Ode to My Mural

Klux said she wanted to see this shit, so here’s my officially finished mural for my Mural Painting class. I’m displaying it here on my ISSS, just because I have an ego that fills more space than Rosie O’Donnel in bathroom stall/closet/large ballroom/pretty much anywhere, she takes up a shitload of space. Anyway, the mural is going to look like random doodling, but there’s actually a theme to it and a few hidden things. Keep that in mind for the end.

If you’re wondering why I look like TOTAL SHIT, I’ll ask you how you would look after just finishing painting something for 12 hours. Also, I’m trying to grow out my hair. even though I look stupid with long hair (even though girls seem to like it?) I need to make a poll. I came back later and took real pictures for real, and here they are:

My parent decided that they wanted to come see my mural as well. I charged them 15 dollars to view it. They gladly paid.

Title: ?

Time spent on original sketch: 2 hours

Time spent drawing/gridding: approx 25 hours

Time spent painting: approx 28 hours

Total time: 55 hours

Location: 1st Floor Men’s Bathroom Entrance in Copernicus Hall,Central Connecticut State University, New Britain CT, United States of America

In case you’re wondering, which I’m sure you are because you’re all FUCKING OBSESSED WITH MY DICK, here is the original sketch of what the mural was supposed to look like. The sketch itself is maybe 5 inches by15 inches (rough estimate, I never really measured). Basically, what I had to do was grid it up and then transpose it onto the walls of this little alcove.

So off of that sketch, I was able to get this:


Okay….I was going to put a video I took of my mural here, but the quality looks so shitty on youtube that I’m not even going to bother…it’s to bad too because I used this song as the background music….ahh fuck it, here the video sucks but if I’m putting the song up anyway…

I don’t know why it’s all choppy and shitty it works fine on my computer….oh well here’s some more pictures.

Well that’s about it. Now it’s time to play the game. How many things can you find hidden in this mural, and where are they? Here’s the list:


  • 5 words (What are they? Hint, they’re really big)
  • One reference to anime.
  • Two references to a band.

And lastly, what is the theme?

There’s a shitload of more shit hidden in there, but if I tell you any of it, it would give away the theme. Hopefully, someone dumb like Robert doesn’t come here and tell everyone, since he was there when I was painting it. He knows the theme though that’s it.

Random fact: I was going to paint “ANCE” on the end of the MECHANICAL ROOM sign, so that it read, MECHANICAL ROOMANCE. I thought that would be funny, but I didn’t do it. If you don’t get it, I’m not going to tell you.

Extra Shit

So despite the fact that I have a lot of post drafts written up and just waiting to be sent out, I think this might be one of my last posts till the New Year. Maybe one more year end wrap up where I can point out all the shitty shows that are coming up in Winter. They all suck. That being said, here’s an update on some anime shit:

Berserk – I’m coming very very close to finishing this series. I’ve been steamrolling it as much as time allows me to these past few days, and I should finish within the week. Fact is, Caska is fucking awesome. She’s going to be the character that leads to me making a list of all my favorite anime babes that make you think the wrong thing. Caska is my desktop wallpaper right now, replacing a stalker version of Mizore Shirayuki, and it doesn’t look like a change is coming anytime soon.

Fate/Zero – Anime forthcoming. ufotable (Kara no Kyoukai, Futakoi Alternative). This show already gets at least a 5 for a rating. My anticipation is VERY high for it’s premier.

Bleach (manga) – Is anyone else feeling pumped up about the direction of the story? Fuck I can’t wait.

Let’s Lagoon – Is ANYONE subbing this? Or is it REALLY just THAT slow to come out? It’s barely getting started, and it’s one of my favorite manga, but I haven’t seen a new chapter in MONTHS. FRUSTRATING!!!!

Chatmonchy is the best.


35 thoughts on “Ode to My Mural

  1. 1. This is actually fucking awesome…. I might take a visit to Copernicus just to look at it.

    2. FINISH BERSERK. BEST SHOW EVER. Also they are making a new series of it coming out. I am PUMPED.

    3. Bleach Manga: I fucking HATED how the Aizen arc ended. FUCKING HATED IT. They better do something good with this new story line. Cuz it has been a HUGE disappointed so far.

    • 1. Joe took his parent to see it. I feel pretty bad ass.

      2. I finished it. Wrote a post about it. You’ll read it someday and rue the day.

      3. The Aizen arc was way too abrupt. Ichigo got nasty and whooped up on Aizen for like….one page, but Aizen still wasn’t really hurt. Then they just had Uahara throw in some kido and called it a wrap. I can’t wait for him to get his powers back. It’s gonna be awesome.

  2. This is really cool, I really like the way the whole thing bends, it looks way more impressive than flat murals. This feels like it’d fit perfectly with Samurai Champloo.
    I have no idea about the theme because I’m horrible with this art stuff, but I think I see the words ‘rat’ and ‘where’ there

    • The theme is mystery/space. Space is a mystery, so I combined them.

      Comparing this to Samurai Champloo….wow I feel like I’ve finally made it as an artist, Samurai Champloo is one of my favorite shows. Funny how people can find my mindless doodles to be cool.

  3. I see the 5 words.

    My guess on the theme would be something like: “The Future of Mankind” or perhaps “Man’s ability to destroy itself.” Lots of radioactive caution signs, some smokestacks, an atom model, people in suits, rocketship, planets, what could be stitches or railroads etc.

    It’s not apparent in the latter 5 pictures but in one of the earlier pictures you can see a pair of anime style eyes.

    Wouldn’t know the reference to the bands most likely.

    Lastly, I like the ways circles are used in this. There’s the arrows that come together in circles to make a spiral, what looks like another radioactive symbol, and what looks like a ying/yang symbol. Also the big circle in the last picture around the *redacted*.

    But by far I love the circle with arrows coming out of it like spikes. I’m not sure what it’s supposed to represent, perhaps the sun, but it reminds me of the Mayan calendar.

    • What are the words? So far I guess no one’s found any of them except for “What are we”.

      The theme is actually based on space and mystery. The mystery of who we are, I feel can be represented well with the mystery of space, so I combined them. Also, the whole chaotic feel of the abstracts adds to this mystery, because it can be tough to decipher what exactly is going on in the mural, which was the general idea. It all rolls together.

      A lot of people say that the mural reminds them of Mayan art. When I was doing the door I was thinking the exact same thing.

  4. I only saw the sentence What Are We?

    You are gay for not going through with the Mechanical Roomance. I saw that plate and I thought of the same thing. Why didn’t you do it?!

    I saw the eight legged thing which obviously refers to MCR. Speaking of which I was so close of buying the MCR CD box collection that gives the Tee for free. I would have if they included the gun in there. Dammit.

    This mural is nothing like the mural that I have fallen over for time and again (http://kluxorious.blogspot.com/2010/09/creativity-zero.html). Having said that, it is still awesome as fuck. This actually kinda similar to the mural that I have in my office. Or at least it used the same black and white theme. Maybe I write a post about that just to show you how it looks. Or just check out the photo that I tagged you on facebook.

    And I think you look amazing with shorter hair. Then again, you look good wearing a pink flamingo suit. So whatever will do I guess.

    • What are we is one set of words. I’ll give you a hint, all of the W’s are the same.

      I just didn’t have any white paint with me. I was going to go back and paint it on, but I’m too lazy to drive all the way there.

      Yes the spider. It’s fairly obvious, and Refuse to Come Wack calls it gay. There’s another MCR reference in there, but it’s reallllyyy hard to find. It’s actually the letters “M-C-R” but you’ll never find it. Tell me when you give.

      Long hair is better. I wear pink flamingo suits to bed.

      • The MCR is tough to see. In the letters “What Are We?” on the final pannel, the M is sideways inside of the letter “A” (the first leg of the A), and the “C” is located within the second leg. The “R” in the word, “Are” serves as an R for both the word R and for the R in MCR. Was that two complicated? It’s hard to explain, it’d be easier to circle it on the picture.

  5. Some anime eyes in the photo your parents were in.

    My Chemical Romance’s new logo on photo 8! That spider. Who could have missed it?

    Where are we? I only got 3 words.. This is harder than finding Waldo, damn it.

    • Correct, the anime eyes are in that picture.

      The spider is a check.

      Keep working of the words…..or don’t.

      I’m guessing you found the words on the large wall with the picture of saturn. I’ll give you a different hint than the one I gave klux: There are no words on the door or on the wall next to the spider.

  6. I saw the word ‘where’ but then I suffered from a very bad dizziness due to prolonged visual concentration. The mural was amazing, by the way. *thumbs up*

    • Oh WOW I forgot I even put that in there. It wasn’t supposed to be one, but a friend of mine came along and said, “You should make that a pokeball….you won’t do it.” So I had to do it.

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