The OPs of Yesteryear

Remember when OP’s were actually kinda cool? Ru-Ru-Ru-Ru-Ru-Ru-Ru! Russi-Russian!


In the current time period, the music in most OPs is poppy, stupid, and always sung by some pop idol girl or some shit. Most OPs have chimes and shit. Most OPs just suck. Back in the day, OPs were great. They had something I like to call class.

What am I trying to say here with this post? Nothing more than the OPs of the past were much more awesome than most OPs that are released nowadays. I mean, sure, there’s the occasional good OP every now and then, but honestly, is there any OP currently that you would consider to be a classic forget-me-not OP? The last one I can think of is Kuragehime’s OP, but that’s just because I’m a rabid Chatmonchy fan. Most of the good stuff is from the 90s time period, and I’d  say the early 2000s as well. I know Higurashi had an awesome OP, and who could forget Haruhi’s OP.

I’m mainly talking about right now. The past few years. OPs have really gone downhill. I mean, I used to love OPs, but recently I haven’t heard anything that makes me think

“Oh snap mutha fucka! This is a mutha fucking awesome mutha fuckin OP!”

(Yes, this is how sentences sound in my mind)

As I said before, Kuragehime’s OP is the only time I’ve felt any kind of serious likeness for an OP since….maybe the any OP for Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei or that one Bleach OP by Scandal. And sure, there’ve been a bunch of OPs that have been good, but nothing that rememberable. Nothing that makes me want to download the song and listen to it anyway.

Of course, I’m merely referring to the music portion only. Honestly, this post reflects everything that’s been going wrong with anime. The OPs as well as general plots and series are getting increasingly less original. They’re getting increasingly more generic, and that’s why anime simply just isn’t as good as it used to be (but still really really fucking awesome). Enough with the pop-generic shit. Give me some unique music. Give me some blasting guitar solos. Give me some Hip Hop. GIVE ME SOMETHING DIFFERENT! NO MORE POPPY AUTOTUNE SHIT!!!!! FUCKING AUTOTUNE SUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean, it just seems to me like nobody’s really trying anymore when it comes to OPs. Take a look at anything from the last few seasons and you’ll see what I mean. Sure SHAFT can usually put together something pretty decent, but bah, not enough to float my boat. Besides, the steps in Renai Circulation don’t match the beat, and that pisses me off.

What am I trying to say here?

Step your game up OPs. Step it up HARD.


I truthfully wrote this post only to show that I like the OP in Dirty Pair (which I’m enjoying), and to use the word, “Yesteryear.” That’s all I really wanted to do. But truthfully, everything was better in the 90s.


16 thoughts on “The OPs of Yesteryear

    • I was gonna put Bebop on there, but it’s not like it was a countdown or top ten or anything. I just picked things at random kinda.

      Why re-watch when you can watch new anime?

    • Not bad at all. A good OP sets the tone for an anime (imo) and a lot of times, an OP can give me a better or not-so-much-better vibe that reflects (imo) my feelings about the entire series.

  1. I don’t know if today’s OPs are worse. I liked both Arakawa OPs a lot. But I guess it’s pretty hard to match Samurai Champloo’s Op… One of the best things ever.

    • Most SHAFT productions tend to have pretty good OPs, but that’s still only a few shows a year. I know I loved the OP for Natsu no Arashi. GAH such a good OP. I still have to get some music by that band they rock.

  2. your rigth. i usually skip ops nowdays. so all of posted are ones you like? wich on nbr 1?

    i like evangelion Nbr 1. ultimate epic. i like the baccano (but droped the series) like samurai. i recall Rorouni kenshin ops and eds to be exelent. love the higurashi and umineko ops.


      I have a top OP list somewhere (I think it was like…top 100 actually…it was pretty ambitious though if I remember correctly….I’m gonna go look for it….)

      (looks for it)

      There’s 4 parts. This one is the final part (my top ten), and it includes links to all of the other parts.

      I wrote it a long time ago, so it’s really really really really outdated. That being said, it’s still pretty accurate. Also, as it turns out, almost every video seems to have been taken down from youtube, and I’m not going to fix them, because that would take time and effort, neither of which I have.

      • After viewing….there’s a LOT I would change. Kuusou Rumba has to be a top 5. I don’t think that Higurashi makes it in top 5. I hadn’t even watched Baccano yet at this point…..yeah there’s a lot wrong. Kuragehime would be involved somewhere, as would Dirty Pair. Hitomi – I Am has to be a lot higher than it was…..there’s too much to say, I should update this….with actual working links.

  3. I hope you realize that OPs that you’ve selected come from old shows that come from 30 years of anime. No wonder 2010 can’t compare. If you look at all the anime from say, 1995, Evangelion OP is probably the only one that is significant.

    • I disagree. Of all of the shows that I have seen from years ago, I find that generally, I like all of the OPs. The above shows only a small sample of the more famous OPs, but I’ve really liked almost any OP made before 2007 (which I consider the cut-off for me). I could make a big list, but that would take effort to do, so I won’t.

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