Yui Kotegawa is Awesome.

As I stated, I have indeed decided to pick up the second season of To LOVE Ru, mainly because I have really bad taste in anime. Well, to be truthful, the only real reasons why I watch the show is for its ridiculously stupid ecchi humor, and for Yui Kotegawa.

Yui Kotegawa is your typical Class President. She fits the description of pretty much making her the same as every other student council president in anime:

I just keep adding on to this list. I could probably find plenty more too.

She closely resembles the President from Kaichou wa Maid-sama, whose name I have forgotten and whose show could end up being dropped shortly. Yui applies the rules strictly (sort of), but she’s also a complete tsundere. She’s pretty much one of the most cliche characters in this anime.

It could just be that I love her seiyu, Kaori Nazuka. And when I say “love,” I mean I just looked her up to find out who she was. She does a great job with Yui. And looky looky, she’s played many famous roles, such as Nunnally, Eureka (still haven’t seen that), and my favorite of the group, Maria Ross. Pretty damn okay resume if you ask me.

So Yui is supposedly more conservative than any of her classmates, but she’s clearly a tsundere, so OBVIOUSLY, that means that she’s actually more perverted and yearns for sex more than any of them, she just doesn’t know it yet.

What else can be said about her? Idk. That’s kind of it. She’s just great to watch. Maybe it’s because she’s a fanservice hater in an anime of fanservice. A beacon of light in an anime with an otherwise dull storyline. A tsundere with big boo- wait what?


10 thoughts on “Yui Kotegawa is Awesome.

  1. When I watched the 1st season of the To Love-Ru yui definitely was one of the highlights. Unfortunately her doujins rarely do anything for me so she has been usurped by Mikan.


    Ayuzawa Misaki is the character from Kaichou wa Maid-sama and her seiyuu seems to get a lot of these types of roles. The only other one off the top of my head that looks similar to the 3 above would probably be Fukiyose Seiri the giant-breasted class representative from recent episodes of Index. However she has also voiced the class rep in Bakuman and is the epitome of class rep as RRRRRRURRUUU aka Kneesocksu-san in P&SG.

    She’s practically typecast with even other characters that aren’t class reps but have similar attitudes like Oribe Mafuyu in Seikon no Qwaser and Cecily Campbell from Seiken no Blacksmith. Odd that they have similar names…

    Anyway, if there is a class rep/student council pres role to be played in an anime it’s gotta be played by freakin Fujimura Ayumi. Accept no substitutes.

    • GAH! I love Kneesocks-san! You know what’s weird? I NEVER add the san or chan or kun or any other suffix to the end of Japanese names, but I always do with Kneesocks-san. It just sounds so cool.

      Anyway, she’s had some pretty good roles. She did do a good job in Kaichou wa Maid-sama, the only problem in that anime was with the plot.

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