listening to some idiot (saw a recommendation randomly placed on MAL) who said it was like Ouran. Well fuck you, Ouran was way better and in a class of its own.

    I will finish it, as you said there are a few things that I liked about the show, but it just never delivered much in terms of hype or substance.

    • Technically, I dropped it after two episode, it just took a really long time to actually drop it.

      The episodes still aren’t all subbed!? Wow. That’s pretty shitty. Congratulations on getting farther than I did. I finally just couldn’t take it. It’s strange, but if this series was only 13 episodes I probably would’ve actually ended up liking it. It was just too long (in a bad way….most long shows are typically really good).

  5. I have quite a few animes i have droped. in fact i have a list for making sure either if i re-take them i watch from the point i left or to avoid them at all cost.

    i ussualy give a shot to animes my friends recomends, 3 episodes if i still dont like it after that is an easy drop. 3 episodes seems to be fine either for 13 cap anime of 26 cap. as an exeption i got a few animes that are bad but finished them anyway coz either i already bougth them or wanted to finish for any dumb stupid or weird reason.

    0ne example of the last is the Devil May Cry anime, i consider it bad anime, is a perfect example of cheap anime, just take on a bad-ass character and twist it with a few lines non-epic plot show everybody than it comes to life in the small screen to ruin your whole perception of the character and videogame saga alike. i imagined it much more epic this was just disapointing half baked stuff. (but i actually enjoyed the poker capter, i whould reapeat that one anyday)

    thanks for the advice of what to avoid.

    • As do I. Whenever I drop an anime, I take the anime and the episode I last watched and paste them into my “dropped” category. I’ve taken an anime out and finished it before, so just because a show is dropped doesn’t necessarily mean for certain that I’m never going to watch it again.

      I didn’t mind Devil May Cry. Then again, I never played the video games.

  6. Life’s too short for shitty anime. There’s no shortage of anime to go through either, so it’s really just self-flagellation after a while. Sure, you can suffer through them, but once you’ve seen a show once there’s no reason to suffer through it’s many clones, knock-offs, and shitty sequels. You might actually like them occasionally, but you generally don’t have to suffer through them long to find out whether that’s true.

    The worst is when you feel obligated to carry on with garbage just because others insist that they’re not all that bad. Remember: other people (myself included) are idiots and assholes, the least you can do is get them to compensate in some way (beer bets, watching something they might not like in return, etc). That way they can see why you think they’re braindamaged for liking something like Maidshit or Squid Girl, and why you think they’re braindamaged for liking something like Angel Beats or Oreimo.

  7. Didn’t finish Kaichou yet, planning to on winter break :3

    Did you actually sit through Tokko without skipping?!? I recall watching it ages ago…just skimming through the last ep, it was horrible. boring. and lamee…Qwaser had a bunch of new characters midway or something, kinda skimmed through the series also, unless you never get tired of the whole boob sucking thing.. I wouldn’t recommend it cuz that’s what the ending was about~

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