My Failed Christmas Countdown Explained And Other Stuff Regarding Me

Let me first and foremost; want to know the whole trick behind my “Christmas Countdown?”

Who says you can't do cool shit in Paint?

Well, clearly I was just naming Rie Kugimiya characters. I had NOT seen all of the shows from which these characters had came, although I did see a majority of them. Pretty much, I just took characters at random from

The only encyclopedia you need to know about

I mean, sure, I made what I consider to be some great groupings:

“Flora Skybloom about to hit a three” rhymes with the original song’s “Partridge in a pear tree.”

“Two Mimis” because she played only two characters named Mimi.

“Three Bleach Personas” because she only played three Bleach characters.

“5 Iwakis” because she played 5 characters in that show, which is the only show where she did that, and it was awesome…

That’s about all of the good ones. The rest could have had additions and subtractions made to them. I also should have made number 4 dedicated to the 4 animal voices she played (Happy, Shao May, Momotaru, and Koko.)

So, pretty much, I quit, and just posted my 12th day, which is the only day I really cared about to be honest.  To be honest, I was just taking shit from MAL, including the pictures. Hooray for slacking and laziness!!!

Extra Shit

I finally finished my mural. Post forthcoming.


7 thoughts on “My Failed Christmas Countdown Explained And Other Stuff Regarding Me

  1. the mural would be EPIC!

    Try doing Sugata next. I promised you will get a lot more fun stuff than doing just Rie. Search for his off scene footage if you don’t believe me.

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