300,000 Hits

Well what a day it’s been.

  • I got paid  to watch an awesome dodgeball tournament, which even included a two-player swing.
  • I got unexpectedly OVERpaid to shovel a tiny deck.
  • I finished Avatar: The Last Airbender, and it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen ever.
  • I got 300,ooo smaxx (literally right after finishing Avatar.

I’d say that’s a pretty fucking great day. Wouldn’t you?

What’s the point to these types of posts? Is it to celebrate the fact that x amount of people haphazardly stumbled across this ISSS? Nope. Honestly, the only thing I use these posts for now is as an update. And so, let the update commence.

Yes, I have reached 300K. It seems like just 4 months since I last wrote about achieving another 100K. Oh right, that’s because it was. Here are the only stats that I’ll show:

It took me 14 months to reach 100K.

It took me 9 months from that date to reach 200K.

It took 4 months from that date to reach 300K.

What does that say? My site is sucking less and less as time goes on. At this rate my next 100K should be sometime in March. Since I’m not that naive though, I’ll just assume that it will take 4-5 months, and then I’ll write another stupid post like this.

What to update? Well, milestones have certainly been piling up lately. I just celebrated 200K and 2 years, and very soon I’ll be celebrating 200 anime series completed. That’s like wasting 3 months or so of anime (if you  count movies and OVAs and shit). Three months, no sleeping/eating/breaks. Makes me wonder how much of my life I’ve spent watching movies. But all this shit is boring, so let’s talk about spam and then see a short video.

What the fuck is going on with SPAM lately? Every day I click on to my dashboard and notice anywhere from 8-15 new pieces of spam trying to sell me porn site informations and other bullshit like that. What the fuck? Cut that shit out, it’s annoying! So annoying in fact, that I don’t even check the spam, I just delete it all. So if you write a comment that doesn’t show up, it means it probably got tossed, seeing as I check up on Eye Sedso as often as I look at my shitey facebook, which is about 204949 times a day.

I was going to make a video, and then I fucking did. I’ve been wanting to do something like this ever since I got my really really shitty webcam years ago. But I’ve been lazy. This video is…….retarded (perfect). Have fun, and good luck understanding what I’m saying:

If I cared I might re-do that video, but unfortunately, I don’t give a shit, so cram your criticism up your ass. The main point of that was to talk about Oballer’s Blog, which is in the process of transforming into an ISSS, making the Grand Total of ISSSs out there 3. However, he still totes the name “Oballer’s BLOG” key emphasis on “BLOG”. That shit’s gotta change. In fact, I see this as an opportunity finally give the site a name that isn’t boring and dumb like “Oballer’s Blog” was and is. to put things in perspective, a name like “Oballer’s Blog” would be like the Red Sox naming themselves “Henry’s Baseball Team.” Okay, we know it’s a baseball team, and it’s owned by John Henry. Great. God I wish I faced oballer in the anime tournament, because I would have made that a point and just taken advantage. Regardless, it’s great to have another ISSS. They don’t give shits about anything.

ISSSs in existence:

Notice how all ISSSs so far deal with a major thing in my life that I like specifically. Anime, hip hop, and movies are of my favorite things in existence. What does this mean? THE WORLD REVOLVES AROUND ME!

I’ve proven that I’m actually God, and have nothing more to say, so here’s Yuri Ebihara eating some McDonalds. I’m fucking hungry, and if it were up to me, I’d eat both the delicious McDonalds in Yuri’s hand, and Yuri’s vagina, which my hand would be in….THEN MY DICK WOULD BE THERE!

Extra Shit

If you haven’t watched Avatar: The Last Airbender, then you are really really dumb. One of the best shows ever made. More to come.

I tried to visit Refuse to Come Wack today, and got this:

Good thing I have virus protection, other wise my computer might become corrupted from looking at stuff like cute animals.

Shiki: Series Review

What was Shiki about? The obvious answer would be “People standing up to and fighting against a threatening force of vampires that have inhabited their town,” but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the correct answer. Through my constant and uncharacteristic over-analyisis of this show, I found that Shiki had more to do with other issues and less to do with the literal plot. First, listen to this (relevant time starts at 2:58):

“When the chips are down…these “civilized” people….they’ll eat each other.”

The Dark Knight, besides being one of the best movies I’ve ever seen in history of the world, has a lot of what I consider to be accurate information. In Shiki, this quote is more than backed up. People stop caring about who they’re killing. In one scene in particular, a girl and a few old ladies are hacking some vampires up, and then take a break for lunch. The girl doesn’t even bother to fully wipe the blood off her her hands, showing just how desensitized to the violence and brutality of killing the townspeople had become. The hunt for vampires becomes a slaughter of anyone even suspected to be involved with the Shiki, and reason is thrown out the window. In other words: Shit gets crazy.

It also deals heavily with perception of right and wrong. Are vampires in this case evil creatures? Or are they merely fighting to survive? Are the humans right in their actions? Or did they perhaps push this too far? It’s honestly a mixed bag. The humans certainly had a lot of faults of their own, and personally I’d have to say that I sided with the views of the Shiki, but still, one could say that the Shiki were wrong in their killing of the humans, when truthfully, they could have avoided the killing if they wanted to.

Theres a lot up for debate with Shiki, and that’s what makes it so great. There’s a ton of depth that grasps and intrigues. There wasn’t a moment in this series where I felt bored or ready to stop watching. It was awesome the whole way through. But I’m not gonna talk to much about that. Instead, let’s talk about this guy:

My favorite character in the show was without a doubt this guy, and after looking at him, it’s pretty easy to see why. He has one of the most manly compositions of facial hair that I have ever seen. Even his eyebrows emit rays that are the epitome of manliness. Just look at that shit! And not to be proven wrong, This guy backs it up. He bashes the shit out of vampires, including Atsushi, who was his….newphew or something? Idk, but he beats the shit out of any vampire he sees. He doesn’t pussy up, and he isn’t even afraid to kill the cute girl vampire. It’s too bad he gets done in by a cowardly attack from behind.

You know who I didn’t like? Megumi. She sucked. Then she died, and I rejoiced. The it turns out she wasn’t really dead, but when she came back, she wasn’t stupid at all, in fact, I must say that I rather liked her new bitchiness, and was kind of saddened when she got her head run over by tractor…. kind of.

The pink and black combo in this character design just work. And I don't normally like that color combo. Also, did her tits get bigger after she died? Or is it just me?

There were a lot of characters that I liked, and very few who I didn’t like. In fact, looking back it’s hard for me to remember any characters I didn’t like. If there was one I’d have to say it was the town as a collective. Just a bunch of hillbillies who were stubborn and dumb. Still, Shiki proved to be one of the better anime of the year, and this post was only about 2 months late.


Sorry. Bill didn’t rise up after Shiki sucked him dry.

PS: I started writing this post months ago, but I had only completed the first paragraph before I forgot about it completely. I’m pretty sure I had a LOT more to say about it, but I couldn’t really remember so I opted to go with a shortened review. And no, I didn’t fuckin proofread at all. I just wrote it on the fly like I always  do.

Dragon Crisis 3: I Want to go Skiing

The title of this post will make sense later, I promise.

Myyyy preeecciioussssssssssssssss!!!!!!

Just as Erika took back her precious, Dragon Crisis took back it’s respectability in my eyes with this episode. There’s really not much to explain here, but in the main scheme of things, Ryuji stopped being a tremendous pussy, manned up, got a fucking weapon, and kicked some ass. That’s pretty much all I need to be happy.

It’s one thing to see a pussy remain a pussy throughout a whole series, like Shinji did in NGE. He was a full fleged pussy till the end. He also jerked off to a coworker in a coma, which I’m pretty sure is against regulations in the workplace. He’s the only reason why I didn’t like NGE as much as a lot of other people. Actually, he was the only reason. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s a pussy main character that you just want to yell at repeatedly throughout the series. Ryuji displayed his pussy attitude last episode, but made up for it here after deciding to suck it up, be a man, and go after a FUCKING DRAGON THAT COULD KILL YOU IN A SECOND. Think about that. A dragon in this series could kill you without trying, yet Ryuji went in there and GAVE HIM THE TIME (non-sexually).

The pacing was good, the action was satisfactory, and Rie Kugimiya got lines. What is there to NOT like about this episode?

Ahhhhh yesss. How many God damn fucking times do we need to hear this? Hopefully, not many more. After hearing Rie proclaim her love for Ryuji over and over and over and over (etc) again, I just want to go skiing.

Like………….get it?

Dai su-ki? Su-ki sounds like ski? Skiing? No? Shit, another bad joke. At least Rose enjoyed the video:

Get it? She enjoyed it like....sexually......getting off? No? Shit, another bad joke.

Sorry about the crappy screenshots and more than likely shoddy spelling/grammar (hahahahaha as if it’s any worse than any of my other posts). I’m kinda drunk here. That’s right, I like to drink alone and watch anime sometimes when I happen to have a box of wine for no reason and nothing to do tomorrow. Yeah, it’s fucking wine, I know that. Yeah, okay so it’s white zifandel which is the most girly fucking wine on earth. Yeah, I had to read the box to find out how to spell that. And yeah, I realize that……idk I’m done here.

Shit, another bad joke.

The Debate On Grades

Okay, so a while ago, I put up this poll to see what everyone’s take on grading dropped anime was:

Somewhere between re-watching Kamisama Kazoku and doing my laundry, I have made a decision on how I am going to rate dropped shows.

Take a glance at any of my series reviews (like this post), and one might think that I grade really really really easily. This is not the case. In actuality, I just drop any show that I don’t like, so most of the time no one ever sees a grade for it. In this sense, every show that I don’t like, that would normally get a low grade, get’s dropped. This is a problem, because it ends up inflating the amount of good grades that I’ll give an anime. IE: Nothing I rate ever seems to get below a 3.

I’m changing this.

From now on, I AM going to grade any show I drop, BUT there will also be an asterisk next to the show, indicating that it was only graded from the episodes that I have seen. Also, I will be indicating how many episodes out of how many episodes I watched before dropping the anime.

In a somewhat related story, it has become apparent to me that I graded shows retardedly back in the day. I gave Kamisama Kazoku a 5^^ the first time I watched it, which was probably late 2006 (around the time where I just started getting into anime….like really getting into it). I loved this show, and after playing the OP on Stepmania, I got the intense urge to rewatch it.

I had never rewatched a show in full before. I got 6 episodes into rewatching Shakugan no Shana, and I’ll rewatch some InuYasha if it’s on TV, but other then that, I’ve never fully rewatched any show.

Not only was I able to rewatch the full 13 or so series of Kamisama Kazoku, but I did it in about one day. What did I discover? It totally did not deserve the grade that I had given it. It was a good show in my eyes sure, but no where NEAR a 5^^. I’d say that it’s a 5 at best, and that might just be me being stubborn. It makes me wonder what else I over-valued back when anime was kind of new to me. I will say this though; the OP is one of the best out there.

Lately I’ve kind of taken a break from anime (new anime at least), and have been raping Stepmania like no tomorrow.

EDIT: The last sentence isn’t completely true. Sure, I’ve been playing a shitload of Stepmania/DDR, but I’ve also been bleaching through anime. Recently, I’ve just finished Birdy the Mighty Decode (1st season). Should I write a review? I don’t know. If I end up NOT doing it (likely), then I’ll leave you with this: It was very very good.

PS: I said before that I’m getting back into DDR which is a BAD THING because once you’re good at it it’s HIGHLY ADDICTIVE)

SUPER DOUBLE EDIT/DOUBLE PS: Editing this post actually makes me want to rewatch Kamisama Kazoku again. Wtf is wrong with me here? Maybe I’ll pick up the manga.

TRIPLE SUPER QUADRUPOLE PS EDIT: The manga is nowhere to be found after chapter 6.

Dragon Crisis 2: Ahhhh Shit.

I don’t usually ever do this, but it seems like I might be “blogging” (or in my case, ISSSing) this series. Why? Because the thoughts of a completely bias, rabid Rie Kugimia fan should be expressed. And since I’m the only one that I know of…well shit man….fuck it. Take in mind, however, that I could stop at anytime, skip episodes, and in all likely-hood, you’ll never hear me speak of this show again.

I’d like to just say that the first episode might have been slightly generic (okay it was mostly all generic), but in the second episode we’ve got all sorts of crazy awesome shit coming out of the woodwork. Accompanying all of this new shit, however, is flaws. Lots and lots and lots of them too.

So now we find out that Ryuji is a breaker. What the fuck is that? You’d think that it would be something at least kind of cool, because the Doc seemed really surprised when Ryuji said he was a level 10. But if being a Breaker actually were something cool, then maybe Ryuji wouldn’t have been such a fucking pussy the entire episode.

Flaw #1: Ryuji

"Myyyaaahh! Don't talk to me because I'm sad and can't cope with emotions well! Waaahhh"

Big surprise here, the main lead character is a giant fucking pussy. Who would have thought eh? Keep in mind that the seiyu, Hiro Shimono, played a role in Asura Cryin, which is a show that I will bring up again later.

Ryuji is the definition of a gigantic pussy. I mean, talk about bringing an anime down. He always looks sad, he always looks dejected….he’s a bigger buzzkill than Buzz Killington.

If I could compare him to any other character, I would compare him to a mix of Shinji (Neon Genesis Evangelion) and Eli Manning (New York Giants QB), who is the biggest real-life pussy ever, and can’t even fall down without fumbling the God damn football. I’d have rather signed the dog murdering Vick then deal with this pussy. God I hate Eli Manning.

One key difference in Eli Manning and Ryuji, however, is that while Eli Manning is no doubt a huge mama’s boy, Ryuji hasn’t talked to his mom in a year, and he let’s everyone know by moping around like a bitch. If my son was as big a pussy as Ryuji, then I would probably do my best to avoid contact with him too. Don’t worry though, this won’t ever happen, because Glo the Legend don’t raise no pussies.

Ryuji never even smiles, except for those shitty “pained” smiles that he gives Rose. I honestly just want to beat the shit out of Ryuji, it’s unfortunate that I’m not in this anime. Fortunately, Fang is in this anime, and does beat the shit out of Ryuji, right before stealing Rose away from him (easily). Not coincidentally, Fang is my favorite character so far. He’s a  man (technically a Dragon) who isn’t afraid to fuck shit up.

In a way, Ryuji as a character was a good reflection of this episode in general: Confused, all over the place, and filled with random crying.

Flaw #2: What the Fuck is This Shit?

I guess it just kinda slipped you mind that you had met Rose before. Personally, if I saw a girl hatch from an egg, I wouldn't forget that anytime soon......or ever.

Remember when I said to keep Asura Crying in mind? Well here come the comparisons, and that’s never a good thing.

Asura Cryin SUCKED. It was garbage. There’s a reason why I had no interest in a second season.  The animation was of the worst ever, the story was a jumbled incoherent mess, and……well that’s really all an anime needs to suck. Dragon Crisis isn’t at this level quite yet….but actually, it is.

While the animation is certainly clean and crisp, look at those fucking eyes. They’re bugging me the fuck out. YOU’RE ASIAN YOU’RE EYES SHOULDN’T BE THAT HUGE! (it’s not racist it’s a fact). But shit, if a character’s eyes were what threw me off, I’d be pretty stupid for deciding to take a chance at anime in the first place. These eyes….well they’re all just big and blocky. Straight edges and all that. Blech. The animation just doesn’t flow. It’s either blocky (eyes) or curvy (Ryuji’s cousin’s tits and ass). Okay I kinda just made all that up, but the bottom-line is, something feels off about the animation.

Now the bad part: The story. The first episode flowed nicely, and this one started off promising with the introduction of Breakers and some more information regarding dragons. I like when info is given to the audiance slowly as opposed to one big heap of shit, so when I found that the definition of what a Breaker actually is wasn’t given to us all yet, I was actually pleased. That being said, everything else is shit.

Ryuji is sad, Rose cries. then she LEAVES….this one episode felt like an entire season. There’s a bunch of anime where a female character leaves with some long lost fiancée that she doesn’t love in order to protect her true love, and then the true love has to go find her and get her back. It’s been rehashes so many times I feel like throwing up. The only difference is that this trope is usually added to the end of some shitty series, when in Dragon Crisis, they introduced this shitty piece of shit in just the second episode. I call bullshit.

And speaking of Rose, she can suddenly talk, but she still gets no lines. How can I enjoy Rie when she doesn’t really do anything? MAKE ANOTHER SEASON OF ZERO NO TSUKAIMA ALREADY!

Flaw #3: It’s Obvious

This guy is a doctor? Like he’s certified? I think it’s pretty fucking crystal clear that Rose resembles a fucking human blonde. We didn’t all need a certified scientist/doctor guy to tell us this. And did you really need to hold her hair with tongs? It’s fucking hair. Stop trying to appear scientific. You’re not.

This episode was just filled with retardedness. Between Ryuji coincidentally “just remembering” that he had seen Rose’s birth, and the doc here discovering hair colors, this episode was just filled with shit.

And back to the second picture I put up on this page…. How exactly does one “manipulate people with their imprinting?” Was Ryuji even listing to the retarded doctor? Imprinting means that a baby latches on emotionally to the first thing is sees. How the fuck can she be manipulating you?

I’m going to go watch the new Rainbow Gate….it might actually seem good.

Dragon Crisis

Has everything I could hope to get in a show.

First of all, Rie Kugimiya is awesome. Any show that she’s in is awesome. This is a given. But that’s not all this show has to offer. In the opening credits, one can clearly see a heterochromian girl. I haven’t seen one of those in ages! Nice!

As for the actual content of the show; it looks promising, albeit a little generic. Of course I have no real problems with generic anime. Almost all anime is generic in some way anyway, and to be honest, the whole “dragon-girl” thing in terms of a plot isn’t that bad. I think the scene that best displayed the show’s promise was the last scene where a helicopter nonchalantly shows up at their window during breakfast. That shit’s nuts. The characters aren’t really that unique, but they don’t suck either.

Hearing Rie Kugimiya scream “Ryuji” over and over again reminded me very strongly of Toradora, and it kind of makes me wonder why they chose her for the part since she’s already played a character who shouted Ryuji over and over. It’s clearly not a bad thing though, and I must say that I rather like it. Yeah, I am completely bias.

Her character of Rose is the same in physical nature to most of her typical characters, but this is perhaps the first time where it won’t take Rie’s character 18 episodes to realize she loves the main character/express her feelings. I mean, she was all over him from the start….and if the previews to the next episode are any indication, she she’s ready to fuckin marry this kid. I think the only words she said in the previews are “Love” and “Ryuiji” over and over and over and over an-

I don’t really think that the OP was that special, but the ED was…different. I’m still not sure whether I like it or hate it.

It had a weird kind of talking singing. It’s tough to describe because I’ve never really heard anything like it before. Besides the ending, the whole soundtrack of this anime kicks ass. The types of music change throughout the show. I don’t think I heard the same song twice, which is refreshing to say the least. A repetitive soundtrack can easily kill a show (Kaichou wa Maid-sama), so hearing a soundtrack with a wide variety helps in keeping the show rolling, new, and exciting. That’s one of the best things that this show does too (so far). This episode flowed very nicely. That’s it.

Stamped With the Approval of Glo the Legend

Honestly, I’m already finding it hard to wait for the next episode….I’m going to have to [try] and wait for the show to conclude, and then marathon it later.