What The World Needs Now: Bill 156 & What We Should Do

NOTICE: At this point, I’m not actually sure what this bill entails anymore, so if I’m missing something (which I’m 100% sure I am) please correct me and feel free to call me whatever names you want. Cunt is a good one, although a lot of people prefer douchebag as well. Either is fine. maybe combine them to call me a “cunt douchebag” which is pretty much the same thing as a douchebag, but it sounds funnier.

You know this song? Well it may be featured in my title, but I’ll be damned if it has anything to do with what I’m about to say. In fact, I’m going to go ahead and say it’s the exact opposite of what you’re about to read*.

So then… If you’ve got any semblance of knowledge regarding anime news, then by now you’re well aware that this bill was passed by Japan’s bureaucratic cunts in charge. Truth be told, I could honestly care less about this bill. In fact, I think it’s pretty weak. If the anime industry starts dying because of this bill (which it won’t at all), then the Japanese Government would probably be forced to change or repeal it anyway (they’re not just going to let anime die, and frankly, I don’t think that idea is possible of plausible anyway). So until my anime and manga start to suck, I’m not throwing any type of fit about it.

Actually, the ramifications of this bill might not be as bad as people think. Fuck, it might even do some good, because (if I’m to understand the bill correctly) it’s getting rid of all the shitty fanservice anime (like..the really blatant stupid shit. I’m sure shows like To LOVE-ru will be close to unaffected, because there’s nothing immoral or underage going on), and will force anime studios and writers to stop writing shitty shows about younger sisters. What’s wrong is the fact that this bill exists. It’s the whole principle of the thing. A government shouldn’t be able to ban something that a person says or writes.

Basically, any time a government puts limits on things people say or write (or in this case, draw), I’ll get pissed off, I’ll get angry, and, ironically, I’ll usually write my bests posts (not true for this post, because I quickly got sidetrack and lost all anger, and then I proofread sort of, and changed all of the stupid shit that I said that didn’t make sense or wasn’t researched properly). The same is true for this bill. The fact is pretty simple:

If you don’t like it, don’t fucking read it.

Holy shit! Did I just solve 100% of all problems related to explicit content and program regulations? Yes. I guess I just kick that much ass. “But what about the children?” you may ask. What if they see this ecchi stuff and get all fucked up in the head from it? The answer for this is easy too:

Plastic wrap.

Wrap the shit in plastic, and have a warning that the contents “might not be suitable for children under the age of “x”. This makes it incredibly easy for parent to censor what their children are reading/watching. And hey, I realize ecchi shit isn’t exactly porn either, so it would be wrong to ban everyone under 18 from viewing it, so let’s make it so that you have to be over 13 to be able to buy it. 13 is a middle school age (I think), and that’s about the age when kids start having one week relationships and all that non-sense, so it’s a good time to let them start finding out how shitty most ecchi anime is.

But the best solution, in my opinion, is to adopt our TV ratings system and add it to anime and manga, so that anime/manga that isn’t strictly porn doesn’t have to be grouped with porn. If Japan wasn’t stupid, then they could easily create some sort of system without causing all sorts of fucking havoc on the anime industry. There’s no need to ban anything. I mean think of it. If you see a small box with an S on it, then it means that there’s sexual situations. Likewise, if there’s incest in the anime/manga, then you can have a picture of someone throwing up. It all works out.

We already know that the Japanese, for all of their good attributes, are complete wackjobs. They even censor their pornograpy, which completely defeats the whole purpose behind pornography in the first place, so something like this doesn’t surprise me in the least. But let’s no put blame solely on the Japanese for passing some real pansy-ass laws, because it’s another, related idea that leads to the ruination of a nation.

Now that I solved an entire countries “crisis” in little over 2 minutes, and called out the Japanese government for being a bunch of whiney little bitches, let me now move on and enlighten everyone about the bigger picture, which is the world as a whole. With this law, it has now become clear to me that there are nations besides the USA that are becoming whinier and more obsessed with being politically correct as time goes on. It’s like every country is trying to out-do other countries in being the most politically correct. Fucking twats. I thought the United States was bad, but Japan has always been pretty pussified.

Pussified (adj): To become like that of a pussy. Whiney, overly sensitive, probably gets their ass kicked on a regular basis for crying.

Political Correctness can go fuck itself.

America and Japan are the main two countries that I can think of (I guess China and a few others in that region) that are complete pussies. It’s like they’re obsessed with being politically correct and yatta yatta yatta, finding new mundane things to restrict and take away, just because it might offend a few overactive mothers. I got news for all of the moms all over the world. If you have a son, he’s probably already seen his share of porn.

Yet the restrictions continue. Why? In the streets of America, it’s illegal to have sex (I’m guessing, if it’s not, I’ve never seen it). In Spain? Not so much. People like to get down with…sex all the time. In the bedroom, in the streets….it doesn’t fucking matter, and what’s more, no one really gives a shit. It’s just fucking sex in public. You don’t see the government trying to force media to revert back to the days of the 50s, where women had to wear sheets and kissing was considered completely inappropriate for TV. Europe as a whole is a lot more laid back. They don’t get all worked up about shit that really isn’t a big deal unless you MAKE it a big deal, which is exactly what some countries are doing.

It’s not just sexual related stuff either, but that’s a post for another day (literally, it’s a post that I’m going to put out on another day).

So to sum this up, everyone’s too God damn sensitive. And after reading THIS POST, I’ve really gotten mad. First, here’s the excerpt:

However, there are many manga titles targeted at working adults that will be affected by the proposed law. Off the top of my head, I imagine titles such as Kiss x SisGantzBerserk and various yuri/yaoi titles will be faced with a dilemma.

Initially, I really didn’t care about this law being passed. I even thought that it might do some good. But Gantz!? Berserk!? (I could care less about KissxSis) Now I’m fuckin pissed off. Gantz is of the greatest manga ever made. I can only hope that the creators don’t change shit in their manga, and give it an 18+ rating if anything. These are perfect manga and should not be changed, yet, refusing to change can seemingly cost them the big bucks, as DarkMirage points out. You know what? Just read that post.

The Solution

With much of the world become far too politically correct, there is only one thing that we can do:

Anarchy – Glothelegend for President

We have to rise up, make me the President, and stop being so God damn sensitive. As a nation, we sound like a bunch of whiny, bitchy, feminists. We need someone who can take congress by the balls and make them do what should be done. That’s another problem. Political parties. They don’t give a shit about the country, they just care about their party. Right now, our President is Democrat, but he can’t do shit because the House (I believe) is majority republican. It’s kind of the same about having the Yankees and Red Sox fans collaborating together to decide which team is better. Nothings going to get done, no matter how much stats are there to back up an opinion about why a player is good. Politicians suck. I honestly think that  business owner would do a better job at running the country, given the right advisors, and providing he isn’t a greedy ass hole like most business owners. Anyone with common sense can run a country.


There’s a lot that could help this country that isn’t being done because people are too stupid  and stubborn to accept change. Anything can be tried, and if it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out. Me as president would be GREAT for the economy (it’s really not that hard to fix), good for morale, and GREAT for anime and manga. So get me in office asap, and I guarantee that no one will look at America like it’s a fucking obnoxious dick-fucker again.

I’d also bomb the shit out of Kim Jong Ill, because that asshole pisses me off.

*I was going to suggest starting WWIII somewhere in this post. In fact, that was going to be the solution, but then anime might be destroyed completely by war, so I decided that was a bad idea. Just make me president, I’ll make the world perfect (more to come on that).

18 thoughts on “What The World Needs Now: Bill 156 & What We Should Do

  1. tl;dr

    HOWEVER i noticed the pic of Windows updates and just run ALL your updates at once so you can stop doing it…. thats what happens when you reformat like a moron.

    second of all… i saw Berserk in bold letters…. did you finish it yet?!Q?!?

    • I watched about 5 more episodes one day, then school work grounded me from anime and I ended up watching literally everything else besides Berserk. I’m all over the place right now I’ll finish it eventually.

      But basically what I said about Berserk was that the new laws in Japan might force it to become shitty, or be stored with porn.


    and yes, people need to practice self-censorship and stop ruining it for everyone… Censorship like this law are bills that does not need to exist.

    • I don’t know why everyone is so stupid. Whenever someone gets offended it pisses me off. It can be anything. I hate people who take exception to comments or words especially, because who the fuck cares what someone says? God I’m all aggravated now.

  3. I literally rofl when I saw the “plastic wrap” solution because I thought you are going to use that shit, wrap it around the children’s head until they suffocate. No children means problem solved. But then I read what you got to say about that in a politically correct way. I was disappointed to say the least.

    But yes, the shit with the bill need to be properly addressed. Out of all the country, I didn’t expect Japanese to came up with the shit. Anime/manga are one of the country’s biggest export. Are they nuts?

    One of the nation in Malaysia has also adopted the banned

    Needless to say, I’ll vote for you as president.

  4. My sentiments exactly. The very fact that photography – AND ACTUAL PORN – aren’t banned as part of this bill makes me scratch my head in confusion and despair. Why? Is it because they can efficiently keep this porn out of youngster’s hands? But there’s always Google for everything, and as far as I know, the government doesn’t own Google.

    Why not just do the same thing for porn as these supposed ‘ harmful materials’ rather than ban them outright? I think he’s just being a homophobic bigot prick as usual.

    • Well as long as it has an 18+ sticker on it, then it’s okay. This ban is mainly on things that are under 18 and have some sort of sexual shit on it. And yeah, porn can be found by the barrel load on google. In fact, I’d say that google is the best porn site availible, as one of my friends pointed out to me the other day when he told me that he watches all of his porn via google videos.

      This guy in charge is a raging ass-hole. We should assass- You know what? I’m not even gonna joke about that because you never know who’s listening.

  5. You are not awesome, you don’t kick that much ass, but your sentiments, revisions, and ideas are right on the mark (especially TV ratings and youthful discretion).

    Be grateful that I am even praising you. It’s not like I’m reading your blog on a regular basis or anything.

  6. being president to chance the world of dumshit stupid states to more common sence states its an idea so good that i have considerit for myself. i even have political philosofy on my mind: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minarchismminarchy .

    the fact is, than states are nesesary, maynly for phisical and judical security. anithing more it just bloat. USA have an state so huge than it makes 50% of economy, THATS INSANE! an state so big than its present in every aspect of life of every citizen every day on more subject than nesesary. the state have become so big than it ends up taking offyour freedom on a daily basis. think of it like your in a small room with an elphant, no good rigth?; that why all countries in the world should be reduccing the subjects their states interfiere on, and not the reverse.

    a good point to be concerned on its the economy. you know whos the real guilty of the past crisis and probably all really big economic crisis of all time? yes THE STATE. if there is one think a state shouldn’t do (besides censor, i really hate any censor) is mess up with the economy; you know what? the most free the economy the beter it works! states have fail to comprehend this. even USA wich its suposed to be Right-wing on economics… bull shit, only on paper, they still mess up the economy and give us crisis.

    damm i think i got carried on. its just that big freedom-cutter states piss me off.

    PS: you prefer democrats or republicans?

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  8. There’s just so many things wrong with this bill. Such crap…

    Anyways, I don’t think this is Japan being politically correct. It’s got elements that are straight up bigoted.

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