Rio: Rainbow Gate!

Some shows are so bad that they’re good, like Apocalypse Zero. Some shows aren’t really all that bad, but they’re so mind-numbingly boring that they can’t help but seem like shit. And then, There’s Rio: Rainbow Gate!

R:RG is terrible. Some people might say it’s so bad it’s good, but it really isn’t. It’s just really really shitty. The reason why s because to me, it seems to just be propaganda for casinos and perhaps a certain Pichinko game, and that’s what makes it so bad: It’s horrible propaganda. My decision to never go to a casino is only strengthened by watching this anime. Not only that, but I’ve not seen one rainbow gate in the whole damn episode.

Remember the last episode of Akikan? How shitty it was? This felt the same.

That said, Rio: Rainbow Gate! might be a show that I may continue to watch, mainly because I think it has a very very very good chance of getting a rating of a 1. For the record, I have still not given an anime the supreme low rating of a 1, although I have been giving some thought to the subject. Lately, I’ve been debating rating the anime that I’ve dropped. Honestly, it’s not really fair to rate something without finishing it, but the fact that I dropped them must mean that they sucked, right? Shouldn’t that be a factor? If I could finish a show, then certainly it can’t be bad enough to achieve a 1 on my ratings scale? Right? I don’t know what to do here, so instead of leaving it up to me, I’ll leave it up to you:


32 thoughts on “Rio: Rainbow Gate!

    • That’s what I used to do too. I think. I can’t really remember. Wait, I think I have it written down somewhere….

      Ahh no. I have it as the highest grade a dropped anime could get is a 3. I don’t even know if I should be rating them at all though.

  1. I will rate a 12 episode show I dropped on MAL if I watch 3 episodes of it. If 1/4 of the show is shitty odds are the other 3/4 will be shitty. 6 episodes for a 24 episode series and so on and so forth. Sometimes I won’t give 26ep show this much time. Sometimes I’ll give it more. I generally will not rate them if I drop them before less than 3.

    That’s my opinion. 3 episode taste test after that drop it and rate it. If you drop it on the first ep unless it’s only like a 6ep OAV or something I don’t think it’s right to rate it.

  2. If you drop an anime you have no right to judge the whole of it, and your opinion is worth a lot less than the opinion of someone who’s watched the whole thing. Yes, even if it’s a shitty show. That’s why in anime list sites most first seasons have lower scores than subsequent seasons. Happens with Aria, happens with K-On, with Ookiku Furikabutte and pretty much everything.

    Note that this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t talk shit about show, it’s not that. If you watch an entire show and hate it you can and should say why. I’m saying that making a superficial analysis of something you didn’t watch is only going to piss off the fans and make you look like a retard.

  3. If you really want a 1, watch Abunai Sisters. I watched it after Scamp mentioned it along with a slew of other infamously shitty anime I’ve seen (Mars of Destruction, etc.), but it’s on a whole different level. Oh fuck, just thinking about it sends shivers down my spine, off my body, and into the ground, where it causes earthquakes and tsunamis.

    • I kind of gave up on that endeavor. If I watched shows that I dropped all the way though, then I might have achieved getting a 1 somewhere along the line. I still have to watch Mars of Destruction though, and I hear that’s a shitpile of shit.

  4. I’ve had arguments about rating dropped shows with people before. Basically, I think you can critique whatever you watch. You’re not reviewing the whole thing, you’re reviewing what you’ve seen of it and saying why you’re not going to continue watching it. Obviously your review holds more weight if you’ve seen the whole thing, but to dismiss someone’s opinion who’s only seen part of it is stupid

  5. Honestly, I think one episode alone can be enough for one to rate his/her view on the series, but not the series itself. What these reviews based off one or two episodes serve as a way to warn other viewers about the shows that didn’t appeal much, et cetera.

    But no matter what people say Rio: Rainbow Gate still sucks. There currently isn’t even one blogger who likes this show as far as I know. And what the fuck does ‘Rainbow Gate’ refer to anyway?

    • I can’t see this show ever getting better, but I’m going to watch the whole thing anyway….it’s additively bad. It’s a very poor anime indeed, but I rate on how much I enjoy an anime, not how good it is. Example:

      I hated Honey & Clover, but can’t deny that it was a well made anime. It just wasn’t for me. That being said, I still gave it a low grade.

      Honey and Clover was boring as fuck and filled with retarded drama. The handicapped lady was a babe though.

  6. In no doubt Rio: Rainbow Gate is so bad… it sucks. Who would want to watch a show about a casino losing money because of some girl… Such a horrible business plan imo…Also, a loli in a casino? That is soooooo wrong.

    The only way I will watch this if SCCSAV would want to live watch this. If so, I’ll just do it for the lols.

      • SCCSAV is a livewatch group where people arrange and go on Skype or whatever so see a show together…

        Anyways, I have watched it with someone else and came to the same conclusion. Rio: Rainbow Gate is not so bad its good… it’s terrible. Too many cliched/dry fanservice and the premise is so random that I don’t know what to make out what the show is… Eventually, I dropped the show since there are better shows to watch than this horrible show.

      • Ahh I see. I don’t watch anime with other people, so it makes sense that I haven’t heard of it. I’m going to try and watch the whole show, just because.

  7. First impression is important. I gave this shit the rank of 1 out of 10. I don’t need to torture myself to watch the whole fucked up episodes just because I think it would be “fair” then to pass my judgment on them. When a show is shitty, it will remain shitty.

  8. I don’t think I’ll be watching this… I just haven’t seen a single good comment about it, and I tend to be very reluctant about jumping into filth like this.

    Anyway, about the poll, I voted for the top option, but now that I’ve thought a bit more about it, I probably should’ve voted for the lower. There’s always a chance the last episodes will change minds.

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    • I may go back and rate them all. It will give me an excuse to write a post which I can call “A Whole Bunch of Shitty Anime: The Review” or something like that. Sounds like fun actually.

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